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Alive 3
                           Source: WWW.NUON.TV

Mountain View, CA-VM Labs, Inc. announced  today that it has entered into
an agreement with Activision to  publish three Activision games on the VM
Labs NUON  DVD  platform. The  agreement  calls for 'Shanghai : Mah-Jongg
Essentials' to be published on the NUON platform in the fourth quarter of
2001, and 'Star Trek: Invasion' and 'Pitfall : The Mayan Adventure' early
in 2002. The agreement  also  provides options  for additional Activision
titles for the NUON DVD platform which will be announced at a later date.

This agreement  brings  three of  Activision's most popular titles to the
NUON platform, joining NUON titles such as 'Monopoly', 'The Game of Life',
'Space  Invaders  XL', 'Freefall  3050 A.D.', 'Tempest  3000' and 'Merlin
Racing', from other top software publishers including Hasbro and Taito.

"By offering consumers a wide variety of quality titles such as these from
Activision, we appeal to the mass-market game player and help to establish
the NUON enhanced DVD player  as the center of entertainment in the home,"
said Bill Rehbock, Vice President of Third Party Development, VM Labs.

"Our partnership with VM Labs allows  us to be a part of bringing quality
video game  entertainment to  families of  mainstream gamers," said David
Anderson, senior  manager  of  business  development  and  licensing  for
Activision. "Now we can appeal to a whole new market of consumers who are
interested in playing games, but who  may  not  own  a  dedicated  gaming

The Activision games to be published for the NUON platform represent a
mix of action and puzzle-style games:

Shanghai: Mah- Jongg  Essentials - Features  three  challenging Shanghai
tile-matching games, plus the genuine version of Mah-Jongg. 25 different
tile sets to choose from.

Star Trek: Invasion - Features over 20 missions (including five Dual Play
missions for two players), Deathmatch mode, special weapons and missions,
ten different ships - and the voices of Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn.

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - The game's 13 Mayan worlds are filled with
awakened Mayan  spirits, hungry  crocodiles, wicked skeletons and vicious
lethal traps at every turn, and requires not only lightning-fast reflexes,
but complex problem-solving skills, as well.


Alive 3