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                            Atari games on the phone
                                 thanx to iFONE
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iFONE - THE COMPANY the story so far...
iFone was founded in April 2000 as a wireless entertainment company. Based
in Manchester, England, the company develops and supplies games, music,
and lifestyle content and services to business-to-business customers for
download to mobile phones and wireless devices such as pocket PCs.

iFone holds the wireless rights to the world's largest catalogue of major
games publisher Infogrames Entertainment, the company behind a fifth of
the world's most successful gaming properties. This is a four-year global
licensing agreement that gives iFone access to games from Atari, Hasbro
Interactive, Gremlin, Ocean Software and GT Interactive, and includes past
and future titles. In return, Infogrames holds a 20 per cent stake in the
company. iFone's current release schedule includes games such as
Playstation Driver, Atari Asteroids, Atari Breakout, Monopoly and Mission

The Offering

iFone brings popular gaming and music to the wireless platform, be it
mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) or pocket PCs, while its
lifestyle content and services are designed to enhance the wireless
entertainment experience. iFone's content is multiformat - WAP, SMS, Java,
EPOC, WindowsCE - and multiplatform, which means iFone content can be used
equally on today's mobile phones as on next-generation 3G devices.

The premise on which the iFone offering is based is quick, disposable
entertainment to suit the medium. For example, PC and console gaming is a
distinct proposition that commands more time and attention in a captive
environment - your home. Wireless gaming, conversely, is a fast consumable
designed to entertain in 20 minutes or less and to be played repeatedly on
three or four separate occasions in a single day.

Games can be downloaded in under a minute, then played offline so that
users do not incur unnecessary call charges. Once the game is over, the
user has the option to replay the game but will need to delete it at the
end of the session.

Suggested retail pricing for games is between 30p and 50p per title per
play. Premium brands such as Playstation Driver will be priced at the high
end of the range, and non-branded titles at the low end.

The Games
Here is what iFone has to say about its forthcoming classic Atari games...

   * Asteroids
     The Atari brand is back with one of the true Atari classics.
     Asteroids was a massive hit in the arcades and is a very welcome
     blast from the past.
     Trapped in a gigantic cloud of asteroids, your struggling spaceship
     hurtles towards its doom. You'll have to pulverise all the asteroids
     with lasers to save your ship and your life.
     Key features:

        * Timeless, classic Atari arcade game
        * Infuriatingly addictive gameplay
        * Learnable, repeatable strategies to conquer
        * Fast and furious gameplay
        * Hundred+ levels

   * Pong
     Timeless and addictive, Pong represents a slice of gaming history
     that kicked off the mass-market gaming revolution of today. The
     original Pong was created by Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, and
     was the first coin-operated video game.
     A computerised adaptation of table tennis, you control a paddle with
     a wheel you turn (which was and still is actually called a "paddle"
     in honour of its origin) and bounce a ball. Miss the ball and your
     opponent scores a point.
     Key features:

        * Timeless, classic Atari arcade game
        * Learnable, repeatable strategies to conquer
        * Hundred+ levels

   * Breakout
     The object of Breakout is to demolish rows of coloured bricks. Each
     time you hit a brick with the ball, you score the appropriate number
     of points and the brick disappears.
     Hitting the wall in the same place each time results in breaking a
     path through it. Once the ball breaks through, it rebounds between
     the top of the wall and the top of the screen, knocking out bricks
     until it breaks back through to the bottom of the wall. Obviously,
     this scores a good number of points.
     The bad news that accompanies breaking through is the immediate
     reduction by half of the paddle's original size, making it more
     difficult to keep the ball in play. However, with a little extra
     concentration and a finer touch on the paddle controller, the wall
     can be totally demolished. The key to hitting the ball back
     consistently is anticipating where it will hit the bottom of the
     screen. If you wait to see where it's going to land, you'll get there
     too late to catch it.
     Breakout is like Checkers in that it's incredibly easy to learn, but
     difficult to master. It's simple enough for novices and children to
     pick up and play, but pros will also get a lifetime of enjoyment out
     of this classic Atari masterpiece.
     Key features:

        * Timeless Atari classic arcade game
        * Learnable, repeatable strategies to conquer
        * Hundred+ levels

   * Galaxian
     Not much has changed from the glory of the original arcade classic.
     Brilliant in its simplicity, the game operates similarly to Space
     Invaders, as you control a 'ship' that moves laterally across the
     bottom of the screen firing upwards, while waves of aliens descend
     upon you. Clear out the successive rows of enemies to advance to
     faster and more difficult stages.
     Key features:

        * Internationally-acclaimed retro gaming
        * Hundreds of levels
        * Swirling attack patterns
        * Game strategies to learn and master

Alive 4