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                          Top 5 budget DVD players
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With the price of DVD players rapidly falling, you can now get a solid player
for well under $300 and, in some cases, for less than $200. Most of these
models aren't loaded with features, but a few of them offer surprisingly good
functionality for the money.

1. Samsung DVD-N501 (Nuon)

The good: Crisp picture; clean sound; MP3 CD support; sophisticated zoom and
freeze-frame features.
The bad: No progressive scan; can't customize playlists for MP3 CDs or read
track ID tags.
The bottom line: For a bargain price, this second-generation Nuon DVD player
offers excellent features, including MP3 CD support.

2. Sony DVP-F21

The good: Sharp design; clean interface; plays scratchy discs.
The bad: Limited features; minimal CD-R/RW support; no MP3 CD-R support; no
component video outputs.
The bottom line: The Style Cube sure is cool-looking, but it offers only
middle-of-the-road performance and basic features.

3. Hitachi DVP415U

The good: Good video quality; Dynamic Compression feature for audio; snappy
MP3 disc playback.
The bad: Few extra features; no Dolby decoding; cluttered remote buttons;
MP3 track names are too short.
The bottom line: If you don't need many fancy extras, this is a good entry
level DVD player with MP3 playback capability.

4. Pioneer DV-343

The good: Great component video quality for a good price; video settings
actually do make a difference; on-the-fly setup.
The bad: Bulky design; few setup options; no MP3 support.
The bottom line:  The DV-343 delivers solid video on a par with that of more
costly players, but it lacks the versatility of the bigger guns.

5. Apex AD-800 progressive scan

The good: Progressive scan at a low price; MP3 and High Definition Compatible
Digital (HDCD) support; lots of audio and video adjustments; karaoke features.
The bad: Poor remote control; confusing menu system; finicky MP3 playback.
The bottom line: Powerful but oddball features make this player a better
choice for tech-savvy users who enjoy fiddling with settings and don't mind
a few glitches.


Alive 4