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Alive 5

Hi there ! Sorry for interrupting your hopefully pleasant reading of Alive, 
but I *HAVE* to introduce some personal views here as  things have been quite 
crappy in France lately. Besides  I don't  want you - non French readers - to 
think that French ppl  opted for facism ! Some  explanations are needed and I 
hope this article will be seen like a support to FREEDOM.

    On April 21st  the  first  part of the  presidential election  was held  in
France. I'm not familiar  with other countries  customs but here's a short view
about  the  way French people  vote for a new  president :  all pretenders need
to collect the support of at least  500 mayors if they want to enter  the first
turn of the election. Only the two 'best' of them enter  the second, and final,
turn and of course one of them becomes president :)

    This  year we had 16  candidates to choose from, a new record  for us ! So
that  we had a  lot of  choice on  the first turn. Surely I  wouldn't vote for
Chirac who is a liar and a thief but I wasn't really convinced  by Jospin... I
wanted  to give  my voice to left wings  parties but  Jospin didn't seem to be
the announced savior so I voted for a less known candidate - therefore showing
that I did *NOT* want to take part to the left or right wing national  parties

    Unfortunately it seems that many ppl voted like me and that took us to face
a really bad surprise. My two brothers and I voted on that Sunday even though I
felt a bit tired after the previous night mixed with booze and weed :) I wasn't
interested in politics until the first  results were given at 8pm. Then we were
all shocked ! It  was a  nightmare and  none of us  could actually believe that
that bastard, Lepen, could actually rank  second. It was like feeling there was
a murderer living next door !

    We stayed  up late at  night, waiting for  the final  results, hoping for a
change... but in vain :( That night, when I went to bed I felt something bad in
my stomach, feeling I needed to puke to get that shit out of my body...


    Maybe Modmate remembers my foreboding some hours before the results were
given. I had several reasons to feel worried by the possible results. Let me
give them to you :

    1. These elections took part while one third of French ppl were on holidays
meaning most  of them  would be far  from home  and  unable - or unwilling - to
vote. Of course  there was a solution offered  as these  people  could  give  a
'procuration' to someone  else who would vote for them. But it  implied lots of
boring papers you had to fill  in, send, wait for receipt, send confirmation...
Therefore many ppl thought it was too much  just to add their  voice to another
boring election. I can't understand why elections were held while many ppl were
away ! Is that your definition of "democracy" ? Well it's not mine !

    2. 16 candidates surely meant a division of votes and even though the last
candidate only reached 0.5% of votes, it  would have been enough for Jospin to
make it for the second turn. Most of these outsiders received between 3 and 7%
of votes, meaning lost  votes for "real" candidates. Still  this is not a good
reason as democracy calls for different views and choices.

    3. Insecurity was the keyword to this election : TV programs always focused
on violence and thefts in  suburbs, good workers being attacked by jerks and so
on. One thing is sure : over the  last year France  has become a copy of the US
model, young people burn cars when they don't steal them, many ppl are attacked
and feel unsafe even in  small villages. These  people wanted the government to
respond to  these  aggressions and  surely felt that the  other candidates just
ignored them and their problems while lepen could bring some solutions.

    In spite of these explanations, results  were there and we had  to face the
truth : France was about to  welcome facism with open arms. Right after results
were confirmed, many people went out  and gathered into  demonstrations against
Lepen and his  party. I only  wish half of the  guys who demonstrated had voted
instead (well most of them were still at school and therefore too young to vote
or had no right to).

    Oddly, once the shock absorbed (and it took several days for all of us !),
no one openly said they had voted for Lepen ! Did they feel they had made such
a mistake that they should hide and  repent ? Surely in  a way... Still voting
for a facist candidate isn't  the right  way to show  you don't  like the "big
party" candidate...

    For the next two  weeks, there were plenty of demonstrations and above all
an overwhelning sense of suspicion  hovering over France as if there were some
traitors among us. Then it was May 5th : time for the  second turn and for the
final moment of truth. Sure we knew (or thought ?) that Lepen could not become
our new president, but having  no choice but  vote for Chirac wasn't good news

As you all know by now, Chirac ranked first with more than 80% of votes. 
Still we'll never forget how close from facism we were. Next  elections will 
decide of how many facist members of  parliament will decide of the nation's 
future. I hope this  time we'll completely wipe out the threat. Last but not 
least, don't think it cannot  happen in your  country because  that's what I 
thought and I was SO wrong. Never let it happen again !

Alive 5