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Alive 4

   These are the last words I'm going to  type for this issue, meaning it's hot
and ready to be spread, well almost  as it's half past  midnight and  I'm still
waiting for a couple of missing and essential files that I'll surely find lying
in my mailbox tomorrow. So better save it for tomorrow guys, you can disconnect
and go to sleep :)

   And if you don't feel sleepy, I'll bore you with some statictics that should
suddenly make you yawn and feel dizzy. Once again  this article is here to give
you a glimpse of the amount of work put into every issue. Even I am amazed when
I see these figures and I think "waouh  you've done it, once again, congrats my
man !". Ok enough ego  talking, let's get straight to  the bill (that one won't
be in Euros for your own sake :)


   Including the smallest textfile this issue features 72 articles amounting to
940Kb unpacked !! Luckily once  shrinked, it's  only 470Kb big. Pfuu you cannot
see me but really that issue was fat !


   Three chippies and one module make 6 files for a humble total of 194Kb now
reduced to 104Kb.


   This time I had to refrain and actually remove 5 pictures due to lack of
space. We're left 14 files weighing 450Kb unpacked and 207Kb once packed.

Check please !

   Gimme a second I'm still counting and my fingers don't help me much here :)
Okay final result (without the intro) gives  us 1.6Mb  unpacked and now "only"
790Kb when ICEpacked. That's it for the boring part, go back to some serious


Alive 4