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Alive 5

You had to catch these screenbgrabs whilst they were there. This seems to be
the Dilbert creator, Scott Adam's attempt at earning some extra holiday money
by displaying his wares on the front end of the Google search engine?

These were the first two, and they changed daily. Shame you can only get a
couple of pictures per article into the text displayer, this has got the
makings of a nice little series.

Anyway, they've gone now, so you might as well catch them here instead.

How about trying *this* way?

You might think this is cool, but other, more pointy-headed people might not
agree with you. Time to try again (sigh...)

No, doing it the other way is *much* better!

Is that man never satisfied? It makes you want to give up, really it does!

That about wraps this one up. Coming next time, Alta Vista getting together
with the cast of South Park? (Mr Garrison says - "This hot, hunky, and
gloriously naked search engine is most certainly not gay!")

Words by CiH - May '02

Alive 5