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Alive 3

Here comes the first part of our "nicknames stories". Let me  recall you that 
some time ago I posted a message on DHS giving you the opportunity to tell us 
why you chose your nickname. I hope you'll enjoy the  first contributions and 
will read more next time.

AiO = All In One (with first and last letter in uppercase <- don't know why :) 

When I was young(er) I attended to some oldschool copy-parties and I always
had some game etc. in progres. But I was  always on  my own, until I joined
T.O.Y.S. So I  had to  create everything  on my own : Code, Graphics, Sound
effects and Music. That's  why my  nick is All In One = AiOAiO = All In One
(with first and last letter in uppercase <- don't know why) :)


Well, since my first name is Robert, a friend of school used to call me Roberto
Baggio (the famous soccer-player) just because I was like  the opposite of him.
Totally uninterested in sports and esp  soccer and only interested in computers
and other techie-stuff. The first  nickname I used during my early  scene years
was "Magic Fingers" and since I thought Baggio sounded alot better, I choose it
instead. The swedes usually  calls me "Bagarn" which  means baker in swedish or
"Baggen" which could be translated into Beetle.

Blind Io

It was in the late eighties  and early ninties I  first tried  to code demos.
They where very lame STOS scrolltexts and maby a sprite or two, often with my
nick at that time. I called  my self Solo, as I was a huge Star Wars fan (and
still are). Fortunately  no one has  ever seen these  demos. After  moving to
assembler, I changed my nick to  Steed (after the hero in the cult series The
Avengers). At this  time I had made some simple raster bars and  STE-hardware
scrolling (not so impressive perhaps). My current nick is inspired by (read :
stolen) from the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett. BlindIo is the
most omnipotent (or is he ?) God on the  Discworld. As I/O is a quite  common
computer term, I thought it  would fit quite  well as a nickname. And maybe I
_am_ blind, in several ways.


This is a story that has  been told before, in the tenth anniversary edition
of Maggie, as I seem to remember. It started when I began signing some early
Maggie articles as 'CIH'. These  happen to be the initials for  my full name,
which I'm not going to bother to tell you, yet again.

There was a  slightly  later more  self-conscious  connection  made with other
initial-based pseudonyms such as 'ES' or Eric Simon of The Exceptions. A later
refinement came, with the middle 'I' going uncapitalised and the  present form
of  'CiH'  emerged, fully   ormed  and  matured. This  has  been   useful   in
distinguishing my pseudonym from the fabulously virulent  PeeCee wrecking 'CIH
Virus' which   emerged  more   recently. Enquiries  from   international   law
enforcement agencies, seeking to make a connection with this more  maelevolent
incarnation of the CIH pseudonym have been precisely nil...


I chose my nickname a long time ago, say 8 years. It'a simple story : I was
with my bother on the Atlantic  coast where we  went surfing. Sometimes the
waves were  really  high but  I wasn't afraid of falling  off so my brother
compared me to an astronaut (cosmonaute in French) performing crazy stunts.
The 'H' is the first letter of my name, Herv‚.

Der Komtur

With the  birth  of the  group "Paranoia", the  nickname "Der Komtur" appeared
the  first  time. Searching  for  the  most exotic  and  interesting  sounding
nickname i remembered a very exotic character in the novel "The black spider".
This character was a "Komtur", meaning the leader of a local knight banner and
in this tale, he  featured  a lot  of bad  characteristics (tyranny, despotism
etc). Characteristics i hope my people do not consider me to have. So why this
name ? The answer is pretty obvious: I think, the name  sounds pretty good but
doesn't suit  me at  all and  that's why  this pseudonym  fits so  well to our
group name, "Paranoia"

Dma Sc

Mhhh, till the beginning I thought that I could  have skipped  this question,
but it seems that some guys are  investigating a lot on our scene. ;)  Ok, as
you noticed it's an abreviation (back to the day when i was writing it in one
part : "DMASC" some thought  that it was  something like "DJAMM" but no, it's
not :).

So what could it mean ?

- Dummy Member Aquired (by) Sector1 Corp. ?
- Duff Member Affected (to) Soundchip Composing ?
- Dumb Man Abandoned (in) Sewers Corridors (Silent Hill feeling ;) ?
- Da Master Artist (of) Soundchip Composing (I don't remember who wrote it ... ;) ?
- Da Man Addicted (to) SID-Composing (Thanx to Paranoid for that one ! :) ?
- Does My Abreviation Sound Clue-less ? ;)

Ok lots of these  abreviations  are a bit  extremes (in both  senses :) so it's
surely something more simple...  "DMA" could be a reference  to the chip in the
STe as  this  guy  was  firstly composing  soundtracker  music  only  which, as
everyone knows, sounds  better on  an STe ... Yes, one  point cleared ! :)  And
that "SC", what's that ? As this guy is a scene musician it's probably  related
to music ? Scene  Composer ? No, because  back  to  the older  times  his tunes
surely didn't allowed him to get the qualification of composer (hopefully these
"musics" are lost today ;) ...

Ok, let's reveal the truth as Mulder & Scully are definitly not interested in
that case : it's "DMA  Sound  Creator"... I hope that you were  not expecting
something better, also now it doesn't have much sense as i'm mostly composing
soundchip stuff which doesn't require a "DMA" chip at  all to sound great. ;)
Anyway i could have changed it but i  don't  really think that taking time to
find a new  pseudo is  worth enough and also it might not result in something
satisfying, so i keep the abreviation. So now i'm just "Dma-Sc". :)


That was in 1995 I  think. Back then I was a  real lamer (who has not ever been
one ?) and I used some really lousy nicknames, like "The Small Black Bloody and
Silly Ninja"  or "Putrefied  Bob". I was about to join  my first (and still the
current one)  real  group (on PC) and I knew I had to find  something better...
Then one day I was watching a magazine and found a advertisement  for a missile
company (do they really need  to communicate ?) and  I saw  one that was called
"Exocet" and I thought it could be a nice handle... And I've kept it since.


There's not that much to say about  that nick : I remember that  when I looked
for a nick I thought of a short one that would use 'uncommon' letters (meaning
seldom used in French :). EXYL turned out to match these demands, plus it made
me think of the "escape" brought by the ST : whenever I played games or worked
on my ST, nothing else would disturb me, voila! :)


When I chose my  nickname, I was a  fan of "Celtic Frost", an old  metal band.
the nick Celtic was already used by a  musician, then I thought Frost would do
the job. After some months, it appeared that my nickname was too cold for some
people :) I tried to change  to Fossyl, but Frost  was always used... So, back
to Frost. Then, I met a guy called  Pops... We  didn't  pay attention  to  our
nickname at first, but we had  much common point of interest, he  collects old
machines like I do at first. Later, we realised that our  nickname had another
common point... He bought  some Miel Pops and Frosties cereals before going to
a party. It's a  bit complicated to  explain what happened  after that, but we
created  the  crew Kellogg' s Team for  fun (
and then I associated my nickname to the Frosties  cereal. My irc  nickname is
also Frost242... I think people interested in some electronic music will  know
where I found this nickname ;-)

Grazey aka Showaddywaddy

"Grazey" - Nothing special really, my  surname is "Graham". At  college around
1986 I wrote really long GW-Basic and COBOL programmes, eg fractals using just
the ascii  character  set !! People  used  to say I  was Crazy !! hence "Crazy
Grazey" hence "Grazey!!!"

"Showaddywaddy" - My D-Bug handle, well that's a simple one. Showaddywaddy
was the first music  single I ever  bought. The song was called "Under The
Moon of Love" and  I got  it in  the late 1970's , 1978 I  think !! I just
thought the name was unusual and would stand out from the norm!


Do you know a  cartoon series  named "Danger  Mouse" ? If so, you  might also
know that  German television  usually dubs  all shows - including  cartoons -
so that this show only ran in Germany dubbed as well. And the little sidekick
of Danger  Mouse, the  little guy  with the  glasses, the round  head and the
confused look on  his face, was  called "Luebke" in  Germany. And  basically,
someone in school started to call my pal "Luebke" because of that and after a
while, he got used to it.

Mad Butscher

Well why I name myself "Mad Butscher" ? The name comes from they days I played
football in a youth  team called "SG  Huenfelden". There the  people called me
Butscher  or Mad  Butscher. When I  remember, I got the name 'Butscher' from a
game where I hit the  goalkeeper with my leg in his face, so that he has to go
to the  hospital. It was  a shitty  situation, because I want to score a goal,
but the goalkeeper allready got the ball, so  that I can't jump above him fast
enought. I was really shocked the rest of the game. So I wasn't so proud of my
nickname. The "Mad" before "Butscher" comes  from a record of "Destruction". I
never hear this record, but I own the T-Shirt! Maybe I'm famous for my strange
english, but it's right that I write it "Butscher" and  not "butcher", because
it has  something  to do  with my  aftername ("Butschke"). Maybe it's funny to
know, that I own 2 ATARI T-Shirts with my  nickname on the back, and  both are
written  wrong. At both  shirts, you could read "Mad Butcher". The first was a
writing mistake by my  own, and the second shirt was  made in Tailand, and the
women who made it only knows the english word I think.


My nickname is from the time of the C64 when i entered my first high-score in
some game (i don't even remember which one) and i considered it way cooler to
enter Marcstar instead of Marc. Yep, those were the times.

MRF <>

Oh... I don't really remember how and when I came up with MRF, but I think it
was some time  around  1988/89. A  friend  of mine  bought an  STFM and in
connection with that we got ourselves  nicknames... He called  himself BRM
(BRainMan, from the movie Rainman) and I came up with Mr Future...

That's all I know/remember about it... :) I have during the years tried other
nicknames, but  I  always discovered  that  other  people were  already using
them... I haven't found any other MRF/Mr Future yet... :)

NO and Escape

When the group 'Escape' was founded, we wanted to call us like any  key on the
falcon keyboard. Space  sounded a bit  boring, Backspace was a  bit better but
'Escape' ruled out all the other  keys. The meaning  of the  word 'Escape' was
not the primary reason to choose it - maybe we wanted to escape from the Flood
of Microsoft and such commercial crap.

You guess where the nickname NO comes from? Yes it is the first part of my
name Norman. I wanted a short and modest nickname. Two letters are ok.

PeyloW / T.O.Y.S

It all begun in -90 when I teamed up with  TAM and T.O.Y.S. came to life and I
needed a nick. So I choose FLO (Fredrik  ennart Olsson), as it seemed cool. It
did not stay for long  though as  I realised  that everybody  called me Peylow
since 1st grade  and that  it actually sounds cooler. So I changed. The reason
why everybody had called me Peylow is simply because that  is the last name of
my foster parents since I was four years old and everybody I included see them
as my parents and I  got stuck  with the  name. For  esthetical reasons I have
always spelled it PeyloW (that's capital W). Furthermore everybody not Swedish
pronounces it wrong it should be pronounced  as "Pay-low" not  "Pee-low". Well
that's it.

SH3... spare head three

This was chosen when came up with his reservoir dogs nick names for
myself & Ripley (aka nice guy Eddie)... we didn't  like these as we are not
really that into the film as pinky...).

Ny nick came from: kryten's spare head # 3 (from Red Dwarf)... has a unusual
temperament & has a north of England accent - just right for myself!

Hope this is enough!


Well, at the  beginning  of my time  on the  C64 my  name was  "Mr.Strange".
Basically  everyone  had a "Mr." in his name at that time. The "Strange" was
suppose to depict the anonymity of  my pseudonym since at the end of the 80s,
beginning of the 90s everyone did not  only paint and  code legally but also
swapped  cracked software illegally. This  name however  was too long for my
taste to properly fit  under a logo so  I shortened it to  just "Strange". I
would have prefered "Stranger" at that time, but this name was unfortunately
already taken.


Hello everybody, I'm  Strider and ST  Survivor asked me  a strange question.  He
should avoid drinking  so much beer  with CosmosH, but  that's not my  business.
Well, he wanted to  know where does  my nickname come from. So, alright, it's  a
bit egocentric but I'm going to explain you the whole story.

Before January 2000, I was called The Beast. I've changed this nickname  because
some people on IRC thought I was a hard rock lover and, when they saw me online,
they  were shouting  "666" or  "number of  the Beast".  I like hard rock  tunes,
but I'm not  fond of this  style. In fact,  the nickname The  Beast came from an
article about "Shadow of the Beast 2" in the very old "Tilt" French magazine. It
was a preview  of this game  on Amiga, and  the graphics were  so nice that I've
decided to call myself The Beast.

I've heard someone on the left  saying "Okay, you were upset and  you've changed
your nickname, but why did you choose Strider?". It's a good question, thank you
pal. I've choosen this one for three reasons. Some years ago, I often played  at
a pleasant shoot'em up called Strider.  In this game designed by Capcom  (do you
remember Street Fighter II?), you're a warrior called Strider Hiryu and you have
to fight against nasty guys. That's the first reason: Strider was (and still is)
a cool game.  The second reason  is that Strider  can be written  "STrider". You
have noticed that "The Beast"  can be written "The BeaST", so I  wanted  another
nickname with these two magical letters  representing the name of my very  first
digital love: the Atari ST. Concerning  the third reason, "STrider" can be  read
"ST Rider". It means something like "the  guy who rides an ST" and I  thought it
could be a nice nickname.

Now, you understand  why did I  choose this nickname.  So, I think  it's time to
stop this craptalking because  I'm sure that other  Atari sceners would like  to
justify their choice.  Just have a  good time while  reading Alive!, keep  doing
things on and see you soon!



Here's my turn to tell you stories : I joined the scene in 94  and had to find
a nick of course. At that time I was a real ATARI fanatic and wrote letters to
publishers, petitions, yep a real hardcore Atarian. Being as mad as interested
in apocalyptic stories (and morbid stuff) I chose to call me a 'survivor'. The
ST came quite logically :) Another thing is that song in Rocky 3 I think : it
was called "The Eye of the Tiger" and was  played by a band called "SURVIVOR".
That song really motivated me and my  blood run faster and more furiously thus
adding to my fanatism :) These days,  being fortunately  less narrow minded, I
prefer to be called STS which  sounds not only shorter but surely more humble.
Still I am and will always be the "survivor of the ST"... Except when I'm lazy
of course.


Since my nick did put me in funny situations (no in not SWEde, so please speak
english ;) here is explanation :

There is pretty popular sarcastic book with title "The stories of good soldier
Svejk" with  some  funny  illustrations  etc. And friends  used to  say that I
resemble to some of those pictures, so they called me Svejk. At that time (way
ago) i loved pinball  machines and  game coin-ups a  lot (my fav  were Atari's
Gravitar and Warlords) and they only allowed 3 letter for signing Hal of Fame.
Nothing i assmbled from my name, surname etc looks ok so I start using "SWE"..
I think "SVE" was already taken, but I'm not sure cause  sometimes "Svejk" was
written "Swejk" as well...

The Paranoid

Well, there are basically  two origins. The  less important  one is  an  Amiga
cracker-group  named Paranomia  or something  similar. Their  intro featured a
simple  wireframe 3D  logo which  was extremely hard  to read  so I read it as
"Paranoia" and considered it to sound  pretty noble. The other, more important
reason, is the sound and the effect of this nickname. I personally consider it
a noble nickname that sounds  just a  little bit  dark, a little  bit unknown,
unpredictable and just slightly mad. A lot of characteristics that hardly suit
me, but i still like the sound of the nickname. Besides that, there is no real
story behind this nickname. It was not inspired  by a band or a song, not by a
TV show or a movie, a superhero or just the english dictionary. I more or less
"invented" it myself.


About TNT ? Well, there's no real story behind it. It's short (3 letters), it
sounds nice (TNT), it's got to do with chemicals (I love chemicals !!!), it's
explosive (I love explosives) and that's  basically all. And probably I would
never have expected someone actually asks me about
it. ;-)


Zed is the name of the guy who fucks around in the movie Pulp fiction. It's
also the name of the computer in Fortress...


Well, Zerkman is the only  nickname I  ever had (at  least, on  the  computer
coding scene). The  main reason is that I have no imagination, and I'll never
be able to gather all the  necessary conditions  to let  me  access the  same
mental state  in which  I was   when I  found this  nickname. It  is way  too
dangerous. I obviously have  other nicknames  in the  siliconless part  of my
life. My best  friends call  me "le  boucher" because  when my  melodic death
metal  group  played in  1996 or  1997 in the  street, like every year at the
French nationwide music festival, I am said to have  played some guitar solos
with a lot of feeling and inspiration. I still can't remember exactly when (a
solo ? ah it was a solo ?), but in  all cases, Fred, the other guitar player,
told me : "putain tu les as tous tues le boucher". Strange isn't it ?

By the way, what does  the Zerkman  nickname mean ? First, please note that I
haven't chosen  this nickname  for a special  meaning. I've chosen it because
nobody had that  nickname at  this  time ( err... around  1985 ?). Second, it
actually means nothing, which perfectly suits my personality. Third, there is
no other explanation.

Thanks a lot to all the Atarians who kindly accepted to play that game and tell 
us the "why and  how" behind  their  nickname ! If I get  enough feedback there 
could even be a sequel to  this article  next time. Hum  I can  see  some  guys 
hidding in the back, feeling that their time to speak is coming closer :)

Alive 3