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Alive 3
Author: Corman (

Before you quickly click away or flame me with messages thinking that this
is yet another rumor  or a "dead horse", please read this and give it some

Currently I am a game  programmer retuning  my skills at  one of the only two
school in the US for game design and programing, Full Sail (
the other  being the  partial owned by  Nintendo, Digi-Pen (
Growing up with Atari and also to a family a family of electric engineers and
programmers I was dreaming that one day I would be able to do the dream of so
many other kids at that time to make video games. That dream has not changed.
But since the  passing of time and unfolding of current events that dream has
been remolded. With my current and past skills and this new dream at hand a
possible course of action is in sight.

For the past 2 years I have been doing  massive markey and hardware research
into gaming  consoles. Being a  die-hard Jaguar fan  and closet  developer I
felt it was time to give the old friend  a boost. With  such advances at the
time like the SFX chip  for the  SNES and  the 32X for the Genesis, I looked
into making such a product for the Jaguar. This beginning design grew beyond
the point of  a mere  upgrade into  almost a  new  system. And  with  myself
realizing this I went onto the  path to  see what was needed to  make it its
own system. I do not know how  many people here are hardware savy but I will
try to explain  the rest as  simple as I can. With  my current design of the
system based around  a single  modular design  System  ASIC (for Application
Specific Integrated  Circuit) chip, the system is  flexible enough to change
designs up to the point of final  production. I guess my  point is that with
this design can easily  be changed by any possible investors as they see fit
at the time before final production.

With the  original  event of  the reverse  merger with  Atari  and  JTS, the
console division  of Atari was lost. And  being the Atari lover I am I would
like to see this division come to light again. Atari at  the time was one of
the big dogs in the run with companys such as NEC (TurboGrafx-16), Nintendo,
and Sega.

All these companys are still hard into  consoles (NEC does not make consoles
anymore,  but supplies  parts for  others) except  for Atari. The Atari name
supports itself alone in my view. It possibly has the largest generation gap
of all these gaming systems and game together.

You are probably wondering "What does this  have to  do with me?". Well what
it all  boils down  to is, it has  a lot to do  with you. So far we have all
been one  man armies and  single islands  keeping the  name and  history  of
Atari alive with our  ever loyal  use of  their almost outdated products and
support of  many  programmers  still  developing for  many  of there system,
naming  the  Jaguar  just as  one. With  my  passion  for  such a  legacy of
entertainment that  was Atari  I am planning a  course of  action that might
need all the people I can have back me. With  the Atari name still out there
and a  possiblity  that my  game system  might  pull through the cracks I am
looking  at  proposing to  the current  owner of  the  Atari  name to see if
possibly that  the system  can be  built. This is  where my design steps in.
I can  bombard  them showing  that if  it is  not what  they want, it can be
redesigned with no problems (hopefuly) to what they believe can be marketed.
Now this is where your support  comes in. Before  I possibly propose this to
anyone I want  to see  how many people would support a  new system, possibly
buy  the new  system, and even  develop for  the system. The  backing of the
developers will be one of the biggest since this  will prove that the system
will be able to float.

Please, anyone that took the time to read and understand this post any comments
or pledge your support as a gamer, consumer, or developer. I hope to be able to
get a dedicated website up for this real soon if I see that I have support. And
when myself and any support feel that we are ready we will go at this fighting.

Thanks for your time and support - Shea "Corman"

Alive 3