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Alive 5

 Filmed by Spion/Escape and Joe Cool/Checkpoint
 Put together by Evil/DHS
 Msx by unknown composer (taken from Nectarine)
 Available from
 MPG file (size 55Mb)

   Yes I'm going to review a video ! I see several reasons to that : first, as
far as I remember this is the first time we are  given such release. Then it's
pretty cool stuff and people may have missed it or be unable to download it if
they don't have fast  internet access. Even if you have slow access, I suggest
you try to download this file and i'll let you know why.

   Error In Line 99 was  surely one of  the greatest ATARI party that was set :
about a hundred Atarians from various countries  gathered at the same place and
a huge amount  of  releases  including  some brainblasting  stuff like Suretrip,
Sweetie, Breath, ATS, Alive... If you were there, you'll be happy to keep track
of  this great  moment. And if  you were  not here, well, you're given a second
chance to witness the friendly atmosphere and "virtually"  meet the many people
who attended this party.

   The video  is of  pretty  good quality, even when  you display it fullscreen
(move backward of a few meters to enjoy it), it looks very professional and you
can spot many, oh yeah MANY known  Atarians ! Let's  try to  name the  people I
know and recognized in the video (sorry, there are still some guys who are pure
mystery to me).

   Well, we shall start with the  organizers as you will identify No, Joe Cool,
505, Spion  but also Defjam, Modmate, Evil,  MC Laser, Loke,  A-t, Tao,  Abyss,
Swe, Deez, Frost, Edo,  Havoc, Earx, CiH, MSG, Paranoia, Drizzt, Nature, Llama,
Polish guys (from Cobra ?) , Tinker, Energizer, Mad butscher and many others...
Of course there were more people  than described but  some of them hid from the
camera and refused fame :)

  The video really shows what EIL99 was about : a bunch of cool people gathered
in the underground of a  students building, with dozens  and dozens of flashing
screens and  Atari keyboards, people  bending  over them and discussing coding,
painting or composing (or just talking about life ?)

  Here are a few  nice parts  you will enjoy  in this video : many screens
scattered in what seems to be some sort of an electronic cave, nice Polish
people talking to the camera while Dutch guys seem to  be absorded in some
secret project.

  Swedish people love camera and they show it. No also  seems to think this is
the occasion to show his acting skills :) Some odd looking schematics on 505's
screen while  Creamies seem  to be hard  at work. There are ATARIs all around,
either STs, Falcon or XLs. Yes this is HEAVEN !

  Hey this is me talking with  Edo and  MSG ! There are many people standing in
the not so wide corridor. Mc Laser is  busy writing stuff for  the UCM realtime
article while SWE sleeps on a bench, in the corridor. Uh Joe Cool seems to be a
bit tired ! Havoc amuses us with his first lesson in Swedish teaching :)

  We stop for a while at the English corner where MSG tells us there is nothing
to see :) We witness a preview  of WHIP, then MSG (half drunk ?) starts singing
while two Polish guys  are definitely pissed off, talking together in a drunken
way (I remember drinking with these  cool guys :). Next is 505 pulling his hair
off, trying to count compos votes.

  Last is a vertical scroller giving credits and some greetings and that where
the show ends.


  Bottom Line : this is  a "premiere"  and let  me tell  you this : this video
definitely rocks ! Msx is really nice and the video shows what our small world
is about, a bunch  of  nice freaks  talking to  each  other, sharing  the same
passion. Sounds kind of funny when you realise there were people from Germany,
Poland, UK, Holland, France, Sweden, Eastern Europe and  all of them manage to
communicate through English and Atari language.

  This is a pure demonstration of the ATARI spirit that keeps us going ! I only
wished the comments added to the  video identified every scener and showed some
parts of the demo compo (especially when we stood speechless  watching Suretrip
on the big screen !).

  Surely, even  three years  later, Evil had  the greatest  idea with releasing
this video ! What about EIL 2001 then ? If anyone has some videos, I hope he'll
put them online so that we can share another great  memory of ATARI community !


Alive 5