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Alive 4
 .  . . .. ... ....._.._.__..___..__._...... ... .. .  .    .
    _________    ______.____(___)_______               ________
   /      ___\___\     |    /__(   _  __\ ___.____.___/_   __  \
  (      /   _  __\        /    \  __/   )    \  /    ) \__  \__)
   \____(    __/   )______(      )______/ \          /\________/
. ..._.._\________/_._..._.\____/._......_.\___/\___/.__._.._... .

For this article, tSCc  strikes back and hard with lots of small but damn nice
looking  screens ! After  their latest  prods they  come back, courtesy of RAY
who's going to become the new Llama ! Let's have a closer look at RAY's latest

Mandelbrot (256 bytes screen) Standard Falcon and TT

 This first screen will be quickly described : just run the  tiny prg and wait
 until a mandelbrot fractal fills in the screen. Nothing more :) It looks nice
 esp compared to its size, but there's nothing more.

Yet Another ByteTro (512 bytes screen) Standard Falcon and TT 

 This time RAY offers us a 100*160 effect, famously known as mapped tunnel. The
 fire colors look nice and  the motive  and speed are  good enough. If you wait
 another 3 seconds, you will see that nice tunnel change shape to a flower like
 motive, then get back to its tunnel shape.

 Due to such small size, just a single effect but that tunnel really looks nice
 and smooth ! The flower morphing is even better ! One small screen you MUST
 keep on your Falcon HD !

Glasstro (512 bytes screen) Standard Falcon and TT

 As RAY seems to get bored easily :) he decided to code another small screen
 for our greatest pleasure. This time this tiny screen show a wireframe cube
 set on fire. The poor thing keeps rotating while fire burns it up.

 Another incredibly small and nice looking screen from tSCc. GET IT !

Orion Beta (4kb screen, Paracon3 entry) Standard Falcon and TT 

 This is the tSCc entry to Paracon3 and once again it shows RAY's skills when
 it comes to squeeze nice effects into a small file !

 This 4Kb screen has no sound, no shit ? It starts with a stylish white font
 reading on the lower right corner, while two blue blobs are
 hovering around, mixing and moving away. Already seen but looks nice and

 Next is a nice - but again already seen - fire that sets your screen insane.
 We shortly move to the third and last screen : merging blobs again, but this
 time on a kind of grid, meaning vertical bobs on one side and horizontal ones
 on the other. Nice effect once again and that's it !

 A really nice 4Kbtro with three cool effects and nice colors above all. Not a
 sky rocket but surely a nice 4Kb screen you should keep on your HD.

Blue Fire by Satantronic (2001) [Falcon]

The development of 4k-demos on Atari computers is astonishing. From single
screen with lowres and ugly effects they developed to run for several minutes,
with music, displaying up to date effects in style. A good 4k-demo is damn hard
to write.

Now Satantronic enters the Falcon demo scene with a 4k-demo. Nothing to say
against that, so did Mystic Bytes with their surprise-4k demo. Blue Fire
by Satantronic, you might have guessed it, displays blue fire. So what you
see on screen is little separated boxes on screen that are being coloured in a
way that they make up the fire effect and a little, semi-transpater Code:XI
in the lower right corner in red overlays the fire-effect.

Well, this 4k-demo actually holds what it promises. The fire-effect is running
in decent speed and even though i have seen fire-effects looking more realistic
- yes, being a chemist i already had the honour to see blue fires - it does not
look bad. The fact that the fire effect is made up of little boxes does not
really do the effect any good but does not really harm either.

However, i've witnessed Thothy of SDT write a fire-effect in 128 bytes
(burning bee) so i really don't know why blue fire takes up 4k. Nevertheless,
i like this one of the current Satantronic releases best. It runs well, does
what it says and even though it's nothing special at all, it's a good start for
this group on the Falcon.

                                            The Paranoid/Paranoia
                                            of the Lunatic Asylum

Alive 4