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Alive 5

                     by The Spice Boys (standard Falcon)

   Mekka 2k2 is over  and none  of the expected  releases came out. With Atari
Behn this is the only other ATARI entry presented at the party. The Spice Boys
have grown us used to their half fake  half 'real' intros, so  what it is this
time ? Something that looks like disk filler...

   This 96 Kb entry - that only weighs 70 Kb ! - starts with an average looking
SPICE  BOYS  logo  with  exagerated  antialiasing. A nice  chiptrack (meaning a
module sounding like a chip)  starts as  we enter  the intro. Next  is quite an
original screen since  the word  'presents' is  displayed  with sparkles  as if
someone was actually using a blowlamp. It looks  kind of nice but  nothing more
and it takes too much time - in my humble opinion - until all letters are drawn

   Then is an animation. A BUNDESTAG logo is displayed, looking like an old 16
color logo such as the one you could find in atari games a  decade ago. In the
middle of it is an animated goblin...

   Next is surely what you could call  the main part as some dotlike object is
shown. I don't think  these are  actually dots as they look like partycles but
they are not clearly rendered, being a bit  too blurred. Also  it's only about
blue and nothing more. Design has been forgotten here. The dotlike object will
change shape a  few times from  a donut, to some  circles and so on. Not a bad
screen but it just looks plain and lacks design.

   Our screen is set to black for too many seconds before the next effect pops
up. This time this  is some  fractal morpher, meaning a  fractal  that changes
shape to another fractal motive. Among them I spotted  famous Julia motive. As
every two  line  is displayed, it doesn't  look that good (especially as it is
mostly composed of blue scales) and seems a bit too slow as well.

   The last screen gives us credits with a lame font and ugly colors. Not much
to add here as we have already reached the end...

   Bottom Line : reviewing so  called fake demos is always  tricky. Either this
is a funny demo or this is technical in some way. This intro doesn't fit any of
these ! It's not funny AT ALL unlike the Spice Boys Xmas stuff. Is it technical
or not ? Well  the  dotlike (most  probably particles made) objects look ok but
chosen colors are just  shitty. Then what ? The fractal morpher  looks ugly AND
slow too ! I don't think you should  download this intro, it's nothing good nor
original. Where is the Spice Boys famous sense of humour ? Not here for sure...

---------------------------------------------------------------------- STS --- 

Alive 5