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Alive 4

   For sure this is a late review but hey better late than never :) Some weeks
before the Paracon3 the guys of  Paranoia launched this 40 Kb invitation intro
for all ATARI machines.

   It all starts  with a nice  soundchip done  by Luebke.  A bit of zoomed logo
keeps going up and down the  screen while  a one plan font moves around, giving
the full members list of Paranoia. Sometimes another part of the zoomed logo is
shown while another crewmate name is shown on screen. As the long list comes to
an end we are give a view of the full logo, a nice  rendered PARACON3 with some
light flares. Tho converted  to the poor  ST resolution and restricted palette,
the logo looks ok.

  Next is a fake "Intel Inside", taken over by Atari rebels who changed it to
ATARI INSIDE :) Last is the usual  one plan font  vertical scrolling with the
kind of needed info for party attendants. Of course a fulltext version can be
read in the file, enclosed in the intro folder.

  Not much more to say : it's a nice intro, nothing special but a nice effort
to try and bring people to a nice party !

  Bonus ?

  Erm this is a short review but no other small screen could be added to this
review :( Maybe I can use the occasion to tell  more stories about that party

  The partyplace was really small, adding  to the family spirit, except when we
found out that there was no room for the three  machines we had brought :( Well
I didn't plan to work, so I gave room to ST Cooper and Kephy (hey let's newbies
get to work at last :). I had  also brought my C64 with me. Some months earlier
Oliver (aka  paranoid of  course) had kindly  done some copies of  C64 demos...
Unfortunately I couldn't run them and we came to the conclusion that somehow my
C64 was damaged :( Then I  decided to  give it  away to Marcstar  who had found
interest in  the  little box  and didn't  care it was damaged. Weeks  after the
party Oliver told me that the C64 was running fine again, after some fiwing and
that its  new  owner was  fully  happy. It may sound  stupid  but  that C64 was
sleeping under my bed  and I feel better knowing it has found the right place !
Get all you sleeping machines out of  the closet and  use them  or give them to
freaks like us !!

  The breakfast set up by Paranoia was just superb : different kinds of ham and
cheese, butter, warm bread, coffee... hey it  was paradise ! I  noticed a donut
shaped thing, that Nils (aka 505) told me  was cheese but I kept my eye open on
the odd piece of  food and  didn't  dare give it a try. But I  made some really
tasty sandwiches that helped a  lot get  me back  on my foot  from the previous
night :) Note that most Frenchies usually eat bread and butter at breakfast and
have a cup of tea or coffee along. But I usually prefer this kind of sandwiches
(well you already know I'm kind of loony :).

  The last parties plus the revival of German  crews shows  that Germany * is *
currently the place where things happen ! Maybe we should attend the next Mekka
Symposium then ??


Alive 4