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Alive 4

---------------------------b y   P a r a n o i a------------------------------

System : standard Falcon

   Paranoia is back with this entry to their own party, Paracon 3 held in last
December in Germany. Erm here I'm a bit confused : I think this is supposed to
be a 96Kb intro, still it's not even 70Kb... I suppose more screens could have
been stacked in then.

   Nevermind, let's start it : a nice  chiptrack is started while some poetic
text is displayed with a one plan  white font. All  letters are shaking as if
they had eaten mad cow ! Nice idea. After three screens of text, we move to a
fire background, meaning a classic fire effect emerging from the ground. Soon
enough the now usual  razor blade (aka Paranoia's logo) enters  the dance and
goes wild into the fire, thus creating fire around its own edges. Nice colors

   We are now presented with a static  screen with an ILLUSION word standing on
a textured background, all in grey scales (wrong  choice  here). Then the whole
screen goes  zooming out, changing  to a  rotozoom, our logo  repeating as many
times as possible. The - already seen before - rotozoom goes mad as its corners
distort wildly. The tunnel fades away with a nice circle effect that reminds me
a lot of DHS typical stuff. I guess there was some intervention of Evil here :)

   It gives way to a colorful mapped tunnel, the usual kind. After a while it
goes off with the same nice circle effect.

   The last part features the same font as seen first with some poetic lyrics
again until we are shown an ATARI Paranoia logo. That's it.

   Bottom line : Paranoia gets better with every  production and  this 64Kb (or
is it supposed to be 96Kb ?) with nice effects and colors, neat transitions and
a cool soundtrack. I  only wished  there was  an extended  version so that this
intro could reach 96Kb. Now I can't wait to see Paranoia's next step !


Alive 4