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Alive 3

    Matt'US Alem From The Raiders Of The Lost Lock & Co. (TROLL & Co.)


Even  a  decade  later who  has  forgotten  TEX, the  UNION  or EMPIRE, endless
scrolltexts, demos that were actually better than commercial games of that time
and so forth. Ten years ago. The Falcon died in the egg but the ATARI scene was
still here, crews faded away  while  new crews  were  created. Because we don't
need another computer  to keep  the Atari  spirit alive  Atarians work together
just for the fun of it.

And that's because I  want to  preserve such spirit  that I've decided to carve
its presence in the Internet. Because we can't -and don't want to- forget about
the last 10 wonderful years, because we still believe in our future and because
that Atari ST is still lying on my desk, we'll keep the faith.

Therefore I'm glad to invite you, readers, long time or new Sceners (either on
ST, Falcon...) to add a stone to this wall and make it bigger and bigger.

I need you to work with your memories  to be able to  set ut the most complete
Atari database  regarding ST  and Falcon  democrews : crewnames  and  creation
(specific logo, productions, member status, mergers, any  significant date and
so on), detailed members data with name and first name, email, photo, activity
and so on). Whoever they were and  whatever they did they ALL deserve to be in
the database.

That was all for the business part.

The idea  almost came  to  me  by accident  when I  coincidentially  met Tsunoo
(founder of TROLL & Co. in 1987 !). We  talked a lot reviving good memories and
gradually resolved to  get  in  touch  with  people  we  used to meet (STCS for
instance). Very few of these  people, now  married and  remote  for  the  Atari
world, have  forgotten their past. Actually  when  looking for  some  of  these
people I happened to find about the current scene, still active, different from
the former one but very attractive. Even  tho Tsunoo doesn't have an St anymore
I can tell you  that  mine is  far from dead. When  talking  with The  Paranoid,
Marcer, Edo, George, EViL,... I  felt that  urge to start  coding again. That's
why my site isn't dedicated to the past, but to the living "Atari spirit".

From A-Team to Zuul, via Sector One or DHS, I have gradually started collecting
data for this  tremendous project  with the  help of Mc Laser, MoonDog, Grazey,
Strider, SWE, EViL and many  others. It sounds insane  and hard to complete but
as Claudia ususally says : you're worth it! :)

Visit this ATARI database at (soon to be redirected

Current status : 215 crews and 698 sceners are in the database

__   ________________________________
|||   Matt'Us Alem From TROLL & Co 
_/ | \_______________________________

Alive 3