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Alive 4
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Forever 2E3 Slideshow by Satantronic (2001)

Well, there obviously was a party called Forever 2E3 second edition
because it was held in 2001 (in Slovakia) and obviously,
some people took the opportunity to take some pictures of it.
So far, so good.
Then the people had the funny idea of publishing the pictures they
took in some kind of digital media but instead of putting them on
their homepage or pack them and put them on an FTP-site, they
decided to reduce them to 16 colours and make a slideshow out of it.
They took some music to be replayed while displaying the pictures
and published it as Forever 2E3 slideshow.
Each picture fills the screen completely for a moment, then the
lower 16 pixels are being removed horizontally from the left and
right border to display 2 lines of text about the picture shown

There's nothing wrong with making a slideshow of the pictures you
took at a party you enjoyed. There's just 2 minor details that
might spoil the otherwise nice idea: Low picture quality or
low quality picture content.
And unfortunately, Satantronic has stepped in both those pitfalls
at once.
Picture quality is so low that you can hardly distinguish wether
the green spot there is supposed to be the wall (maybe grey ?),
a part of the sleeping bag you identified by guessing (maybe
green ?) or just a very tired slovakian ace programmer ?
On most pictures it is absolutely impossible to identify the
people they are supposed to show - hence recognition factor,
even for those people that know those on the pictures, is close
to zero. What good is a set of pictures of a party if you simply
cannot identify any of what's on the pictures ?
Next to that, the most common theme among these pictures is
"... of Satantronic". Not that picture quality was good enough to
either affirm or deny that - i personally grew a bit tired of
seeing people of Satantronic asleep, awake, on arrival, drinking
coke, hiding or - if i had been damn lucky - with one or maybe 2
other guys. Actually, yes, you get a picture of the C64 or ZX
Spektrum folks and a lot of people during the competitions, but
they stay unnamed and again, picture quality is far too low to
identify any of them. The show ends with pictures of several
people asleep - I have to believe the text under the pictures
about these showing people at sleep because i can only guess.
What you see is something you can identify as sleeping bags or
mats but hardly any people.

Okay, now maybe i miss the point. It's just a little slideshow
and instead of porn-pictures or raytraced graphics they decided
to bring us pictures of a party they enjoyed. Like i said, there's
nothing wrong about that.
But to see Satantronic in low-quality low-resolution pictures
is missing the point as well. Rendering digitized photographs to
16 colours lowres decently is an art that involves spending some
time in front of a graphic retouche software - which Satantronic
refused to spend. Chosing pictures in a way that they can carry
some of the fun you had about the people you met on a party is
another one that Satantronic has unfortunately failed to master
Now it's just a slideshow and nothing anyone should get wild
about. But a slideshow with nothing interesting to see is kind of
useless, don't you think ?

                                                 The Paranoid/Paranoia
                                                 Of the Lunatic Asylum

Alive 4