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Alive 4

------------------------b y   T h e   S p i c e   B o y s-------------------

System : standard Falcon

   As Xmas grew closer, some months ago of course, the mysterious horsemen
known as The Spice Boys delivered another message to the world. The masked
avengers strikeback, prepare for slaughter... Erm sorry I meant laughter :)

   The demo features a heavy MP2, really worth it as it's made of amateur
singing (or could it be a preview of Michael Jackson's next hit ?).

   Some crappy  looking text, seemingly  drawn eyes closed, overwhelmed  with
automatic  antialiasing, starts  as an  introduction. Then it's replaced by a
PLASMA word  on the  upper right corner  while nice  colors are mixing around
(actually looks nice tho surely not  technical). Suddenly  the Swedish vocals
turn into the horn of a locomotive while a handmade train actually moves from
the left to the right side  of the screen. Here  I noted that  our singer was
about to lose his temper and laugh to death :)

   The next screen shows some sort of human, drawn by a kid or drunken Swede,
with a red Xmas hat. Dots fly from the top of the screen, thus spraying snow
all over our nice character.

   Then comes 'realtime raytracing' with an animated Xmas  tree bouncing from
the left to the right, soon replaced by another one. Last is another crappily
painted credits screen that's a bit confused with the usual nicks messing :)

    Bottom Line : not the best Spice Boys prod but another funny looking one. I
really like the song by Baggarn esp when he  started singing 'Last Xmas  I Gave
You My Heart...' :) Nothing more  about this, download it only if you have fast
and unlimited Internet access.


Alive 4