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Alive 5
          Double Juggle
                                     by the Reservoir Gods 2002
                                     [ ST, STE, TT, Falcon030 ]

       (due to circumstances beyond our control, this article
       can not feature any coloured text or embedded pictures)

What happens if the Reservoir Gods lock themselves up for 24 hours
with nothing else but some computers, food, the magical sleeping
bag of MSG, a few video game consoles and british humour ?
Right, a 24 hour game.

This time, it's meant to be played by "Vegatarians" and resembles
these specialised LCD card games that were popular the early
eighties before the release of the Game Boy.
The terms "Vegetabobble" and "Double Juggle" are meant to be little
sidekicks to one of the most popular (and most famous) Reservoir
Gods games, Double Bobble 2000, a Falcon remix of the popular Taito
game, Bubble Bobble.
The player is supposed to "juggle" 3 objects by moving the hands
accordingly. The whole movement is happening in rather large steps,
just like it was the case on these real LCD games.
And that's basically the main point of the game - Juggle those
vegetable objects and the longer you juggle, the more points you
will get.
The graphics are stylish in a sense that they are designed to look
like these original LCD graphics - Cute, but a but simple. The
choice of colours might not be according to everyone's taste, but
that doesn't really influence the design much. The music on the
other hand is nice and well done.
Also, the code is very clean and works on basically anything that
can display ST Low resolution.

Double Juggle, the Vegetabobble game for Vegatarians, is a 24h
game and as such, it's doing pretty well. But, when comparing it
to other Reservoir Gods party or 24h productions, it lacks the
simple, but addictive gameplay that games like Bugger! or
Bunion Canyon had. It is a simple game you will certainly enjoy
for a while, but nothing you come back to very often.

Graphics:      54% (simple, but stylish)
Music:         65% (suits the game well)
Fun:           55% (a bit too simple maybe)

The Paranoid   ( Paranoia - Think you can handle it ?! )
               o f   t h e   L u n a t i c   A s y l u m

Alive 5