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Alive 4

                   Chu Chu Rocket - A Mainstream Viewpoint!

You may well be amazed to learn that the recent Reservoir Gods conversion of 
the  Dreamcast  game  'Chu Chu Rocket',  has had a write-up,  in  a  totally 
unexpected place.  So we now turn to Stuart Campbell's review in the January 
2002 issue of 'PC Zone' (Dennis Publishing) A magazine which is normally  as 
Atari  aware,  as  a  blind  man with his eyes poked out  in  a  desert,  or 
something... CiH, Dec '01

'Stuart Campbell reports from a world where no platform is out of reach'

As you'll have seen if you read last month's letters page, or visited the PC
ZONE  online forum,  Emu Zone has come under attack recently from some of PC
ZONE's  fine readership for its slack attitude to the evil  software  piracy
going  on  in  the  guise of emulation,  and the  attendant  deaths  through
starvation, of countless thousands of impoverished software publishers.

So to start this month's column off, we're going to talk about the emulation
of  a game that was actually free on its original release,  in the hope that
no-one  will  blame  Emulation Zone for the  imminent  collapse  of  Western
society and all that we hold dear.

As  it  happens,  almost no one in said Western society bought  Sega's  ill-
starred Dreamcast console,  and that means only a distressingly small number
of  people ever got to experience the joys of one of the first  ever  online
console games,  Chu Chu Rocket!  (so named,  incidentally,  because the game
stars a bunch of mice,  and the Japanese equivalent of 'squeak' is 'chu'. So
it's really called 'Squeak Squeak Rocket!' which may be the best name for  a
videogame ever, but anyway.)

Chu  Chu Rocket is a super-fast puzzle game with its roots in Lemmings.  You
have  no  direct  control  over the hordes of  little  furry  mammals  which
populate  the  game,  and you have to guide them to safety (a rocket)  in  a
perilous  environment (exploding space station full of cats).  We don't have
time  to  detail its finer points here,  but suffice to say it's one of  the
most  entertaining  things you've ever played.  Or rather,  haven't  played,
since - as we've already established - you didn't buy a Dreamcast.

But no,  in a wholly predictable turnaround of fortune (what, you thought we
were  just shooting the breeze),  you can.  Because some people with clearly
too  much  time  on their hands have just produced a more  or  less  perfect
replication of it. On the Atari ST.

The ST version of Chu Chu Rocket!  plays,  looks,  and (to a slightly lesser
extent) sounds just like the real thing.  It has the competitive modes,  the
puzzle modes, challenge modes, and everything else featured in the original.

And  while  it's  been primarily released for real ST owners  to  copy  onto
floppy disks and load into their real STs, the magic of emulation means that
you can,  obviously,  now play it on your PC. And as a bonus, you won't have
the  spectres  of  destitute former Eidos,  EA,  and Infrogrames  executives
shambling  around  in  a  Tesco car park,  swilling  Special  Brew  on  your
consciences while you do it.

Normal  civilisation  destabilising service will be resumed (in a  very  big
way, Neo Geo fans) next issue. Thank you.

Alive 4