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Alive 3

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* *   conducted by Marss, with adjustment and additionnal questions by Sts   * *
Sine is surely the weirdest (French) Atarian I have ever met, not meaning he's 
not a good pal. He's the only member of Idemline and some sort of handyman who 
handles almost every aspects of a demo or game. 

Hi ! How do you feel today ?
??? Fell Great, as usual!!

How did you choose your nickname (what is the story about it) ?
"cINEma" and "ShINE (of your cray diamond)" because the first things I code
was  a  kind  of short  movie : a travel  on a 2D  lansdscape, and  because
Pink Floyd is my  favorite group. IDEMLINE like  IDEM and LINE for SAME-WAY
because I first wanted to  do  in Gfa  same all  stuff the others demo-crew
where doing in ASM! ;-))

Your friends say you are a sex machine, so describe yourself ...
1.76, Black hair (more or less ... hair ;-(), see

How long have you been in the computer world ? tell us about your first 
experience with a computer ...
How !! I started working on a  computer for fun I was 8 or 9, it  was a old
MO5 and while others  where playing  with it (what I  quickly find boring -
I am quite bad whith games except 2 or 3 of them) I start  coding using the
basic that was  on this  machine, and  I made  my  first  screen : a  space
station  that's  falling down  and crash  on the  ground in a kind of lazer
light!! Quite funny knowning that it was not at all the result I was trying
to get from the it ;-)

What is your current Atari set-up ?
One F30/4MO/16MOHD/FPU +VGA here with me in south Africa.
1 F30/16MO/2GO/FPU/AccCARD in BIGBIG Tower +1VGA and 1RBG
1 STE 2Mo, 1 STE 1MO, 1 STF 512MO, ... Well I Guess that's all for now....

How do you use your machine (are you a programer, a graphist, a musician?) 
What are your tools ?
Most of all for CODE, GFX then for DESIGN plus a bit of musik from time to
time... Well it's just what  you need to  do I  you want to  make at least
something on theses machines I think?

What is your fave insult when you have a problem with a computer ?
For my ATARI machines : "Espece de PC!" (you PC thing) if I had to reboot
it after a crash for example!
For PCs : "Pauvre m.... <bip" ou "salle becane" ;-) (sh*t or evil machine)

What are your latest release(s) ? Any projects for this year ?
A screen for the STNICCC 2000 I really need to put a end to, another screen
(ZE-ZGREEN) for  the  HYLST  megademo (JAPEMO), some more  screens, secrets
weapons, chuttt ...

Do you have any funny stories about a coding party ?
Well I guess I have  some stories  but I can't find one especially funny, I
just had very good time in all of the CP I went, I found it really great to
be able to meet all the other people from the ATARI scene!! (Hi Vrybody!!)

Let's say you win plenty of money, which accelerating cards would you 
choose and why ?
None! I would build an array computer based on 32*32 68000 and 68030!!!
Rarggghhh !! And I would buy a stacy, a st-book, a TT, a mega STe, an Eagle,
a Medusa, an Hades, one Jag., ... an arcade machine, a XL .... heu ...
what else ??? ;-))

Your fave demos, games ... on our systems ?
My games, demos, intros ... Heu no, maybe not ;-)
Well let's start in the same order :
Games : Rick dangerous I & II (there is a god!), Another World, Xenon II,
Lode Runner (With the level editor it became an with-no-end-great-game!!!)
PacMan, Lemmings, Space Invaders, ... some old games like theses..

Demos : Well better speak about Demo-Crews : Dune, Diamond Design,
Aggression, Avena, Cream, Eko, Exa, Escape, and many many more!!!

Are you a player ? (video systems, fave games, worst ones ...)
Not at all ... I feel like I am loosing my  time  when  I play  a game (well
except when I play the fews games I listed before of course!!). Worst games:
Doom  Like ... it's  going  to fast  and I  really don't  understand what is
funny with it ... for a demo it's nice , but for  a game I really  can't see
the point ... sorry for thoose who like it!! ;-))

Infogrames bought ATARI, is it a good move ? Can they do better than JTS or 
HASBRO ? Do you have any favor to ask them ?
Well JTS and  HASBRO  did nothing  about ATARI so I  guess it must be really
easy to do better then them! I they just didn't buy it for the name it's ok!
"ATARI is not just a name", for many user, it's a kind  of dream, an another
vision of computers and  maybe a  kind of 'philosophy' (even  if  that  word
looks too strong!), if they are< able to understand  that maybe  they can do
something  with  that, otherwhise no-one (I mean  ATARIAN people) will trust
them because the name in itself  worth nothing (Well to  my point of view!),
only the spirit that goes with it worth  something. That means : inovations,
progress, a  killer-machine, a  easy way  of use, an enjoyable way of use, a
very stable ROM-OS (That's why too I prefer the STE to the  F30 it's because
the STE TOS is  to  my  point  much  more stable!), a  will of IMPROVING and
bringing to the customer something really NEW and DIFFERENT !!
Any favor?? Well : KEEP THE SPIRIT!!

Do you have any hobbies ?
How!! What I  question !! How  many pages did I have left to answer this one ??
;-) Well  of  course, and  maybe too  many  hobbies : computers  coding + gfx +
design + raytracing !! travels, music of  all  styles, clubbing (goes  with the
music I guess ;-), cycling, swimming, long  long walking, winter sky, drinking,
eating (mIAM!), learning (I  really  think I am  still a  student and  I  still
continue learning many  kind of  stuff like new  languages , ...), talking with
people, involving myself in all  kind of new projects (esp. if it  makes me use
my brain a lot!), make drawing, take photos/picture, painting (oil), engraving,
HTML/WebPages, reparing cars, ... Well and much much more ... The thing is with
all that I don't get much time to do all of these ... Because even I week is
really to short for that ... Gasp!!!

Some people say that computer freaks don't have a social life. Any reactions ?
Well as for me I may spend too much time in my social life to have enough
for my computer life (or too much in my computer life to have enough time
for my social life ?? Well same in fact !!)... 24 Hours per day is really
too short ... I would really  like to change that ! Where is  the manager
for that? Show me the guy, I need to talk to him!! ;-)

Do you want to shout out anything to people saying that you are an ATARI 
lamer ?
If they are PC guys : I just ask  them to show me what they can do with
their machine in just one day and I show them what I can do with my F30
during the same time ... And at the end I can really laught at them ...
Ahh! Lamers!!
If ther are ATARI guys : not from the scene, not coders : I just ignore
From the scene, not coders : I found that strange.
From the scene, bad coders : Pfuhhh!
From the scene, good coders : I ask them  question about  that and ask them
about what they consider being lame or not, then I ask them what they would
expect  me  to do  instead and  if I  got  the  time to  do I try to do it!
From the scene, great coders : Ho god ! I am  a very  small guy compared to
some of them so I course they will find any of my codes are lames, but they
better help me  improve it rather  than breaking my moral and my hopes with
their bad critisms!! Isn'it?? ;-)

Do you have any message to deliver to our readers ?
Respect the peoples, keep  cool, have FUN !! Live  is short  so don't waste
it : USE IT ... Just to  be afraid did  you ever try to count the number of
day you have  to live  in a  life ... Let's say  365*75, how  small is that
number (knowing that from 0-4 70-75 you're not  probably able to really use
it 100%, that  you  spend  1/3 of  your time  sleeping - and  more  between
these 0-4 70-75, that you spend 25 years learning 1/4 of the remaining free
time, 30 years working an another 1/4)... Counting all this ... Small isn't
it ... Afraid ;-)) Well don't ... Just USE  IT! Just FILL  IT!! And feel...
well .... ALIVE ;-)

You seem to have a lot of imagination, so maybe we could a bit more with our 
special version of the common brainstorming

S : Sex
I : Is
N : Not
E : Enough

I : IRATA (sorry i don't have any A letter in my crew name ;-)) 
D : DingDingDong .... DEMOS!! (Ahhh) ... Diet! (ARGGGG!) 
E : Heeuuuuuuuuu.....
M : Marvellous-World
L : Leisure
I : IlFaitRienQuaCaTete
N : NOTIGAH (Not today I've got a headhake! ;-))
E : Excentrique

Are you able to sum up your life in a word ?

Thanx for having answered and keep on the good work.
Thanks, I can promise, ... But I'll try!!

Alive 3