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Alive 4
         JagFest 2001 Report 
     by Lars Hannig aka Starcat

I started the first day of JagFest 2001 at 6.30 and started to bring my
stuff into the car. Then I ate a mit breakfast and waited for Diederik who
arrived at a bit later than 8.30 at our house, we all drove to the room.
When we arrived it was still closed and it took some time until the owner
of the room finally arrived to open the door. We carried our stuff inside,
moved the tables and waited for the first visitors... One of the first
visitors was Robert Demming who brought lots of Jag games including all CD
Games (CD-Rs) and even a CD-R of Caves of Fear, the Jaguar Gamefilm
prototype. We first tried it in my standard Jag CD-Drive with the help of
CD-Bypass. It first ran fine, but later more and more "video junk" was
displayed and the game crashed. I am quite sure that it is my drive that
has to be cleaned again, though. Later we tried it on his Jag/JagCD and it
worked fine. He also had done some very cool modifications to his Jag with
more Roms than I have ever seen in ANY Jag before he had a 16 position
rotary switch in the case of his Jag, for up to 16 Roms, he didn't have 16
Roms in it though. (I really wonder how he got that many roms into it
anyway ) He had for example the french JagOS, BJL, regular rom, STUB Rom
Oct 93 and STUB Rom Nov 94. There were also a 50Hz/60 Hz and a reset
switch if I remember correctly. He was kind enough to make a copy of Caves
of Fear for me. :-) Thanks a lot again. I started to load some demos that
were given to me by some well known Jag developers like Justclaws and
Force Design. The firs demo was "Bounce!" by "Team Franglais" which
consists of Fred Natha and Justclaws.

It was a fun pong clone with a "Celebrate JagFest 2001" message ;-)
Later in the evening I also showed a little demo of Force Design's Legion
Force Jidai. All during the day I shot lots of video clips which I might
publish later, however I don't know yet if I will make a CD out of it or
if I can find a free server with enough space. Later in the noon a lot
more people arrived and the atmosphere got greater and greater. It was
time for me to display the promised JDC Project It is a space shooter
called StarAlliance  Battle for Earth. It was only a one level playable
demo, but some people seem to like it. Another very cool thing was a hobby
Jaguar magazine/book done by Bjorn Baranski. It contains lots of Jaguar
history infos, pictures, game infos and stuff like that. Bjorn Spruck
showed one of his Lynx games, which reminds me a lot of that racing game
of the movie Tron. (I don't remember the exact name) But one of the
coolest things of the day were the talking with all the people and the
great gaming competition organized by Thorsten Butschke aka Mad Butcher,
the prices were given to us by Randy Femrite, thanks a lot :-). There was
a Super Burnout competition on the Jag, you play against somebody else and
in the end the best players play against each other. Then there was a very
cool Checkered Flag competition on the Lynx. There was a six Lynx network
and six people played against each other. First there was a "warm-up"
round and then there was the real race. It was the first time I ever
played Checkered Flag on the Lynx. It is much better than the Jag version.
I was surprised how much fun it is. The third competition started in the
evening. It was a Joust competition on a XE game system. I never played
Joust before, but it was very fun to play. I even won a few times, but
after all I lost.

Some time later we gave the prices to the winners. Rouven Gehm was on the
1nd place and Michael Neihs on the 2nd.
Until almost 24.00 I was talking to Thortsen Butschke, Michael Neis,
Rouven Gehm and Bjorn Baranski  it was great !
The first day of JagFest 2001 go into JagFest History, that is for

There isn't very much to say about the 2nd day Sadly is was more or less a
flop. I guess future JagFests will only be one day events
I'm sure I forgot a lot in this report because the atmosphere of the
first day was so GREAT, there were so many details... you just had to be
there to know how great it was...

Btw, I hope to see some more reports, soon :-)

Alive 4