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Alive 4


  Hi and thanks for letting us know more about you ! All I know so far is that
  you're French, probably newcomer, and that you recently released your first
  Thematic Slideshow. Let's go deeper now.

First question is of course about your real name and occupation, current and 
former crew if any and so on :

  My real name is Nicolas HETTINGER, i'm 20 years old, computers studier, living
near Nancy, in France...

Your slideshow was released under The Coolest Paradise (TCP?). What is this 
crew all about ? Was it long funded or recently brought to life by Atarians ? 
Who are the current members of your crew ? Have you ever released something 
before this ? 

  This crew was funded during the last year... There is an other member with me
who is a gfx man, but on the wrong machine (PC)... If someone is interested in
joining this crew, get in touch with me (see further for contact informations).
The first thing released with this crew is the Thematic Slide Show #1 (hope
there will be more from us soon :))

Btw where can we download your latest production ? Don't you have a homepage 
or plan to have one ? Any clues like email and stuff are welcome.

  You can find the first issue of my slide on 'Pacidemo' (
and you can contact me by mail ( A homepage is
planned, but I haven't got many time these days to enhance and to put it online...
(sleeping on my harddrive...)

This slideshow was coded in gfa : do you only code in gfa ? What are your 
next projects ? Anything in mind ?

  Yes, GFA-only code :)  I have some Asm knowledge, but not enough to realize a
real intro, demo or game. So I go on coding with this good old Basic shit :)
Regarding my next projects, I am currently working onto Thematic Slide Show #2.
I also project to adapt a little and very funny CPC game (Rally 3000 for experts...)
And I have many unfinished stuff, so I will be busy for ages :) !

What is your current opinion regarding today's Scene ? Have you had contacts 
with it or even the "former" Scene ? Tell us please.

  1) In my mind, there are strange beaviours between all sceners. New -and not
always very good (like me) sceners seem to be unwelcomed, even if they would
increase their knowledge into coding for example, or into demomaking. Anyway,
some of them are really friendly...

  2) French ST scene is really really sleeping, too bad :( Never got in touch
  with old or new sceners (except one or two people)

Will your presence at Paracon3 be felt soon again either demowise or 
partywise ? Had you already attended other parties ? And how did you like this 
one ? 

  Paracon 3 was very very well organized, no dead times, great breakfast :). My
only regret : I didn't release anything (i'm a very lazy man :)) I've already
been to parties, but not as impressive as STNICCC or others, just little
parties like Amiparties (amiga guys :)), near Metz/France, or WoodParty, near
Nancy/France. But if there are foreign parties, not too far, and not too
expensive, I would be very interested...

What computers do you own and use ? Do you feel interested in coding stuff on 
Falcon for instance ?

  I've got a 520 STe upgraded to 4 Mo, 2 1040 STe, an Amiga 600, and a Pentium
133 ;) I'm -of course- very interested in coding on Falcon, but I haven't got
any... So if you have a sleeping one, mail me :)

Name your favourite demos, games, utils whatever :)

  Games : Obsession (what a wonderfull game !!!!), ChuChu Rocket, and Ze Trace
  (not kidding !!)
  Demos : Flipo-demo (Oxg + Diamond Design), Blood (Holocaust), Virtual Escape
  Utils : GFA Basic V3.5F, Octalyser (brilliant music tool), Speed of Light

Braincells activated : say whatever comes to you as long as it fills in the 
blanks of our homemade brainstorming :

S : Sceners
T : 'Try to beat dis' !

C : 'Cracking is life, rest is details' (quote from The Replicants)
O : O'Reilly Leon 
O : Oxygene 
P : Pleasure (into using an Atari :))
E : 'Enjoy oneself' (Maf's soundtrack tune)
R : Releasing something which doesn't sounds too bad : my next goal ! :)

Any last words you want to scream the world ? Feel free to say anything

   Atari rules, Atari scene rules, and long life to Alive !

Thanks for answering all these questions. We hope to see new stuff from you 
soon !

Alive 4