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Alive 3
S U P E R   F I G H T E R

You probably read the announcement on www.Atari.Org, someone named Death Adder
is currently planning on porting a 2D beat'em up  game to the Atari ST. Now to
give you some background  about this game, I decided  to write this very short
article about what's going on.

Super Fighter is not the brave attempt to port Tekken 3 over to the ST and it's
not another attempt to make some quick bucks from those still buying an ST game
once in a while. Super Fighter  is going to be freeware. Super Fighter's origin
is DOS, but  by having a quick look to  the website dedicated  to this game you
easily find that it has already been ported to quite an amount of other
platforms - and it is free on all of them.

Super Fighter  is closely related  to games like  Street  Fighter II, of which
already a decent ST port  exists (at least if you  ask me. I loved  the Arcade
version and I think the ST conversion is not bad at all). Now Death Adder, the
guy behind the ST port, is  unable to  code the  game himself - he is rather a
player than a developer - but can arrange graphics ported to the ST and can of
course also supply the original sounds and musics.

Elliot Swanton  has taken  over the  main code  while I volunteered to provide
(blitter-based) sprite routines. It looks like Dma-Sc of Sector One is willing
to take over porting the music to the  ST under  certain circumstances and the
graphics are taken care of by Death Adder himself.

But nothing really is fixed yet.

So far, we decided to go for 64x64 pixel sprites in 16 colours, a Blitter-based
sprite routine should  be able to handle  that in decent  speed. A Blitter will
therefore be necessary to play the  game. Besides that, only  sketches of  what
to do exist and  Elliot already  underlined that he  is not very experienced in
writing games.

Therefore, if you like 2D beat'em ups, know a little assembly language and like
to code STE (or ST if you like) hardware, contact Death Adder. This project can
surely use some more support.

The Paranoid                            Paranoia
                                        Think you can handle it ?!

Alive 3