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Alive 3

Note of STS : first of all, the following text was written by Ray a long time 
ago and a new beta is still in progress  and should be released soon. You can 
get this  beta from If you  want Ray of tSCc to 
complete his ambitious porting to the  the humble  ST then do not hesitate to 
support him via email to

I'm proud to present you the  first test-engine (v1.0 alpha). for those of you
who don't know yet, tscc is going to release a wolf3d port  supposed to run on
atari 16/32 bit platforms namely  the ST-series and compatibles. it's supposed
to  be a  port, rather  than a  wolf3d clone  like "destruction  imminent"  or
something. Talking of "destruction imminent", mates I don't want to blame this
game, but this port is at least gonna look and behave alot better since it has
real slice- mapping and it features the original wolf3d graphics.

Features of the current version:   

- dynamic codetable-texturemapper (texturemapped walls)
- byte chunk2planar conversion in less than 2.2 vbls
- fisheye-bug fixup
- thorough optimized raycasting algorithm
- keyboard controled player movement
- completely runtime generated lookup tables (low file sine)
- running at 152 x 76 pixels (doublepixeled)
- split-palette, one for game one for status-bar
- pure M68000 asm rewrite

Nevertheless  many  features  have  yet  to be  added before  the  game  can be
completed... However  the  engine  runs  at  10 to 15 fps  yet, though. a major
optimization will be a possible hardware-acceleration for blitter-machines like
the STE, the MEGA ST or even the FALCON. Read  below to see which features will
have to come.

Features to be added soon:   

- horizontal wall redrawal (atm the engine casts for vertical walls only)
- moveable walls
- player to wall clipping (you can still run through walls)
- sprites/enemies and enemy-engine (major slowdown)
- blitter support for STE/MEGA etc.
- resizeable game window to accomplish reasonable speed on ST machines
- doors
- sound-sample replay (maybe)

            Ray of tSCc     

Alive 3