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Alive 3

  It has now become a kind of tradition to  bore you  with statistics about the
  current issue so I see no  reason why  you should  be spared  that torture :)
  Additional  note : as I  write this, the  Summer  compo demo still  has to be
  reviewed so that's another article which takes us to the promised 70 articles
  that this issue would feature !

Articles :

So far this issue features 69 articles amounting to 642Kb unpacked. Note that
this issue counts +10 writers which is an  honorable score I think. Thanks to
them as well as to the many people  who contributed to the nicknames article.
Feel free to join  us for the  next  issue and start  writing now  instead of
waiting for the fatal deadline :)

Pictures :

I've done my best to include  as many - interesting :) - pictures  as possible.
Unfortunately many articles drop into my mailbox without snaps and that's quite
a shame to  review a demo, game and  so on  without  including  graphical clues
about concerned  productions. So here  is today's score  with 23 pictures for a
total of 736Kb unpacked.

Musics :

The usual 3 soundchips plus one module are here, reaching 260Kb unpacked.

Extras :

Deez also offered Falcon users a nice intro that won't be added to the
statistics for lack of time : you'll have to do the maths alone :)

Unpacked size : 1674 Kb
Packed size isn't known now since I'm writing this but the whole mag should
be about 700Kb big. Let's see how close from final counting I am :)

Alive 3