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Alive 3

Here's another stupid  idea brought to  you by STS : the Scene Quizz ! I'm going
to  present  you  15  scene(ers) related  questions, most of them being _really_
stupid but please remember this _IS_ a stupid  game. So don't feel  offended, or
worse, pissed off because this is just about fun and nothing more :) You'll need
a pencil and piece of  paper  to write  your answers  to my  questions. Then (no
cheating okay ?) when you reach  the end  of this  file, you will  know how many
points you have collected and therefore how "good" a scener you are. Let's go !!

 1. The word 'Scene' stands for :

    a. Senseless Collection of Elephants Native from Estonia
    b. being a scener yourself you know realise that you have no idea about it
    c. it comes from the word 'sin' wrongly understood by some guys who didn't
       know that denying Micro$oft world supremacy is considered as sin by the

  2. Where do the letters ST come from ?

    a. Sexy Transexual
    b. Sixteen Thirty two
    c. Sam Tramiel

  3. An often seen TOS error is hiding ! find it !

    a. for unknown  reasons, the machine  hangs up  and displays  a blue screen
    with brainless explanations that won't help you at all to find the problem.
    b. after say 10 hours of activity, the TOS still doesn't fuck up : whaaat ?
    c. when trying to run a prg  you can be  asked if you want to see the file,
    print it or cancel.

Now for serious thinking about some demos and sceners nicks !

  4. Which one of these 3 demos has been released in spite of their name that
    tends to induce that they would never be out ?

    a. Virtual Escape by Equinox
    b. No Chance To See It by Bill Gates
    c. Illusion by Dune

  5. How did Checkpoint find the name SURETRIP ?

    a. after they took an insurance on their car
    b. because it's a smooth trip into still hidden ST capabilities
    c. because they were high on drugs when they completed the demo

  6. Paranoid of Paranoia is :

    a. a coder
    b. a gfxman
    c. a loony escaped from a Lunatic Asylum :)

  7. No of Escape has :

   a. red hair
   b. no hair
   c. green hair

  8. Which Frenchy is called "belette" ?

   a. president Chirac
   b. DmaSc of Sector one
   c. Strider of Supremacy

  9. Who is the tallest Atarian ?

   a. Peylow
   b. Milhouse
   c. Havoc

 10. "Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" must be his favorite saying, who is he ?

  a. MSG
  b. Edo (when asked to paint with STf palette :)
  c. 505

 11. They're active in spite of their crew name :

  a. Nocrew
  b. Absence
  c. Dead Hackers Society

 12. Tho they hide under a fake name,  we know they are English. What crew is
     it ?

  a. Rasero Team
  b. Cafefuji Team
  c. The Spice Boys

 13. Check the correct spelling of that famous brainblasting Falcon demo :

  a. Sonoluminismurf
  b. Sonoluniscenz
  c. Sonoluminiscenz

 14. Moondog's most frequently used word in UCM is :

  a. I hate Atari
  b. great demo in spite of a few minuses
  c. fucking crap, the author should die by the sword :)

 Last question before you can frantically jump to the results and see how much
 you have scored ! Ready for the trickiest one ? :)

 15. What sentence do I often add to my mails or at the end of my articles ?

 a. This is my last article, I'm sick of it... I quit !
 b. Friendchip inside, intel outside
 c. Stay cool, stay Atari.

 Awarded points  :

  1. a) 2 points   b) 3 points  c) 1 point
  2. a) 1 point    b) 3 points  c) 2 points
  3. a) 0 point    b) 1 point   c) 3 points
  4. a) 2 points   b) 0 point   c) 0 point
  5. a) 0 point    b) 2 points  c) 1 point
  6. a) 2 points   b) 2 points  c) 1 point
  7. a) 0 point    b) -1 point  c) 2 points
  8. a) 1 point    b) 2 points  c) 0 point
  9. a) 0 point    b) 0 point   c) 3 points
 10. a) 3 points   b) 2 points  c) 0 point
 11. a) 1 point    b) 0 point   c) 3 points
 12. a) 0 point    b) 2 points  c) 0 point
 13. a) 0 point    b) 1 point   c) 3 points
 14. a) 0 point    b) -1 point  c) 3 points
 15. a) 1 point    b) 3 points  c) 1 point

 Now that you must have done the maths (I wonder how  many of you had to recount 
more than twice :) you can read the sections below that will reveal how good an
 Atarian Scener you are.

 You have between 0 and 13 points : erm  not too  good pal ! Are  you sure  you
 even have an  Atari ???? Maybe you  should turn it on then. Surely you must be
 the kind of guy who hangs around on IRC  always asking  stupid questions about
 who did what ? When ? Really ? They  did  that ? Why  no one  told  me ? Don't
 worry, you just spend too much time on your PC while your ST lies in a closet.
 The remedy is quite easy  and 100% satisfactory : go and  clean up that old ST
 and download the demos you have missed.

 You have between 14 points and 29 points : don't go shouting ravingly !!!! Tho
 respectable, your score shows that you don't know you scene fellows that much.
 Maybe you should pay  a bit more  attention and  talk to these nice people and
 learn about their status, productions, whatever  but _use_ the  opportunity to
 communicate ! We are  not on  Atari for  fame or  competition (these days) but
 we're there  because it's a  nice  place  with  creative  people  and trustful
 friends. What ? You hadn't realised it yet ? Damn it's worse than I thought :)

 You have between 30 points and 39 points : this  is good ! Not  only you are a
 good (:) Atarian but also an educated one ! Maybe you have learnt a few things
 with this stupid game after all, who knows ? :) If you  scored +35 I only have
 one word in mind : braaaaaavvooooooooo! :)


Alive 3