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Alive 3


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* * conducted by Marss, with adjustment and additionnal questions by Sts * *
Some time ago this until then unknown Finnish crew  released their first Falcon
demo called "Marhbaararyyttata" or something like that :) Tho not the best demo
ever seen, it showed a nice "Indian" atmosphere with jungle  music and original
ideas. They  struck  back later  with "Manchester Burgwurst" (another name that
I'll never spell correctly :) and happily surprised us once again. What's up in
the pipeline then ? Read the full interview for some answers.

Hi ! How do you feel today ?
I'm feeling just fine, thank you. Still some work left before the
school starts.

How did you choose your nickname (what is the story about it) ?
It's just a way of writing my real name. Markku -> Marq

Your friends say you are a sex machine, so describe yourself ...
Do they ?v) Well, if that's not enough for a description, then I can
tell you that I'm a 25-year old computer science student and a hobby
painter. Geek and artist in the same package.

How long have you been in the computer world ? tell us about your first
experience with a computer ...
I've been in the scene since '91. My first computer was a Sharp MZ-721.
When we found out that C-64 games don't run on it I had to start
programming to use the damn machine for something.

What is your current Atari set-up ?
Atari Falcon with 4M memory, 200M HD, FPU and Nemesis. I'm also a
co-owner of a Jaguar and a Portfolio.

How come you suddenly appeared on the Atari scene with two nice Falcon demos ?
Are you aware that you took us all by surprise and what a good one that was!!
Please clear up that mystery :)

When I started my studies at the university I got to know  Markus aka. Sturm of
Admirables, a long-term  Atari  coder... Then  we  started to  think  of  doing
something for the Falcon since the Finnish Atari scene  seemed to be dead - and
it still does.

Back to FIT : your crew seems to work on many platforms : why have you made
that choice ? Is it a strength or  weakness for  you ? Any idea  about your
favourite machine or the one you'd like to stop working on? :)

My personal favourite is probably Linux/Unix on any platform. BeOS and DOS
will probably be dropped. This is  just my  opinion, I really  can't speak
for Fit's behalf.

What is your fave insult when you have a problem with a computer ?
Senkin paskakasa! Toimi ny! (You pile of shit! Work, now!)

Please recall us what your latest release is. Any projects for this year ?
On Atari the latest is "Manschester Schwartzwurst". There will possibly be an
invitation intro for the Alternative party.

Do you have any funny stories about a coding party ?
At Assembly'94 we were coding in the morning when a very  tired dude walked to
us, sat down and said "Fucking shit, ho..." every now and then. After a couple
of minutes he left  and we  heard his  voice fading  in the distance: "Fucking
shit, ho..."

Talking of parties : why have you never attended any  ATARI only party ? Is it
only a matter of distance or maybe you don't feel drawn to this kind of single
machine meeting ?

It's mostly a question of time and money. There's not enough of either of them.
Too bad.

Let's say you're plenty of money, which accelerating cards would you choose
and why ?
None. There must be some challenge!

Now you are a fairy, your dream machine consists of ...
Currently I'm dreaming of getting a Dragon 64 ;v)

Your fave demos, games ... on our systems ?
Sono and Dream dimension are still the best. Hopefully someone will kick their
asses soon. For games I really can't say, since I'm not that much into gaming.

Are you a player ? (video systems, fave games, worst ones ...)
Occasional Bubble bobble and Nethack is enough for me.

Infogrames bought ATARI, is it a good move ? Can they do better than JTS or
HASBRO ? Do you have any favor to ask them ?
No comments on this.

Do you have any hobbies ?
Every now and then I try to go to gym, but it really doesn't show much.
I also paint with oil colors and draw with pencils and coal.

Some people say that computer freaks don't have a social life. Any reactions ?
I think that accusation is false. There are many kinds of computer freaks and
many of them aren't socially hopeless. E-mail, news and IRC are communication

What would be your answer if someone called you inactive ?
Nah... I know myself I'm not much of a coder. The platform itself is not
important. Real talent or lack of it shows, regardless of the machine.

The nickname brainstorming is closing in, get prepared to face yourself :)

M : Media
A : Anataus
R : Rotten scene spirit
K : Kernel
K : Kids playing Quake at parties
U : User interfaces

F : Fun
I : Imagination
T : Tampere, the nice city

Do you have any message to deliver to our readers ?
Sure! Do something with your precious machines! Be creative! Drink beer! Code!
Draw!  Compose! Have  fun! Get  your  lazy ass  off the  sofa and  come to The
Alternative Party! (

Are you able to sum up your life in a word ?
32 bits: $1337D00D

Thanks for the time spent on this interview and stay cool !

# Markku Reunanen # # TTKK, TaiK # Tampere VRC # Marq/Fit^L!T #

Alive 3