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Alive 3


 Here comes at last the demo that collects all entries  presented at DHS latest
 online compos, meaning 16 colors gfx, chiptunes and ST demoscreens. All in one
 the compo managed to draw 27 entries  which is a  really nice score ! After he
 gave (realtime!) results, Evil  assembled  all  these  screens only  adding an
 intro as well as an endpart. Since all entries were shown as is, Evil couldn't
 modify them even tho they needed  improvements or  transitions. In other words
 the demo quality mainly depends on their authors :) Thanks again to you Anders
 who organizing such vivid compo, as you says, the best in many years !

 Due to the many entries, I cannot review them individually. It would take too
 much time (the demo is 10 minutes long !) and therefore I'll try to focus on a
 on the best ones, in my humble opinion :)

 People involved in this demo are :

Coding : Defjam/checkpoint, No/Escape, Evil/DHS, Blind Io, Gizmo/DHS, Ray/tSCc
 Zerkman/Sector One, Bod/Stax and Spex/Escape.

Gfx : Edo/Sector One, STS/Loud!, Exocet/Pyjama, Wee(r)do, Marss, Spiny/Torment
 Hylst and Saulot.

Msx : Tao/Cream, Frequence/Ephidrena, 505/Checkpoint, MC Laser/tSCc, Milhouse
 and D-Force/FUN.

 I hope I didn't skip a name :)

 The demo starts with a  first screen that vertically scrolls the names of all
 the people who entered the  compos, while  poetic  words (surely) by MC Laser
 invade us, overlapping the scrolling credits. A  nice chip is hear all along.
 Tho a bit too long,  this  part perfectly captures  the Atari spirit I think.
 Hard to put words on feelings but I'm sure you'll see what I mean when you'll
 enjoy this demo ! Then we move to real business.

 All screens are accompanied by pictures and a peculiar soundchip. As for gfx I
 noticed a clear separation between the piccies that ranked first to fourth and
 the rest of it that were clearly done by newcomers  and unexperienced artists.
 Still in spite of some  minuses (erm sorry  but Hylst's gfx is unbearable) all
 gfx are really  enjoyable. As for msx, being  mainly  used  as background they
 perfectly feel the air with happy sounds of great quality. Let's see what each
 screen is up to now that we know Defjam made it by one point before No :)

 * Blind'Io screen : it looks nice tho clearly old school, starting with some
 text and a greyscaled  scanned photo  of poor quality. Then various types of
 rasters filled screens whill  give  room  to each  other. It could have been
 smoother I believe and the colors are  plain red, green or  blue. Not on the
 high end, but nice screen anyway.

 * Zerkman' screen : while a vertical SECTOR  ONE logo slides up  on the left
 side of the screen, flaming bobs zoom in, forming shapes such as a sphere or
 an Atari logo. It really looks nice ! Too bad it's a bit short :(

 * Bod's screen is quite plain  showing a picture with  reddish orange palette
 while a circle moves around unveiling another picture hidden behind the first
 one. The circle goes endlessly from left to right, nothing more to see.

 * Evil's screen : while some text in a stylish white font is displayed on the
 left, an environment mapped torus goes rotating, occasionnally growing spikes
 which reminds me of HMM by Escape. Next screen shows  several flares floating
 around and mixing thus creating brighter zones.

 * Spex screen : some really slow text  displayer gives us the  screen name and
 credits and later on greetings while a chessboard motive  spins around, taking
 most of the screen. Not easy to say what it looks like but I like it ! Too bad
 it is a bit slow and worse... that the text displayer goes as fast as a snail.
 That flaw tends to spoil a lot of the screen quality :(

 * Gizmo's screen : the  second  entry by DHS  starts with a text screen with a
 320*200 distorting picture  showing a pumpkin head in the  background. The the
 real screen comes with a DHS logo made of particles. From what Evil told me it
 features 240 particles and uses  nice colors. Only bad thing  in my opinion is
 that the rotating logo never reads DHS (since letters  can be displayed out of
 screen) but  clearly  read SHD... Stupid  detail  Gizmo didn't  care  about :(
 Another point that surely wasn't in  favour of that  screen  is that the first
 part is so long that some  people didn't  find out  there was  something  much
 better in the second part :(

 * Ray's screen : it's another too short screen with  Bod's entry :( This time
 it shows a bitmap rotator with a colourful picture showing a woman's face and
 god knows what :) Looks nice but too short :(

 * No's screen : this time No took us all by surprise ! First because he wasn't
 known to be an ST coder as well and  secondly  because his "dithering  screen"
 really kicks ass ! No  used  a  very original  technique  showing  many  small
 squares filling the whole screen. Then these squares  are filled with dithered
 colors, creating patterns that spawn effects such as bobs, a huge logo, motion
 blur... Quite incredible and the most original ST screen over the last years !

 * Defjam's screen : it starts with white lines  so tight that they look like a
 filled cube. They change  shape to a wireframed CHECKPOINT  logo that suddenly
 zooms in. Next screen gives  us the  memberlist of CP, spelling  names  letter
 after letter (quite big  ones) still using  white lines. The 16c  logo already
 seen in Modulation2 appears in a flash and disappears right away. Now a motion
 blurred rotozoomer (much alike the one  seen in Suretrip :) is displayed. Fast
 greetings rush  on  screen with  a one plan  font. Very  good feeling from the
 start and we  go on  with  a 16c  bitmap rotative  scroller that  really looks
 awesome ! Just too bad it's that long :(  Final screen will give us credits.

 The endpart of this megademo  shows the  dragon I entered at  the Sillyventure
 2000 gfx compo while a one plan font scrolls up with the many names of the ppl
 involved as well as some interesting stories (I'm thinking of Setok here :)

 Bottom  line : this  megademo  rocks ! First it's the  most inovative megademo
 ever seen. Who ever  thought of organizing a compo to have such material ? Who
 expected so  much  feedback ? Besides the  overall quality  of all  entries is
 really great ! So ladies and gentlemen, stand up and show your respects to the
 many authors of this unique  ST  megademo ! And  maybe there  could be another
 compo for Xmas ? We'll see about that :)


Alive 3