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Alive 4


Foreword by Mr Pink
Now that we've got adsl and permanent internet connection, i've been leaving my 
laptop connecting to #atariscne all day.

Going back through the logs, i've picked out a selection of comments about "Chu 
Chu Rocket" - lots of people seem to really like it, and i thought it would be 
nice to share their views with everyone. 

This is by no means a definite collection as our internet connection keeps 
going down so i missed a lot in the first week, but it gives a fair reflection 
of peoples feelings about the game.


<_Paranoid> Leon - I hope you came to announce the release of ChuChu Rocket ?
<EdO-Sct1> the never-releasing game :o)
<MrPink_> para: if only ;-)

<MT-Felice> MrPink, how's the game going ?
<deez> yeah,. where is chu chu? tonight is the deadline
<stimpy__> go easy guys :)
<SWE> yeah, where is chuchu, u announce it soon  from eil on! ;)<g>
<MrPink_> chu chu is going very well. in fact, i would say it is finished!
<_Adam_> WOW!!!
<deez> cool! gimme
<evl> feed the wolves..
<MT-Felice> MrPink, cool :)
<MrPink_> but it probably won't be released until tomorrow,
<stimpy__> ahh, better be going, looking forward to ChuChu (never played DC

<evl> anyway, cu tomorrow.. or should I say chuchu tomorrow!
<MrPink_> evl: night!
*** evl is now known as evlaway

<[edo]> mr pink : what about chu chu rocket ?

<[edo]> cu people
<[edo]> hope chu chu will be out for tomorrow ;o)
*** [edo] has quit IRC

<_Adam_> MrPink_: any chances for CHU CHU available today?
<MrPink_> adam: YES :-)
<_Adam_> MrPink_: I can't wait
<_Adam_> :)

<stimpy___> hey, is chuchu released?
<MrPink_> stimpy: not yet, final bugtesting is in progress

* EdO wants chu chu rocket !!!

<EdO> cu atari people
<EdO> hope chuchu will be out soon ;o)
<evl> cu edo

*** Now talking in #atariscne
*** Topic is 'Remember to register for ParaCon 3,'
*** Set by ParaAway!~heun@spock.Chemie.Uni-Mainz.DE on
Fri Oct 26 14:17:15
<_MrPink_> hi kids
<_MrPink_> edo: :-)

<_MrPink_> i think we could be releasing "chu chu rocket" tonight ;-)
<doctoredo> YES!
<s_t_s> mr pink : yeah cool
<_Adam__> HOORAY!!!!!!

<MT-Felice> been up to much then guys ?
<_MrPink_> felice: not much. just written a new game for st/falcon.
<doctoredo> WE WANT CHU CHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<_MrPink_> its coming ....
<_MrPink_> ok guys, it's finally here!
<_MrPink_> enjoy ;-)
<doctoredo> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<doctoredo> CHU CHU !
<doctoredo> CHU CHU !
<_MrPink_> ROCKET!
<doctoredo> it rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<doctoredo> congratulations !
*** evl changes topic to 'Chu Chu Rocket :'

* doctoredo loves chu chu


<Dma-Sc> have someone tried chuchu, is it good ?
<defjam_> Hi Dma!
<defjam_> Dma: STe only?
<[Hitomi]> dma : yes i tried it
<[Hitomi]> it rocks
<Dma-Sc> ste/falc
<Dma-Sc> edo : really ?
<Dma-Sc> fast ?
<ParaBench> Hi DefJam
<[Hitomi]> check out for the 2mb version
<[Hitomi]> faster on falcon ;o)
<Dma-Sc> as fast as the dc version ?
<ParaBench> Does the 1 MB version require STE, too ?
<[Hitomi]> but it is correct on the ste really
<[Hitomi]> para : yes
<[Hitomi]> but you won't have dma samples
<Dma-Sc> damn, i can't wait to play it :)
<ggn> (nice intro for "atari btw)
<[Hitomi]> ggn : yes pink copied "the DC sega" intro :o)

<[Strider]> Dma: Edo isn't here ? or is he still playing Chu Chu ? ;-)
<ray_TT> defjam, what did you mean ?
<Grazey> hi dma
<Dma-Sc> ask [Hitomi] about EdO :)
<Dma-Sc> strider : have you tested chuchu ?
<[Strider]> dma: yeah it rocks! I've played this morning instead of working :-P
<Dma-Sc> ahah :)
<Dma-Sc> can wait to play it at home :)
<Dma-Sc> can't :D
<Dma-Sc> arf
<[Strider]> dma: it's really a great game, the mice are cute but as stupid as
lemmings ;-)
* ParaBench sees that Atari ST/Falcon gaming is not 100% dead

<Curly> has anyone played chu chu rocket already? I guess the gameīs really
<[Hitomi]> curly : it rocks
<_Adam_> Curly: yes it is!
<Curly> hitomi: canīt wait to get back home to my
falcon either :-)
<Curly> I hope everyone has written a īThank your mail to RG already. I have
<_Paranoid> Curly - Will do as soon as i played it.
<Curly> paranoid: well, I read about the game in the press and I know how good
releases of RG usually are :-)
<_Paranoid> Curly - Anyway, it's a good point to reactivate my game-reviews
page again

<[Strider]> time to go...
<_Paranoid> CYa Strider
<[Strider]> bye bye people
<[Strider]> Hitomi: JPOP rulez :-)
<[Strider]> CHU CHU ROCKET rulez :)))
*** [Strider] has left #atariscne ([Strider].)

*** stimpy_ has joined #atariscne
<stimpy_> ahh, chu chu

<_Paranoid> Time to go home and playtest ChuChu Rocket
<_Paranoid> Not on the Dreamcast for a change
<_Paranoid> See you tomorrow
*** _Paranoid has quit IRC (Gone home.)

<deun> bye, going to try chuchu

<kaori_m> chu chu is so hard, too fast for me
<kaori_m> very good game anyway :)
<KephyWork> para : that's ok, no way :)  concerning chu chu, what do you think
 of MSG's work ??? great no ?

<zerkman> btw, chu chu rocket rocks


<s_t_s> mrp : seems like some ChuChu rocket testing is on the way :)
<s_t_s> gonna check ChuChu rocket on my Ste
<Vido> mrpink: hehe ... you just remembered me to transfer chuchu rocket from
my milan to my falcon :)

<JazHaz> Hi Pinky! Nice game! Can't sort out level 20 on puzzle mode though! :)

<Vido> hey mrpink :) ... chuchu rules :)

<_Paranoid> Hi MrPink - Thanks for an excellent version of Chu Chu Rocket.
<_MrPink_> para: thanks :-)
<_MrPink_> glad you like it!
<_Paranoid> MrPink - How couldn't i ? I already loved the DC version of it. :-)
<_Paranoid> MrPink - On the contrary, i love it. :-)

*** deun changes topic to 'chuchu at'
<_MrPink_> :)
<deun> mrpink: chuchu is really nice, but it is so fast on falcon so that i
always lose :(

<SWE> chuchu just confirmed whats all about :)

<[vlG-aGo]> CHU CHU ROCKET :)

* _Adam_ is off for ChuChu

<_sts_> mr pink : chuchu rocket is amazing!
<_sts_> mr pink : I love to roll the demo and enjoy its likeness to the DC
<_sts_> mr pink : that's a very impressive bulk of work
<_sts_> my DC is lying just next to my STe and I'm not sure which one is
connected to my tele :)

* earx thinks chuchu rules

<_Paranoid> ChuChu Rocket! rocks. :-)
<partycle> paranoid: yep, very cool
<KephyWork> Yeeeeeah, i spent all my sunday morning playing Chu Chu.... !!!
<partycle> I spent an hour or so playing it last night
<KephyWork> but i think the easy world is the hardest..... the hard world is a
joke ! :)
<KephyWork> if someone found how to pass the level16/special world...  :)
<_Adam_> Kephy: wait for mania world :-) your brain will turn into potato ;-)

<partycle> pink: cool. I just played chuchu rocket last night for an hour or
so, it's excellent
<SWE> party yes. addictive :)
<SWE> chuchu is my 2nd best multiplayer game :)

<earx> hi mrpink: chuuchuuu!
<earx> mrpink: really love the game, played it all morning and forgot the time

<earx> i gotta run to watch some intro now and ehm play some hard levels of

<KephyWork> MrPink, Chu Chu makes me mad ! :)))
<_MrPink_> hey kephy
<_MrPink_> it makes you mad?
<KephyWork> MrPink : yep for 2 reasons
<KephyWork> 1. It is so great !!!!!
<_MrPink_> :)
<KephyWork> 2. the game has freezed when i was at level 16 /special world....
<_MrPink_> :(
<KephyWork> so I need to re-do all ! :))))))))))))))))))

<Setok> there's no way chuchu could be as good as bugger
<partycle> ooh, I have to get bugger on the falcon..
<Curly> mrpink: i've play chuchu rocket in the meantime. 4p mode is bloody fast
on the Falcon, even if put into slow mode. Or am I just too slow? ;-)

<_sts_> mrp : we had a lot of fun with ChuChu rocket last night, playing the
game was really great
<earx> mrpink: btw, i look forward to playing chuchu with some beer tonight :)

<SWE> thanx god for ataris..  look at chuchu,  nice and cool on STE!

<stimpy__> OK, I'll see if the 1MB version is OK, as I soon got adicted even
ins ingle player puzzle :) Great game (ok, not your idea... :)

<505> just downloaded chuchu today after having some troubles with
downloading... and i played for quite some time already until the "feed the
cat" level where one mouse was left always
<505> it is really fucking funny..  i love those noises by the mouses
<505> its your best game i think... very professional... but that could be
expected after you being a professional now too
<_MrPink_> hehe - yeah, sound fx are cool! i must admit, we stole them all from
<505> i hope there wont be probems due to copyrights
<_MrPink_> i hope not
<505> and the puzzle mode was tricky for me ... i phoned norman today and he
told me that the mouses always do turn right when reaching a wall.. now it
makes more sense to me
<_MrPink_> yes, once you have worked that out it becomes easier ...
<505> probably multiplayer mode i the funniest one though.. big chaos

<frost242> btw, chuchu rocks !!!
<frost242> I played it a little
<frost242> today
<frost242> I like it very much
<_MrPink_> thank you!
<_MrPink_> it is a fun game!
<frost242> yes, very fun !

<Fraks> good job in CHuCHu ROcket man !

<DancDancR> btw, I hope I can find some time to test chu chu rocket
<DancDancR> edo told me it's a really good game

<no_esc> mrpink: Hi! Congratulations for your game! It is sooo sweet!
<no_esc> mrpink: Until now I played only the puzzle game. Nils told me that the
other modes are even more funny. I will try it.

<KephyWork> Mrpnk, no way, the game is great.... so congratulations again


*** [pht] has joined #atariscne
<[pht]> any english guy there ?
<[pht]> wot does the expression "cheese bud" mean ?
<Dma-Sc> a guy who like cheese ?
<[pht]> ... don't think so ... Dma-Sc ?! are you english ?
<[pht]> :)
<Dma-Sc> pht : no i'm not :)
<[pht]> arf !
<[pht]> it seems it means "thanks guy" ... but... really really not sure !?
<Dma-Sc> uh, weird

Alive 4