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Alive 3


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* *   conducted by Marss, with adjustment and additionnal questions by Sts   * *
No is a weird guy :) I like that guy a lot (note of sts :) and he's one of the 
coolest Atarians around. Not only did he code nice Falcon demos, not to forget 
the awesome WHIP! but he also kicked us hard with his latest demo HMM which is 
my favourite demos of all times (yep right before Sonoluminiscenz!). But I let 
you read what he has to say

Hi ! How do you feel today ?
I am in heavy stress these days... My study keeps my head smoking. Beside that
I feel good - all the Ataris are healthy and at the moment I hear some song of
Kyuss playing, what could I do want more.... :)

How did you choose your nickname (what is the story about it) ?
There is no funny story about it. NO are just the two first letters of my
name Norman.

Your friends say you are a sex machine, so describe yourself ...
Friends? Do I have some? :)) It is hard for me to describe myself. I am a
car-hating  ong-sleeping  spiegel-reading  stonerrock-hearing  long-hair-
having high- telephone-bill-having,  döner-kebab- nearly-every-day-eating
in-a-living-community- living no- tv-watching in-Lidl- buying girlfriend-
Christin-loving communist.

How long have you been in the computer world ? tell us about your first 
experience with a computer ...
I had my first experience in the times of the GDR at my fathers work. There
were computers that were as  big as a  whole room. My  father allowed me to
write some basic programs  on a small  terminal. It was 1988  and I was 11.
In 1989 my father brought an Atari 130XE. I loved it from the beginning on.

What is your current Atari set-up ?
I am still using a standard  Atari Falcon  for coding. There  are also some
other ataris... Another falcon with more memory (for the new falcon demos),
a STFM and a STe (for ST demos), some Atari XEs (for XE demos), a TT (guess
what ? - wrong ! ... for  text  writing). There  are  also  some non-Atari-
computers, but you didnt asked for them...

How do you use your machine (are you a programer, a graphist, a musician ?) 
What are your tools ?
When I got my falcon in 1993 I was just a user. I used it mainly for making
music (Protracker). I  started programming  pascal on  the Falcon  one year
later. At the beginning I wanted to make a game. I needed some graphics for
it but there were  no good graphics  programs. So I  started  programming a
Pixeling Program and  learned assembly during  this time. Today I am mainly
coding. I use the great Turbo Assembler for  MC68K and the fantastic DSPdit
for  DSP56K  code. From  time  to time  I use  Pure-C and  Pure-Pascal. For
graphics I use Escape Paint. It is like somebody has written it exactly for
my needs... I am not doing music anymore. But when I made music I would use

What is your fave insult when you have a problem with a computer ?
I am not using Windows so I have not much problems with computers.

What are your latest release(s) ? Any projects for this year ?
I dont know. I have to do a lot for my studdy. There will be no demo
related release this year I think. But I can not promise it :)

Please tell us about the birth of  HMM. This  demo really  amazed us  esp if we 
keep in mind that it was coded from A to Z within 5  weeks (thx Christin !). We 
want to know more : what was your ideas, inspirations, difficulties to complete 
it ???
I had some ideas for effects some time ago, but I needed some kind of 3D engine
for them. So the  main work  was the  3D engine. Some weeks  before the EIL#2 I
still had no time for coding so I expected only to be able to release an intro.
Then  Charon (now  a member  of Escape) contacted  me  and  asked me  for  some
sourcecode for a rotating wireframe cube. I wanted  to help him  and coded some
very simple rotating cube. Then he told  me that  he want to apply some texture
mapping to the  cube. I did  the same - just for fun.  I included some clipping
routine and some  weird  texturemapping routine using code generation to draw a
textured triangle with only one instruction per  pixel. It was still damn slow.
I was some kind of frustrated and  thought that the  only way to make it faster
is the dsp. So I began  to implement the whole 3D stuff on the dsp.... That was
the beginning of the 3D engine.

I wrote a very nice demo engine with dsp  support, dsp modreplay (exa), modfile
syncronisation on the basis  of miniwhip. So the  coding the single effects was
done in  a  rapid  speed (approx. 1-2 effects  per day). Finally I  was able to
realise a lot of effects a dreamed of a long  time ago. I coded every night and
every day - I was wonderful!  Charon visited  me and  we  had a one-week coding
session at  my place, which was a  very productive  time. (I  made  the tree in
these days). Nils and me spended the last  week before the EIL#2 for the design
and music. So Nils made the majority of the music in only some days. There were
enough problems, lows and highs  during we  made the  demo to fill a book with.
All in all it was a very cool time. Thanks again  to Christin for her patience.

Do you have any funny stories about a coding party ?
A lot - one funny story was a meeting with Coke/Therapy in Nürnberg. I broke my
right arm and was officialy not able to  work (I had  to work in an office on a
computer these times) and  should stay home. I took my falcon, went to Nürnberg
and coded one week together with Coke/Therapy fire effects...

Let's say you win plenty of money, which accelerating cards would you choose 
and why ?
When I had money I whould buy a xtos computer + deesse dsp card. I like my
standard falcon as it is. Using the standard is the  best way to prove and
compare the coding skills, I think.

Now you are a fairy, your dream machine consists of...
The Falcon is still my dream machine. The phenix would have been the ideal
successor. Now I am  hoping for  a system  featuring a Coldfire-processor,
DSP, SCSI, Ethernet interface and a keyboard without win95 keys.

Your fave demos, games ... on our systems ?
Fave XE demo: Asskickers
Fave ST demos: Odd Stuff, Flipo
Fave STe demo: Grotesque
Fave Falcon demos: Dementia, Sono, Airdirt, Ancool

Are you a player ? (video systems, fave games, worst ones ...)
No. I  played  games mainly  on  8  bit. I love  RiverRaid,  Henris  House,
Schreckenstein. On the Falcon I loved to play Dynabusters+ (I even soldered
that joystick adaptor for the ext.joystick port :)

Infogrames bought ATARI, is it a good move ? Can they do better than JTS or 
HASBRO ? Do you have any favor to ask them ?
I think that JTS, HASBRO and Infogrames are arseholes. They try to sell rice
and call it noodles at the  packages. Atari is  dead and instead  of putting
flowers at its grave, they piss at its rotten body.

Do you have any hobbies ?
Riding bycicle, going to concerts and parties, music, painting (only on paper)

Some people say that computer freaks don't have a social life. Any reactions ?
It depends on the  kind of computer  freak. I know some  computer freaks who
are  very one-sided, especially  if computers  are  the only  thing  they are
really good in. But the majority of computer  freaks are  social very active.
A lot of the  Atari freaks  see the  Atari scene as some kind of family which
is an expression of social thinking.

Do you want to shout out anything to people saying that you are an ATARI 
lamer ?
They are right. I am too lame to solve all the problems I had when using

Do you have any message to deliver to our readers ?
I am not an Amiga demo maker, so I dont need to tell you any stupid messages.

Before we close the parenthesis of this interview in your daily life, let's 
see how good you can be at our 'special' brainstorming :)

N : Noodles
O : Olaf Schubert

E : Eastern parties
S : Stonerrock
C : Christin
A : Atari (what did you expected?)
P : Pink Floyd
E : Ebay

Are you able to sum up your life in a word ?

Thanx for having answered and keep on the good work.
Thank you for keeping alive alive.

Alive 3