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Alive 4


Some time ago he joined us on #atariscne under the nick Kephy. Shortly after he 
told us about presenting his first demo at Paracon3 which he did ! I don't know 
about you, but I'm always so curious to know about newcomers ! :)


Hi Matt ! Time has come for you  to  tell us  about your  Scene status and 
experience. But first of all, tell us about you what do you do in life ? What  
do you lool like ? The usual stupid questions hey :)

    Eh eh nice to see you STS, to start with boring stuff, I am a software
engineer in a US oilfield company located in Grenoble, Alps, France. And since
the 2nd of February 02, I look like a married man ! Nothing more to say, I'm 25 years old,
some guys of the atari scene saw me for the first time at the ParaCon III, you
too STS but I don't think you can remember it well...

Now please tell us about your background : I know you're a member of Troll'n 
Co and that this is a crew born and active  during the very  first years of the 
ST ! Then please tell us how it started so many years ago !

    In fact, my father bought us our first ST (520 STF) in 1986, I was 10 years
old so don't ask me which crew I belonged to :D, but as many ST Freaks I was
found of the cracking scene, the Replicants, the Empire, MCA... and of course I
was a ST Demos addict. And concerning the TROLL & Co. (The Raiders Of The Lost
Lock & Co.), it makes me remember my first games I found at the college, they
were all cracked by Tsunoo (TROLL & Co. founder) or his friends BOSS, CSS,...
(German crackers).

    So when I met Tsunoo in 2001, he 'accepted' me in his dead crew as a great
honour. And that's why I released all my productions under the TROLL 1 Co.
brand name :)

Next question comes logically : how and why did you join the current scene ? 

    So, curiously I didn't really gather the old scene as I was too young and I
left the ST between 1994 and 2000, know...And now I'm one of the
'older' active scener.. This is really a chance, my father asked me what to do
with our old Mega STF, I replied I'll get it the next holidays and after
switching it on, the feeling appeared...

    I bought a Mega STE and finally a Falcon (a unbelievable present). So I
decided to learn what I never learned in my ST years : real demo coding. And
with the help of the #atariscne freaks I discovered this year, I became, I
hope, a member of the Atari scene even if I've got all to prove. But that's

    So difficult to explain why I joined the scene, mix of nostalgy, curiosity
and probably due to my job really... unmotivating.

As you lived thru different steps of the Scene, tell us how you like the 
current scene :

    Hard to say, all is different, not the same motivations, now coding is for
fun and I really think before coding was for 'ruling'... I like the new atari
scene, there is a lot of very great people, coders, musicians, graphists,
lamers (:))) ). I enjoy it like a second family. And the best is probably the
help each one is ready to give, I need it to start !

We - esp I - know that you attended the nice Paracon3 party : what other 
parties did you attend before ? Any story regarding those parties like 
remembered meetings, brainblasting releases, famous saying, whatever ??

    Eh eh that was my very first party... and it was a real pleasure, I loved
it. I met really fantastic people and I release my first Falcon production...
So many things in less than 48 hours.

One last glimpse at the past : what have you done and released so far ? I 
know you are a coder but do you have other hidden skills ?

    Huuummm, during my ST years I learned GFA and I released a few intros, demo
compilations and a disk mag (never finished) under the name 'T.N.S.' but
nothing really interesting. I'm a very poor graphist, pixelling need too many
patience, if I want to find something I'm very good at, my only answer should
be 'Kick Off Blastering' or something like that. Maybe a day I'll be a good
coder...but need lotsa work.

Commercial break ! Use the occasion to promote your homepage ! Also tell us 
if there's an official Troll'n Co homepage ? Giving us your email could be a 
nice idea as well.

    My webpage (as you read it in the previous Alive) is dedicated to the Atari
scene from the 80ies to the current scene, including the cracking scene : This website should be redesigned some day and merged
with the Partycle's project.

Back to present, and future of course ! You released a Falcon intro last 
December, can we expect more from you in a near future ? Anything in the 
pipeline ? We want to know!!! :)

    Due to the marriage, I did not turn on my falcon since Christmas but I hope
to release a ++ version of my Paracon III 96Ktro. And why not a demo later...
difficult to say. I plan to develop things on the Sony PS2 too, but hard to
find the time to code anything in fact.

Heres comes another kind of brainstorming :) try to fill in the blanks

M : Mastering the demo coding was my best wish
A : And it will stay my best wish for a long time !
T : Too difficult to write songs, good luck Marcer :)

U : Uuuuh ? 
S : So stupid game...

A : All I want to say is the Atari scene is composed of nice guys
L : Let's code.... it's worth it
E : Even if you can't understand how works a tunnel
M : Mega greetings to all of you

T : Tic Tac Toe...
R : Rest in peace
O : Out of your reality
L : Long way home
L : Like heavens
N : Nothing more

C : Coding is life
O : Oh I'm bored

Time for personal comments : use this space to say whatever's in your mind 
and yell it out !

Huuum, I hope we'll be able to organize a coding party in France this summer, so many
people to meet again (Ray, 505, STS, ST Cooper, Zerkman, Paranoid, MC Lazer, No,...)
and to see for the first time (Defjam, Deez, Zounds, Evil, Partycle, ST Ghost, ...)

Thanks for the time you gave us. Keep up the good work ! We hope to see more 
stuff from you soon 

------------------------------------------------------------------------ STS -

Alive 4