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Alive 4

-------------------------B y   W i l d f i r e-------------------------------

System : standard Falcon

   Some weeks before ALT party 3 actually took place Wildfire released a short
invitation intro on Falcon. Let's hope we'll see more and  especially a bigger
demo from them  on Falcon (from what  CiH reported, some nice screens could be
seen at ALT3).

   Before we start, there is still a little something I don't catch : this demo
features a MP2 as soundtrack, something we've seen more and more in F030 demos.
I guess there must be some reason to include a 1Mb big music file to such intro
or maybe it's something only coders can get :)

   First we are presented with the now usual DHS config box that will allow you
to set the demo to make it run on RGB or VGA, with different details levels and
so on. Then the MP2 is launched : a nice chiplike msx but I can't understand
why the file is so big in the end. Nevermind...

   Screen is set to red (the official ALT3 bg color :) while a strange blurred
picture is displayed on the right, presumably a masked guy aggressively
pointing a finger at us. Some common text is displayed to the left after makes
his way off, while all screen is wiped out with a nice transition.

   An environment mapped donut, set with a firelike  palette, goes spinning on
screen. Looks nice tho already seen before. With a sudden shake reminiscent of
HMM it is blown to pieces, still forming a spinning donut. A nice idea.

   We have already reached the last part with a text  screen reading the usual
info about the party (who, when, why and so on). On the right there is another
weird picture I just cannot make out (especially due to inverted palette). On
top of it a wireframed object goes spinning endlessly and that's it.

   Bottom line : not much  to see here  but  it is what invitations  are mostly
about, go straight to the point. A few nice ideas and  good overall (tho odd :)
design make the whole thing a bit original but damn short. We'll have to wait a
bit longer to see a complete Wildfire demo as nothing was presented at ALT 3...
Not a must have but a nice small thing.


Alive 4