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Alive 3

* * *  a never released Falcon demo by The Black Lotus * * * 

 Last summer Paranoid surprised everyone when he suddenly announced on DHS that
he had an unreleased Falcon demo on  his harddrive. Knowing  that unfortunately
the demo would never be  finished he tought that people would enjoy seeing what
this Norwegian Amiga crew was capable of on the mighty bird. Here comes OUTFAST
by The Black Lotus !

 Note that the  demo runs  on a standard  Falcon (dunno about accelerated ones)
but it requires  a VGA screen as it won't start  properly on RGB :( Then things
go very fast (hence  the demoname :) ! First  we are presented  with a nice and
terribly fast tekno track while a  bumpmapping fills the 320 * 200 window (like
many demos this one uses a lower resolution). While the bumpmapped motive keeps
moving, words are displayed respectively reading the democrew name, credits and
greetings. The  same bumpmapping  will also  be applyed to  a very coloured and
already seen picture showing two cute (and nicely breasted :) females.

  The next part is hard to describe but I can tell you that it always features
the same type of fx : actually  two (or more ?) textures  distort furiously on
screen, merging or forming additional shapes. Sometimes it looks like a mapped
tunnel, or a plasma, with light fx that  add some relief to the screen. Really
nice looking but stays too long on screen.

  The first an donly graphic is a kid shown on the lower left corner while a
grey scaled blob plasma (or something  similar) is moving in the background.
Soon after it is  replaced by another bumpmapping that... will unfortunately
stay endlessly displayed since that's where  the demo stops  or better  said
stays unfinished...

Bottom line : 

  This IS a good Falcon demo, no doubt ! Fast tekno track perfectly matches the
fast and  furious fx. Even  though some  screens last  too long, you  won't get
bored until the demo freezes on the last screen :( Sure the complete demo would
have been very successful even tho it doesn't feature any 3D objects as seen in
the latest Falcon  demos. Too bad there  will never be a finished version, this
demo would have met huge success I think. But better late (and unfinished) than
never :)

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Alive 3