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Alive 4


   As we grow old, we grow numb and nostalgic. Being already numb, I didn't pay
too much attention to the  second feature :) But now  that I look  back over my
Atari years (not  meaning in any  ways  that it's over !) I realize that I have
attended quite a lot of  Atari parties where I met nice people who later became
friends. All parties were not great for sure, still I was there. Let's see if I
can recollect interesting memories from these parts of my life.

Party Number 1 --------------------------------------------------------------- 
Date : August 1994
Location : Mont de Marsan, South of France
Distance : about 900kms 

 The very first party I attended was  actually really huge esp for a party that
 gathered legendray ST crews such  as Diamond design, Holocaust, Dune, ACCS and
 many others. I don't * even * remember non  Atari crews (but surely there were
 some :). Above  all I  remember  spending two  sleepless  nights, talking with
 Sceners for the first time, playing ATARI games, watching  demos... I remember
 that on the  first night (even before the  party actually started), a guy came
 to us. He had run out of gas and  spotted some light  from  our  gymnasium. We
 offered to give him a hand and then returned to our beloved machines :)

 What happened on the third night ? Well I had been awaken for about three days
 and suddenly felt tired (no shit) so I took a nap before the compos started. I
 never should since I woke up  on the following  morning and  completely missed
 the compo :( Damn was it when I started being a lamer ? :p

 On the plus side, this party also  gave me  the incredible opportunity to meet
 and talk to Niko. He kindly showed me about 300 piccies he had made !!! Seeing
 the first ones (kinda really ugly monster with mirrored body), I came to think
 that I wasn't that bad :)

Party Number 2 --------------------------------------------------------------- 
Name : MEGAFUN 5
Date : November 1994
Location : suburb of Lille, North of France
Distance :  about 700 kms

 This party was my first  meeting with someone I sincerely consider a valuable
 friend tho a lousy gfa coder :) Sure this is Thyrex ! I stayed at his parents
 place before we moved to the party and they were just great (and still  are).
 they welcomed me as if I was a  member of their  family and I  will always be
 grateful to them. The party itself was small  but friendly as about 20 people
 were there, in that school room. Later some guys played football in the yard,
 while Sergent Slayer (another cool friend) tried to understand how that damn
 coffee machine worked :)

 That was also  the first  time I played  and tried  Jaguar games : AVP found me
 hooked from the start  and I remember yelling  when some nasty  alien jumped at
 me while I was desperately looking for ammo :). Last but not least I was taught
 some  antialiasing secrets by  Pegase, back  then gfxman in Adrenaline. I could
 name all  the  people  at  the  party  but  there  were  mainly guys  from NLC,
 Adrenaline and Atrocity. Quite a bunch of nice loonies !

Party Number 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- 
Name : STORK ???
Date : summer 1995
Location : Tampere, Finland
Distance : a few thousand kms :)

 In summer 1995 I had  to achieve  a two  month training  period abroad. Having
 made friends with Jani Penttinen aka Creator of AGGRESSION I decided to try my
 chance and I got the opportunity to work as a game  translator at HOUSEMARQUE,
 then makers of SUPER STARDUST.

 Let's go to Finland then ! On my first day with my very friendly host, we went
 to a party organised for  Setok's birthday  if I remember  well. That  was the
 first time I came into contact with  Swedish and  Finnish sceners such as guys
 from XTREAM, AGGRESSION, DHS  and  some others  I may have forgotten. That was
 really nice (except for the realtime  article trial on a  Finnish keyboard :).
 Not much happened  there but definitely I had to meet more foreign Atarians !

 Btw do you where Wiztom of AGGRESSION got his nickname from ? Well I won't
 unveil the secret, just know that it implies a drinking party and a carpet
 that wasn't meant to welcome some vomit :)

Party Number 4 --------------------------------------------------------------- 
Name : GIGAFUN 96
Date : August 1996
Location : ??
Distance : ??

 It took me some time to try and grab memories from that party : at that time I
 was in the army (in France you still HAD to in 96 !). Thyrex had a great laugh
 when he spotted me with my extra short hairtcut :) If you've ever met me, just
 try to fancy me with almost no hair and try not to laugh to death.

 Except for a powercut during the first night, this party wasn't unique in any
 ways, still it was nice meeting Thyrex again after two years. I also attended
 this party with a great friend, Eric, who had never had  any contact with any
 Sceners before. He  was just  curious about freaks like you and I, so we went
 along. I think he really liked the craziness of what he saw :)

Party Number 5 --------------------------------------------------------------- 
Date : February 1997
Location : close to Clermont Ferrand, south of France
Distance : about 700 kms

 Here comes the lame part... I really can't remember why I attended this party.
 Maybe because of the party fever that was growing warmer inside me. Also some
 French Atarians such as the guys of Supremacy or  Typhoon were to  be there I
 guess. This party was  set up by  French PC crew  MENTASM. They gave us as an
 introduction a  really nice animated sequence  introducing their mascot, some
 kind of coooool dinosaur. Maybe I am getting confused with a later edition of
 this party, but I cannot check it and who cares ? Not  much to say about it :
 many, really  many, PC lamers  or gamers. Atarians were  such a minority that
 only few people actually noticed us with our strange machines.

Party Number 6 --------------------------------------------------------------- 
Date : February 1998
Location : close to Clermont Ferrand, south of France
Distance : about 700 kms

 Hum... Another  edition of  a lame PC  party ? Really I cannot find excuses to
 explain my presence to this party :( Again a  95% only PC party with the usual
 lamers (really  stupid a behaviour they had to us !!). All compos entries were
 kind of sucky to death, fast and boring 3D stuff showing so little imagination
 that the whole Scene spirit was aching at it. Let's skip it !

Party Number 7 --------------------------------------------------------------- 
Name : INTERJAM 98
Date : May 1998
Location : close to Karlsruhe, Germany
Distance : about 250 kms

 My first REAL Atari  party abroad ! For that  one only BouB and I  represented
 the French scene. On that matter I have to  mention that BouB cheated on me as
 I paid gas and other expenses for the both of us. He  later offered to give me
 an FPU as payment but he  NEVER sent it, no need  to say more  about this lame
 attitude (esp  as I lent  him my monitor so  that he could work  on his Falcon
 Command and Conquer clone that never made it :).

 Fortunately I have more interesting memories about that party : first I met a
 lot of German Atarians like guys of tSCc, Moondog and above all... a newcomer
 nicknamed  505 :) At that  time nobody  knew him and  later on I  sent him an
 interview sheet  for the  following  issue of Toxic  Mag. I don't know if you
 remember it, Nils, but from then you've become a real friend to me and I hope
 we'll be friends for the many years to come !

 This party was rich in ST releases with a Syntax  demo, another  tSCc 4kb (the
 fish screen), another Mod Compilation and issue of UCM if I'm right. Also Grey
 was there to present TIME OUT  which is  still a great  Falcon demo ! I felt a
 bit lost  among  these sceners  as they already  knew  each other  but I think
 that's  when I  decided that  the Atari  spirit was  still alive, maybe not in
 France but better drive a  few hundred kms more and  meet  friends, than waste
 your time in a boring PC party.

Party Number 8 --------------------------------------------------------------- 
Name : JEM
Date : August 1998
Location :  Strasbourg, north east of France
Distance : about 200 kms

 Another bad  memory I'd rather skip  for life, but  let's try to tell you why.
 This party was organized by some ATARI association headed by Rayban and Speedy
 some lamers that can still be met these days on First of all let me
 tell you what the letters  JEM stand for : Journees Europeennes du Multimedia,
 in other words European  Days of Multimedia. Does it sound as sucky in English
 as it does in French ? I sincerely hope so !

 Thyrex was there once again and this time for business as we were to complete
 our long  awaited ST megademo  Back In  France. Erm we  had a wrong  start as
 Thyrex  discovered  the  internet (thanks to  a French  provider  acting as a
 sponsor) and spent about 8  hours in a row  surfing the web ! I had to remind
 him that we were here to complete and  present our demo to the competition. A
 newcomer  named  Frost was  there too and  later on I  offered him to join, a
 collaboration that didn't last nor bring anything productive.

 Still Thyrex and I spent almost three days  completing our demo and I remember
 playing around whith  Thyrex sources, changing colours or typing texts for the
 various screens. If you read them again you'll surely notice several typos due
 to extra  tiredness  from  me. We finally  made  it, a few  minutes before the
 deadline and that's when things turned to nightmare. Actually our ST only demo
 couldn't be seen on the  video beamer as it was * NOT * planned to  support ST
 connection. What ? Are you telling me that the Atari organizers hadn't planned
 to see ST stuff ? They told  us that they'd  find a solution  but nothing came
 out until Thyrex and I  heard the   organizers announce  in public that "LOUD!
 decided to withdraw  their ST entry". We were both  angry and disappointed  at
 such crap but couldn't do anything. Our demo Back In France was released as an
 unpresented entry later on. Surely you can guess how sad we were...

Party Number 9 --------------------------------------------------------------- 
Date : February 1999
Location : close to Clermont Ferrand, south of France
Distance : about 700 kms

 Okay call me stupid or  something ! Why did I attend another  edition of this
 lame PC party ? No idea to be honest. As before very few Atarians here. Still
 the guys of Sector One were  there and that's when  I met Edo, DmaSc or Exyl,
 really good and talented friends ! I also  met CyberFranck, now known as ZED,
 an Atari newcomer and  brother of  CosmosH (hi Herv‚!). But this party really
 got me sick from the start : tho about 400 people were awaited, more than 900
 actually showed up ! On the  first night, the  organizers announced  that the
 place couldn't fit more attendants and that you should phone your friends and
 tell them not to drop by. There was also a lame notice in the toilets telling
 us that  if any damage  was to be done, the party  would be cancelled with no
 refund. Erm no good signs to start with...

 Heat was  almost  unbereable in  there with all  those PCs  running  Quake or
 similar shit. Pc sceners didn't even try to get to know each other !! I tried
 to find good reasons to survive till the end, talking to the few Atarians who
 were there or with former  Atarians like Zappy/Holocaust or Patapom/Hemoroids
 who, now on PC, were getting bored by all this. This party found me convinced
 that no French party would  ever draw  me in ! The Atari  Scene was somewhere
 else and surely it was time to see what was going on abroad.

Party Number 10 -------------------------------------------------------------- 
Date : April 1999
Location : Dresden, Germany
Distance : about 700 kms

 As the party  "grand opening" was getting closer, the list of attendants grew
 larger, bringing the whole active Atari Scene to one spot : Dresden. I mailed
 a lot of Frenchies to get them to come over but in the end only Frost and Edo
 joined into this  journey. I first drove  to Frost's the day before the party
 and spent  the night there. The day after we picked Edo at Strasbourg station
 and headed for Germany. Our ride was smooth  except for the crappy quality of
 highways (that when you know that these are the oldest in Europe :)

 The party place - the now  famous "underground" - welcomed  almost 100 people
 mostly hardcore Atarians. The presence of Polish guys was a nice surprise too
 with lots of vodka :) I won't tell you more about the party itself as most of
 you were actually there. It was greaaaaaaat ! Many people to talk with, great
 friendly atmosphere with the Dutch  occasionnaly trying our courage with home
 made food which proved quite tasty in the end :)

 Everything was nice  except for the  food we had  brought with us, courtesy of
 Frost's parents  who thought we would starve. As a result  they gave us a full
 chicken, cheese and several parts of apple pie. A part of our survival package
 didn't quite make it till  Dresden and the now melted  cheese surely signalled
 our presence to German people... Yes it was us :p

 I will always remember Grey showing me the final version of BREATH desperately
 trying to  hide it  from curious  eyes. He almost  got an heart attack when he
 tried to install it onto my  harddrive before the demo was recorded as a compo
 entry. Uh ? Yup the demo just did NOT run ! An Grey who  always wants to bring
 the best was about to  shed a tear :( Well the demo  would have to be run from
 floppy (is  it  slower on  floppy ? I  don't think so  but Grey had his idea).
 Later on, some days  indeed, I found  out that  my HD driver  sucked a lot and
 just refused  to load  some prgs. So Grey : it  wasn't your fault  nor your MB
 fellows ! Now the demo runs fine from HD but you must know that by now.

 To put in it a nutshell, EIL was just *perfect* : people were cool, organizers
 just ruled  and did  their best to  keep us  fully satisfied and  they made it
 flawlessly. I only wish  more Frenchies had  been willing  to drive till there
 and show their skills but I  know many of  them later  wish they had. A lesson
 for the following edition ? Hey how do you know about that ???

Party Number 11 -------------------------------------------------------------- 
Date : April 2000
Location : Gdansk, Poland
Distance : about 1,500 kms !!

 The longest and  craziest Atari roadtrip  for sure ! Before  leaving, I was to
 welcome famous black haired French barbarian : Zerkman :) He slept at my place
 and we headed for Dresden on  the following morning. We were  to meet Nils and
 his brother Norman at the previous EIL partyplace. Nils was actually our third
 passenger into this journey. We spent the  night at  his place where he served
 us strange  but really good  homemade food. Later Joe Cool and Spion joined in
 and we  shared  interesting  talks before  we  decided  it  was  time for some

 Day 2 : As we tried to pack Nils stuff into my small Polo, we started to think
 that this Tetrislike situation would drive us mad :) A few hundreds kilometers
 farther I stopped to refuel and check my  tyres pressure. The nice girl at the
 station  shop  told us  that such  machine was to be found in  the backyard so
 that's where I took my car. The so usual  checking quickly  turned into a pure
 nightmare. First  the tube socket  didn't fit my  tyre and as I insisted I had
 the opposite result as I saw my tyre grow flater than ever !! There was no way
 that damn machine would help at all. At some  point I gave up and turned to my
 fellows as we had to think of a solution. Nils thought of using some gas spray
 sold in the shop to pump up my tyre. The only bad thing was that the spray was
 mostly meant to fix damaged  tyres ! In  other words  my  tyre socket would be
 glued to  the top... what really  didn't find me happy  with ! Eventually, the
 station manager came over, seeing us as hepless as lost, and managed god knows
 how to get my tyre back into  business with  the same  stubborn machine !!! We
 got started  after  that episode and several kms later when we stopped again I
 spooted a  regular  pressure  machine. I  was really  amazed at finding out my
 mistreated tyre pressure was really too high !!! Erm it could have blown up on
 the highway, really !

 The rest  of our  trip to  Gdansk  was without  surprise, which was  good news
 actually :) We even managed to find the  partyplace at night and with the help
 of a Polish  pedestrian  who  could  hardly speak  English. The  party  itself
 doesn't need more comments, report to SV2K can be found  in some former issues
 of Alive or UCM.

 There were fewer  people than expected surely because many didn't know what to
 expect from such trip in a remote and no so safe sounding  country. Most of us
 were very eager to pay for the  guarded  parking lot  option, indeed !! Polish
 people were  not  aggressive  to us, maybe  except for some - probably - drunk
 young guys who tried to  enter our high  school nest  to  know more  about the
 freaks hidding in there :) Some Polish also tend to  have knifes when  walking
 around, erm some local tradition or something ?

 Day 3 :

 I still have some cool and amazing memories about that party : the incredible
 work done by Grey with a real tourist tour, just  for us ! Our frequent rides
 to midtown in search for food, meeting  shopkeepers who could not  believe we
 actually bought that much food (and beer :). Above all, it seems like handing
 out a credit card is some kind of heresy in Poland people always stare at you
 as if you  were  labelled   Public  Enemy. Still the  girls at the nearby gas
 stations were really cute (as  most  Polish  girls  appeared to  be to me !).
 Finding decent  food was  almost impossible and  the small places we ended up
 served some food whose real contents I am quite not sure of. And what could I
 say about coffee then ? It was like  hot and liquid  shit and we decided that
 beer was definitely healthier :)

 Going back : it was already time to get back from that nice tho a bit deserted
 party where Polish guys just didn't talk to us, because  of their lame English
 I think. The trip back home was almost  smooth  except for a lot of disturbing
 traffic jams and slowdowns on  the highway. We stopped at Dresden at 10 pm and
 then we had a decision to make : on the following morning, meaning a few hours
 ahead, I was to work and  couldn't afford  to abuse Nils  hospitality anymore.
 Were we to rest for a while or hit the road again ?

 The last part of the trip was really speedy in spite of  growing tiredness. We
 finally reached my place (yep I didn't forget to bring Zerkman back home :) at
 about 5:30 in  the  morning. Zerkman  went to  bed while  I unpacked my stuff,
 seeing no point having a  sleep 2 and a half  hours before going back to work.
 At 8 am a long workday started as I had 10 hours of lessons ahead. Needless to
 say that I fell dead on my bed later that day :) Maybe this 19 hour long drive
 also got me overtired, who knows ? :)

Party Number 12 -------------------------------------------------------------- 
Date : September 2000
Location : Legensfeld, Germany
Distance : about 600 kms

 Why did I drive 700 kms all alone in my car to attend this modest and mostly 8
 bit interested ATARI party ? Surely because I knew I'd meet again some friends
 over there, a good enough reason  to me. The party  itself doesn't  bring many
 memories except for the over active 8 bits  Atarians and the strange games Mad
 Butscher got us  convinced to  take part to :) I won't bore you again with the
 ATM incident as you can read about it in previous issues of this mag.

 This party  strongly reminded me of past Mega Fun parties with a bunch of nice
 loonies gathered by passion and willing to get  to know about their neighbour.
 Btw as I spent some  time out, reading on a bench, it doesn't mean I got bored
 at all ! But being the only French meant being lost in an unknown language sea
 of words, which turned to bring some headache afterwards.

 This party didn't bring anything significant to the Scene but it was a great
 gathering of ATARI friends, the kind of party worth a 700 kms drive.

Party Number 13 -------------------------------------------------------------- 
Date : April 2001
Location : Dresden, Germany
Distance : about 700 kms

 My comments on this party may seem short. Hey that was *only* some months ago
 and you can find several part reports in the EIL2 Alive Special. Let's try to
 find something new here.

 First noticeable  memory is that  story  about my  car rear window  smashed to
 pieces. Some godlike  punishment ? Could be yep ! That same  day I bought a PC
 to be used for my computing lessons. So far I  had used my father's old PC but
 the crappy accessories he kept installing, were really getting on my nerves so
 I made a step  forward  and spoiled money  on this crappy machine. The monitor
 included in the bundle was 19  inches wide and was into a huge cardbox, adding
 to the already too big carbox  containing the rest  of the demon. My Polo boot
 soon decided it  was too small to welcome them  and my best efforts only found
 me closing the boot door and finding  out that some corner of a cardbox needed
 more space. That was enough to destroy the whole window !! Windows killing car
 windows isn't it ironic ? I phoned several  garages but due to the next day to
 be non worked, they couldn't replace  my window before  two days... Seems like
 some ATARI god  had punished  my fool  intention to buy a PC. Weeks later that
 same PC fell  to  pieces  and was  returned  to the  after  sales  services of
 Continental Edison who decided  after a  month or  so that  they were just too
 busy to fix it. The next day, I asked for refund and started  from zero again.

 Today I  have another  PC which runs fine but  nothing more, except for insane
 error messages of course...

 Back to the party itself : it went really smooth and friendly, right from the
 sart when we settled down close to Paranoia. I already bored you with the air
 mattress incident so let's see what's left. I did not see  any naked girls in
 the bathroom  up  there, tho I overstayed in the  shower  waiting for girlish
 voices in vain :)

 The party was good, the pizzas were good and the beers too ! It was all quiet
 but once again very friendly  and  no  other incident  occured except  for my
 credit card which refused to work when at the trainstation... Since then I've
 changed bank btw :)

Party Number 14 -------------------------------------------------------------- 
Name : PARACON 3
Date : December 2001
Location : Selters, Germany
Distance : about 400 kms

 Since I didn't write a full Paracon 3 party report I'll use this space to tell
 you my  own views about  this event. I first met  Matt' Us Alem also  known as
 Kephy on irc. I picked him up  at the local  station, after  work, and brought
 him back  to my place. The following noon, after finishing  my  lessons, I met
 ST Cooper who was waiting for me at the  same railstation. After 2 non stopped
 working days, I drove the all of them to  Nieder Selters or something sounding
 like that :)

 We only met one final incident, when heading for the highway exit. The Paracon
 Instructions read that this curve was "tricky" but it turned out almost fatal!
 As I steered on the right, I spotted  in a thenth of a second, a second way on
 the right : the exit !!! Damn it  was almot a 180 degrees  curve ! Seeing that
 my speed  was too high to  run a chance, I stopped as soon as possible, ending
 up in the gas station  I had confused  with the exit. Now stoppped, we had two
 solutions in mind : either drive on and take the next exit or... risking a run
 out there  in  reverse. I  put my "warnings" signals  on and went to the exit,
 ready to face opposite cars (we actually met one and went thru fierce horning)
 but we shortly found ourselves on  the right way :) Driving was peaceful after

 As we reached the party place, I checked my watch and told my Atari mates that
 all shops usually closed  at 4pm on  Saturdays in Germany. Enough  time to buy
 some food and lots  of beers tho we were told  that International credit cards
 were not accepted !

 Later on, Zerkman  and I started drinking beer  while the party  was gradually
 living on. People  here were  mainly  from Paranoia, Escape, tSCC, Checkpoint,
 FUN plus  the  few Frenchies  we were :) Some  people  were working, coding or
 composing stuff for the compos but I preferred to look around and talk to some
 fellows. I have to admit that the week  pressure added to an  excess of  booze
 rushed me to bed quite  early, tho I  have no  memories from  this part of the
 party. Later  on, I  heard  about what I  did  during the msx compo :) Hey why
 shouldn't BURRRRRRRRRPS! be considered as a realtime entry ???

 On the  following morning, I  woke up  in a  damp sleeping  bag... I knew there
 were some leaks  problems with the  heating but  didn't think I  would also get
 wet :( Luckily a  fat  breakfast  was awaiting  me downstairs with  coffee, hot
 bread, butter, cheese and various kinds of ham, hum  my favourites !! Enough to
 get me fully awaken ! Later  Paranoid showed  some nice  games on his Dreamcast
 and we ended with  a full * Chu Chu  Rocket * demonstration with Dynacore. This
 second - and already last - day combined lots  of talks with some demonstration
 all in a very friendly  atmosphere ! time passed by fery fast until it was time
 to say goodbye. I greeted all the great  friends I had met during the few hours
 I had been able to attend there, and then we left.

 Our trip back went smoothly, with no incident and my two guests left shortly
 after. I don't know what I could add except that tho shortened, due to work,
 this party was really cool and friendly !


 In the long process of  remembering all these events  and trying to bring old
 and odd  memories  to the  surface, I have  voluntarily skipped two parties :
 first  the UKONX - or something like  that - organized by  some Amiga crew in
 Vesoul about 40 kms from my place. Since some ATARI dudes were to be present,
 meaning Sector One and  Chuck (who refused  to shake hands with me !!) I paid
 them a few  hours visit to check on them :) In  summer '99, I also attended a
 small CPC party called Ze Meeting in  Bassoues, a deserted  spot right in the
 south of France, where I met CosmosH, his  brother (again)  and some friendly
 CPC freaks. These two events being of little interest to this article, I just
 thought it was useless to bore you with them.


 Writing this - hopefully not  so boring :) - article  is not  only a nostalgic
 look at my Atarian years  but it also  helped me draw  this conclusion : Times
 have changed a lot and  more than once, once  big and  feverish our  Scene has
 gradually been reduced to a small community. At the first parties I attended I
 felt like having an ATARI was some sort of magic "password" to the unknown and
 mysterious world of Sceners. As a  newcomer, I was so  happy to meet legendary
 people I considered as ST gods ! Most of them proved as human as me and talked
 to me with no prejudice, neither did they look  down at me. Still the heart of
 these meetings was  the ATARI, not the  people hinding being  nicknames. Great
 times for sure but where the human factor was easily put aside.

 From the unforgettable Error in Line, the Scene "essence" or "pure"  existence
 changed to something  more familylike. No  Scener pretended to be the best and
 not talk to you because you  were of an inferior "class". It was  just about a
 bunch of guys, mostly friends, gathered to party and talk to each other. Fewer
 people for sure, but people you could rely on, talk  you, exchange ideas with.
 That's the scene I want to belong, being a member of the great family, equally
 regarded as my fellows, not  because of what I have done before. I always feel
 happy, but intimated, when  someone comes to the 'famous' STS :) It feels good
 but I never keep  this feeling going and  try to show  newcomers how to follow
 the path I have walked over the years. Some of us, and they  are more numerous
 every day, just decide  to pay a  visit to  an Atari  friend for fun, not even
 working together on a secret project or talking Atari all day long. As I write
 this, I also realize that at  the last parties, my  Atari was  barely switched
 on. At the Paracon3 it even stayed  in my car. Did I miss it ? No !! I can use
 it every day, the way I'm doing tonight, but the  friends there, well I cannot
 meet them that regularly so that I am *always really* happy to see them again,
 know about their life, problems, dreams and so on. Real friends to put it in a
 nutshell !

 Then I see no reason why I should stop being  involved in  such a creative and
 friendly community. Of course time knows limitation and right now I am working
 both on this issue of Alive plus  on some gfx  for a long awaited demo that'll
 be out as  soon  as  I can  kick myself  into a  faster and  stronger state of
 activity. Luckily, I am  on holidays  so that I can dedicate most  of my spare
 time to these activities.


Alive 4