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Alive 4

   Even though a main editor tends to feel alone and abandoned when it comes to
collecting all articles, assembling and  checking  them, updating  his homepage
and above all assemble the whole magazine, I know that without help and support
from many of  you, it  just  wouldn't be  possible. So  it's time  to send some
thanks to the people who deserve it :

   CiH : still nice to see how easy it's to work with you Chris. Hopefully you
wrote a lot of articles while I was busy  with the  boring part of  putting up
Alive. What could I say but "thanks  for staying  yourself" ? Let's see you in
the next issue heavy business :)

   Paranoid : tho you seem to have disappeared lately Oliver, you're still a
reliable supporter especially when I start  wondering : "damn who will write
that review for me ?" :). I hope  you're ok and just busy with other things.
Let's get in touch again. btw Bomberman online rules !! :p

   Exocet, EdO, 505, Tao, DmaSc, Blind'io, Deez : thanks a lot guys for your
support with msx, gfx, intros ! I really love the variety of talents you all
bring to every new issue. Deez : I hope next issue will feature another cool
Falcon intro :)

    Now for a massive thanks to all of you who wrote or sent me stuff to be
published with this  issue : CiH, paranoid, 505, Deez, Marss, Mr Pink, MSG,
Saulot, St Cooper, Remo, Spex, St  Cooper, Evil (for  sending me  this cool
Toodeloo soundtrack), Matt'Us Alem, MC Laser and the Highwire makers.

    Special thanks are sent  to SEGA's aftersales  services : as you may know I
have a Dreamcast that has made  me quite unhappy lately  with minor  incidents.
The last of them was worse tho as it  affected the DC lens itself. SEGA's after
sales services told me they could fix it but for 60  Euros. I thought it wasn't
worth as you can get brandnew  Dreamcast  for 99 Euros. Well that is if you can
still find a store selling Dreamcast. As I kept  asking them about  stores that
would have new machines, they finally offered free repair PLUS another pad ! It
took them a couple of days to repair and  send  back the  machine. Now it works
fine and  this fourth  pad allows us to enjoy  multiplayer games to the max !!!
That's was really nice from them so they deserve a huge THANK YOU.


Alive 4