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Alive 4

------------------------- b y  M a t t  U s  A l e m ------------------------

System : standard Falcon

   This is the first intro  of Matt' Us Alem aka Kephy on IRC. I  invite you to
read his interview  to learn more  about the  guy. When he  joined me to  go to
Paracon 3 I knew he wanted to present a 96Kb on Falcon. Still I didn't think he
actually  planned to complete his  contribution  during the party !!! surely he
confused us with the Atari Scene ten years ago :)

   Soundtrack was done by 505 and it brightens things up a lot ! Unfortunately
I think the music goes too fast compared to the quite slow effects of the demo.
A nice x64 font announces the intro on a black background. Next is a really
nice looking (True Color ?) Paracon 3 logo. I really like it.

   Next is a red chessboard that goes zooming out and in, a usual rotozoomer
with a nice blurring effect. Nice but nothing special except it looks red :)

   Then the screen is flanked, both on upper and lower regular borders, with
the already seen font reading 'Old school.. Keep cool' while a cube made of
dots goes dancing on screen. Looks ok tho seen so many times before on a simple

   The slow blue fire that comes next is okay tho surely inferior to Paranoia's
screen in Illusion64. Soon, letters appear on top of the fire, first reading 'I
Am' and then 'A Troll', and shortly  burn to  ashes. Nice but  goes repeating a
bit too much I think.

   The last screen shows the same font again with credits and that's it.

   Bottom Line : A first step and not much more. Still it's nice to see new
ppl emerging from the many iddle freaks and dare join the tribe. Let's hope
it's only the beginning !


Alive 4