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Alive 4


As most of you seemed to like the concept first used in AliveCUBE, I thought it 
was worth harassing the other Atarians  who tried to hide  away :) Some of them 
actually sent me a short text  while I had to torture others on #atariscne (you 
know who you are :). Let's hope you'll enjoy this second part as well !

Carbon :

The question: Where did I get my nickname?

I was spending far too much time trying to think of a new name, as my last
one was utter utter pants (NMI fact fans). Anyway, I was watching some
Natural History program on BBC TV and it was talking about something or
another (can't remember what exactly, but it was good). Then, I heard him
talk about "Carbon-based lifeforms, like humans" that gave me an idea. I
would call myself Carbon. At the time, it seemed great, and it's kinda stuck
all these years. I use it even today!


Mmm.. nicknames, must have been in 94 or 95 or so, when I thought I'd change my
handle (I had been using loads of weird names before but I'm not gonna bore you
with those). I wanted a short name, something that would be easy to write (not
necessarily esay to pronounce!) In 95 the movie Waterworld was relesed, I kind
of liked the idea of the film and watching it a couple of times I realised that
Dennis Hopper refered to Exxon Valdez as 'dez', for some reason I thought this
sounded quite cool so I decided to use it, I added an extra 'e' to make it
'diiz' rather than 'dez' (seemed like a good idea at the time). And thats it
really, no very exciting at all I'm afraid !

Edo's story :

When I started my Atari carreer, I wondered what my nickname could be. I think
we all asked this question to ourselves because the nickname choice is really
important when you want to be recognized easily.

As I am a Japan fan (you really didn't know ?), I took a Japan map and I chose
the former name of Tokyo (Edo) at Shoguns time ;o)  Edo is a cool nickname
because it's very short (it's very important for us, graphixmen because it
means we have fewer letters to paint ;o)

contact :

Grey / Mystic Bytes

The story about the "birthday" of this nickname is rather weird ;) I was known
at my own school as one of the biggest "Atari maniacs" in da universe. I always
tried to defend the good name of Atari stuff explaining that many popular
musicians use this machine and so on... :) And when I've bought a Falcon in
1994 year many ppl seeing me at school screamed to me: "Hey You, Atari falcon!"
;o)) What da crap, wasn't it? ;)) Anyway short time later ppl started to call
me "Szary" (Grey in english) because of the Atari's colour... So I stood with
this nick using english form.

MSG / reservoir gods is an easy one...

Malcolm S Grant...that's my full name...
MSG is better than anything else I could think off...
so there you go...


When I joined the thing had to change.. my nick name.. i don't think
my normal one would have sounded right. Choosing a nick name usually has
something to do with your interests or stuff you like. But matt smith doesn't
have a god like sound to it.. now does it!

I did think that if people knew my real name to start with then there would be
no problem . My real name which is easily confused with the person who wrote
manic miner on the spectrum...  you'd be surprised.. a few people did ask me if
I was the same person.

I had a chat with the rest of the gods.. and told them my interest just to see
if they could come up with a suitable name for me my interests being.. drinking
jack daniels and vw's.. not a lot, but the best one's i could think of. well,
apart from atari computers 8-)

 There were a few suggestion, some funny, some weird and some really weird.
Mostly coming from mr. pink btw then i had a brainwave.. a bit like an idea,
but better. I decided to tie my name in with a film, like some of the other
gods : ripley - aliens, mr. pink - res dogs, sh3 - red dwarf.

My favourite film being 'the matrix' I had a look through all the character
names in the film and found one that tied in with the program that i use to do
grahics. You'd be surprised at how many nice sounding names you can get from
films 8-)

The Sinner

My Nickname aka The Sinner hasnt got a fancy storry at all, just that I like
that song by Judas Priest. So one could say its like a tribute to Rob
Hallford and the others in Priest.

/ The sinner of avendesora
(Avendesora is taken from the wheel of time books by robert jordan, meaning
the tree of life)

Alive 4