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Alive 3
     a space trading, combat and exploration game for the Atari Lynx
        Karri, Teddy & Marika Kaksonen, Thomas Harte, Rick La Fleur
                           Source :

    The Stardreamer is an open game with a storyline and an objective. You
    can  be a  honest  trader, a space  explorer  or a  space pirate. Just
    remember to check the news every  now and then. The galaxy is changing
    and a new era is about to begin...

Flight Controls
  - 8-direction joypad is used for steering the craft
  - A+up/down for adjusting flight speed

Navigation and trade
  - A+left/right for looking left/back/right/ahead
  - Option 1 to access cockpit/map/galaxy
  - Option 2 toggles cockpit/fullscreen
  - Pause will pause the game
  - Restart takes you to new/load/save game dialog
  - Flip screen will flip the screen

While docked or in map or galaxy mode
  - A for planet description
  - B for local pricechart
  - A+B for activating engines/hyperdrive

Combat in space (the very short version)
  - A for 3 seconds to get a missile lock on the enemy
  - A+B fire missile
  - B fire cannon


Thomas Harte in wrote:

The screen size is 160 by  102. The scanner has to be much smaller on the Lynx
than on the original Elite. The scanner  has to be drawn as a bitmap. The rest
of the game could use sprites. I imagined a severely  cut down bottom section.
The scanner reduced to a transparent  corner  segment, maybe bottom right, gun
temp top right and a compression of all the energy bars top left. Additionally
the full thing could  be brought up  with option 2, and the bottom left of the
screen could flash up  warnings such  as 'warning : altitude  low / cabin temp
high / fore shield low / etc'. Continuing my thoughts, I reckoned maybe button
B for firing, and holding A and then using up/down to adjust speed. While A is
pressed, left/right  could operate  as look left/look right, where you can tap
left or right twice  to end  up looking  backwards. Other  information screens
(local starchart, local pricings, etc.) could be flipped through on option 1.

Alive 3