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Alive 4


   Here  comes a  production from  unknown  French  crew The  Coolest Paradise.
Basically this is a gfa coded slide show that won't work on Falcon (at least St
Cooper told me so :). Unfortunately things dont  get started easily : first the
zipfile turns into a classic MSA and then you realise that your harddrive won't
be of any use here.

   Once you've gone thru the previous process, reboot your ST(or STe only ?)
and let's rock baby ! As Paranoid also reviewed another slideshow, this time
done by SATANTRONIC, comparison will come in naturally.

   The intro is almost  reduced to  nothing : a plain screen with no sound and
just a white 8*8 font that looks nice enough tho. The real pain comes from the
background  that will switch to  blue then  red and green and... blue again...
Reminds me of that  time when people started  fearing for their kids sanity :)
Really you should *NOT* be epileptic or you're gonna  die right  in the middle
of the so called intro. All  texts are  in French btw :) Fortunately the  only
needed key is 'space' until the real show  starts, so let's skip  this painful

   This  first issue  of the  thematic slide  show, as others are to follow, is
dedicated to French female singer  Mylene Farmer. This fierce  red haired woman
is known for her great  videos that look  at lot  like real  movies (and surely
cost a lot of... euros !). You can easily compare her to Madonna when  it comes
to the money put  into videos or concerts. As far as fame is  concerned I don't
even know if her name sounds familiar or totally unknown to any of you.

   Back to the show itself : it starts with a 12,5Khz sample of a Mylene's song
of course. It sounds nice but will eventually loop several times before the end
of the slide show :(

   Next follows the first picture : here I have to say that all piccies feature
a lot of colors more precisely 32,000 flickered colors according to its author.
Quality is here  as  pictures are considered but of course this slide show is a
bit slowed down due to lame floppy support.

    All pictures are nice but don't show the slightest part of naked body :(
Hey isn't it what slideshows are about ? :) Okayyyyyy... Once you've watched
about a dozen of these pictures the machine seems to freeze. Hello ? Anybody
home ?? Of course, at that stage of things I had to reboot.

     Well instead of summing it up into three lines, let's try to sort out plus
and minuses and try to compare these to Satantronic's own production :

     PLUS :

     * real great pictures quality while Satantronic pictures just sucked
     * nice sampled sound tho it loops (same comment)
     * first slideshow seen in many years (nice effort from Satantronic too)
     * a step forward from a French newcomer (same as above)

     MINUSES :

     * it's a slide show and of course... nothing more. On that point
       Satantronic showed originality tho their slideshow isn't great.
     * no real artwork (that's when slideshows can prove really interesting !)
     * the floppy requirement will bore you to death !
     * watch it once and then clean up that disk (no one will ever watch it
     twice, let's face the truth).


Alive 4