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Alive 3
                              Edge Awards T3K

The current issue of Edge Magazine features it's  annual "Edge Awards," in
which they pick their "Best of..." in various categories. Tempest 3000 has
a great showing, as seen from this message from Jeff "YaK" Minter:

They give First, Second and Third awards, and Honourable Mentions in a
little bit of text at the top, in several different categories. T3K is
featured as follows:

     Graphical Achievement:
     1: Jet Set Radio
     2: T3K
     3: Metropolis Street Racer

What they say about T3K: "An  unorthod-ox game designed by an unorthod-ox
programmer on an unorthod-ox 'gaming platform'. T3K's  vector psychedelia
should  enthrall the  majority of  those discernible [I  think  they mean
'discerning' - Yak] enough  to procure themselves a copy of Jeff Minter's
latest Red Bull-fuelled creation- unquestionably one of the most visually
stimulating experiences of the year".

     Audio Achievement:
     1: Alien Resurrection
     2: T3K
     3: Jet Set Radio

What they said about T3K : "If you could feed screenshots of Tempest into a
stereo, and if you could combine  it with  a trance  compilation circa '92,
and if you could  output the results  to a single  white tablet that  would
permanently alter your  perception of videogame music, then you still would
not be close to the beat-perfect interplay  between Jeff Minter's Nuon work
and its beat-perfect soundtrack." Respect and thanks due to T(NT) there ;-)

T3K also got a  couple of "honourable  mentions" - in the "Game of the Year"
category: "Excellent in significant areas and further comfounding the notion
that this has been a slump year for games were T3K, Deus Ex, Mr. Driller and
Black and White"; and in the "Technical Achievement" section : "T3K provided
a stunning demonstration of what the Nuon chip can do when put to good use".
No outright wins, but  nonetheless, quite a  decent overall  showing. I must
admit to being a bit chuffed ;-).

     (:-) - Yak

Alive 3