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Alive 5


----------------- carried and translated from French by STS -------------------

Some time ago, a scener called FEL'X  appeared  on DHS bulletinboard and  
announced the  rebirth of  famous French  crew MJJ  PROD. First he opened an 
official website and then told us  about a private convention due to be held 
next August. In the meantime a  first MJJ PROD  release was  made available, 
namely a slideshow. Should we wait for more ? Who is  this guy almost no one 
knows ? Answers are supposed to follow :)

STS : Hi Fel'X ! As usual let's start with  introducing yourself. Give us 
your real name, age, occupation, Scene status and anything  else that you may 
find of interest to our readers. 

    FEL'X : My name is Auer frederic and I turned 33 yesterday, May 28th (never
too late for birthday presents). I work at the FNAC (French chain of stores) in
the computer department of course and I am a huge  nostalgic of the ST Scene...
I've always been the "brain" in  MJJ PROD and I've been  preparing our comeback
for more than a year...

STS : While we mention MJJ PROD, could you tell us more about your homepage? 
what can we find there and what can we expect in a near future ?

   FEL'X : the website was mostly planned to be the HQ of MJJ PROD members but
then I realized that many other people also visited it. Following these people
suggestions I adjusted the homepage content. As  for the future, I'll tell you
about former members (Wilfried's  current  activity on  GBA  for instance). Of
course you'll also find all our productions, news and photos taken at the

STS : Getting your MJJ fellows gathered, once  again, seems to  be your main 
motivation. What about the convention you plan to hold in August ? Do you think 
all former members  will attend ? 

   FEL'X : Things are going as planned for the Mjjparty2... It'll be held from
August 16th to 18th. It's going to be a  really friendly and  cool party, less
stressing  that  the first  edition. Even though  we plan a release, we'll not
feel pressured this time... Actually the mjjparty (I) was completely assembled
within a couple of days (even tho  some screens were already  done of course).
So, YES, we will bring you a little "something"... We even  have thought about
what it's going to be even if I'll wait until I meet the others again and make
sure they'll take part to this project...

STS : Btw what  happened  to Niko ?? Are there some projects hiding behind 
this convention ?? 

   FEL'X : Niko can't be found anywhere... If anyone has info about him, please
let me know... After the  convention, we will decide about  further projects...
Still I can tell  you that  there will  be another  slideshow  with -exclusive-
pictures this time.

STS : Talking of the slideshow you recently released (a collection of not so 
new and already seen piccies by Wilfried and Niko) : who had the idea to 
release it ? And who is this newcomer called Zorro 2 ? Can we expect to see new 
pieces of code from him ?

   FEL'X : the idea was mine... Browsing thru some ftp, I happened to find some
pictures I didn't have anymore. We never claimed we would be as good as we were
back in 1992 but we still want to have fun and we hope  you'll share the fun as
well. I think that first you were all  surprised to hear about us again... This
slideshow can be  directly  copied from an  emulator to an ST (any  kind of ST)
quite easily. If I remember well I  think that's the only  demo that works like
this. Zorro 2 accepted  to code the  slide without  hesitating and he assembled
it in less than three  weeks. Zorro 2 is a new member that never gave up his ST
so that today I can rely on him if I want things  to be done fast and properly.
I'm very grateful to him for his work...

STS : Let's go straight to the point : MJJP PROD was  mostly known thanks to 
its amazing  gfxmen (Wilfried and Niko) and its coder Bigfoot. You  claim to be 
the founder of MJJ PROD but as far as I know your name has never been mentioned 
in the credits of a single MJJ production. What's exactly your crew status ? 

   FEL'X : "The boss is me" (as  written in  the French interview). Well have a
closer look at the member list. The crew was created by both me and Wilfried...
But truth is that I am not a coder, nor a gfxman. I am just an organizer... The
first MJJparty was held at my  place and so will the second edition. These days
I'm mostly in charge of the OFFICIAL homepage  of the crew... I used (and still
do) to make sure everyone was happy with the others work or just agreed on what
was to be done. For instance, the MJJparty 1  was turning to a  gamers party on
ST so that  I had to  threaten to rape  them mentally :) before we  could start
working on the demo...

STS : The only screen in which I could read your  name was 'Little Marie' in 
the ANOMALY demo by MJJ PROD (thx to MC Laser for the tip !). Tell us... How is 
Marie going now ? How old is  she now ? I hope  she doesn't have heart problems 

   FEL'X : I'm feeling emotionnal here. This is my favourite screen ! Marie is
fine even though she'll be operated on another  time (nothing serious though).
Today she's 9, has a  sister  and two  brothers... You  know, I'm a real ATARI
freak even if I'm -unfortunately-  nothing  more than a user. However I'm very
proud to share this passion with my kids, friends and above all with the whole
ST scene... I'm proud MJJPROD brought you fun and I  hope we'll bring you some
more.... (I'm not proud of my soundtracker pro, Wilfried).

STS : Do you know where the others are ? What is their current job ? I think 
we would especially love to know what happened to Niko !! 

   FEL'X : Niko  went on  painting on  Falcon and  then I lost track  of him. I
have no  idea  about  where he is  today. Goldenboy  is still a "beetle maker".
Wilfried only lives a few  kilometers away from  my place. He is playing around
with Photoshop and goes mad sometimes  when Zorro2 asks for a 16 color logo. My
biggest regret  comes from  Bigfoot as he  almost stopped  coding at all (visit
his homepage for more info). Since he  was our best coder you should *not* hope
for miracles, we won't  live up to  our former  reputation. Future will tell...
Blinis wants to be active again, Squale doesn't have enough time for that and I
have met Ultra not such a long time ago. C-Rem is a  new gfxman. He's very good
and really active too (maybe too  much sometimes). Smith  released two records.
Floopy will maybe be active again. We're ready to accept new members

STS : Do you remember funny or strange stories from the active years MJJ ?  

   FEL'X : here's the story of the  creation of MJJPROD... Wilfried  and I were
two demo freaks who used to hang around on RTEL (one of the services offered by
the minitel, the French ancestor of Internet). WILF  was already a gfxman and I
was already a loser. I was a fan of MICHAEL JACKSON (ok, I confess, I still am)
and I thought that the name of his publishing  house was funny... MJJPROD... We
had a mailbox named  MJJPROD on  RTEL and I told Wilfried that I could make our
name famous. Fenris was  the first coder  who thought we  were a real  crew and
his coded our first screen for the Trancebeauce demo (refuse). We became really
addicted and sometime later we met BIGFOOT. It was too late to change our
crewname and so we went on with MJJPROD...

STS : You've spent more than a decade on ATARI. How would you describe the 
evolution of the Scene ? Why did MJJ PROD leave ATARI computers for the PC ?? 

   FEL'X : MJJPROD  is  not on  PC... The  ST state  of mind can  survive on PC
thanks to Steem or SainT. It even keeps  demos  alive (see  Leonard's example).
Our next demos will work on ST and PC but, once again, I need to add that every
PC production will stay close to our ST vision. New demos are  impressive but I
miss multicrew productions. Working on a guestscreen is really interesting.

STS : Except for your own convention, do you (either you or the whole crew) 
plan to  attend  other  ATARI  parties ? Of course  here I am thinking  of the 
rumoured Error In Line 3, especially if  you  keep in  mind how  friendly  and 
productive the two previous editions appeared to be !

   FEL'X : Why not attend a party ? I haven't planned to so far, but I have to
say that I would  surely like  to ! The MJJPARTY 2  isn't 100% MJJ  restricted
since MOA of Megatari  and Brume will  be there too... Ajt  of HMD should also
stop by for a while. Do not hesitate to invite  us to your next convention. We
have several liters of coke at hand :)

STS : Do you think it's time for ATARI computers to die ? Oki PCs are much 
more powerful but I see no challenge coding stuff under DirectX.

 FEL'X : you can be amazed by any computer. I love to watch the layest PC demos
as much as I enjoy  Spectrum demos. Newcomers  won't be drawn to the  Atari but
I'm sure that none of us will ever leave  it. Even if we sometimes forget about
it. Thanks  to websites  like PACIDEMO, MEGATARI, DHS and  magazines like Alive
or Toxic mag (yep strider) it's still easy  to find stuff. Not  to forget every
crew or independent coders, whatever the production...

STS : Time to overheat braincells with our homecooked brainstorming. (I 
asked Fel'X to answer in English here for logical purposes).

L : LOSER (not a lamer)




STS : pfouuuuuu have a deep breath now :) Do you have a message to all 
these guys out there who keep fighting to defend creativity ?

    FEL'X : some time ago I was  asked if I  would have created  MJJPROD if we
had not been on the Scene forefront. Soon after I remembered that MJJ Prod was
about having fun, making funny things and like it. Then enjoy yourself... Join
us... Let's brace and make love... And the Atari will rule...

STS : Thanks for the time you gave us to answer all these questions ! Let's 
hope we'll hear more from MJJ PROD in next August.

    FEL'X : thanks to all of you...

Alive 5