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Alive 3

MARCER / ELITE            email :

* *   conducted by Marss, with adjustment and additionnal questions by Sts   * *
He's Swedish and a member of famous Atari cracking band ELITE. Now that there's 
not that much to crack, Marcer must get bored to death :) Well no first because 
he has offered us the biggest ATARI ftp and also because the guy is a lot into 
music ! Let's rock'n roll baaaaaby :)

Hi ! How do you feel today ?
Hi, today im ill, I ate some bad food this weekend I think :)

how did you choose your nickname (what is the story about it) ?
Thats a quite lame history, but okay. in the beginning of 80īs I played lots of
arcade games and c64  games. and I was so confused  about all those weird names
on the highscore lists. So one day I  decided to also have a  cool "nick" name.
for those high scores. then I just changed some charcaters around my real name,
and liked Marcer most. so, since then i have been using that nick. :)

How long have you been in the computer world ? tell us about your first 
experience with a computer ... 
Since 1984. C64 with  tape recorder. playing  games. and tried  out some really
simple basic programming. like input and print commands. lol but I remember all
my school pals always was at my place playing  those c64 games, like rambo two,
samantha strip poker (xxx). and we all was  amazed about the cool gfx, good and
fun times i had with it! But in 1988-89, i bought my first Atari Stfm. wich was
the real computer experience for me. There I  learnt  the most of what computer
means. but I  was sad  about the  sound chip in it. Coz the  amiga had a better
one. but the rest was cool! loved all those demos. and still do!

How do you use your machine and what are your many talents ? What are your 
tools ? 
Mostly cubase. and maybe some gfa codin.

Let's say you're plenty of money, which accelerating cards would you choose 
and why ? 
CT2, coz its most compatible what i know. and coz i have been lame and
not bought it yet.

Now you are a fairy, your dream machine consists of ...
STe + Falcon + Gforce 3 + 2ghz Motorola CPU - in one nice pice of machine :)

Your fave demos, games ... on our systems ?
Fave demo, hard one i have so many. Fave Game, Dungeon Master
(hd + f030 patched) and Civilization not forget about ishar trioligy etc.
lots of good once there too ;)

Are you a player ? (video systems, fave games, worst ones ...)
Im not much into games as it might seems. but i had a psx, and I love resident
evil series. and Breath of fire series. And on Jaguar I love Alien vs predator,
I always play it when I get to my parents house where I keep my game consoles.

Infogrames bought ATARI, is it a good move ? Can they do better than JTS or 
HASBRO ? Do you have any favor to ask them ? 
Im not sure. but i think they are the best of those ones. coz i like their sick
humour. like north & west (old  game) fun and  cool. If  they do it  like that.
then I believe that  is good  for atari ! my favor to ask them is : support the
hardware makers for the atari machines ! And start up a software  corner, start
make softs for atari aswell, I think they have enough money for that!

Do you have any hobbies ?
Music & divx  are my hobbies right now i think party and drinking isnt
counted as hobbies :)

Tell us more about music : I read on IRC that you had some release planned but 
that the whole thing  fucked up :( Please give us explanations  esp about your 
The Music part, it have  been a  long and  hard time for me in  this big  quest,
where my goal is to reach a single release at least. I  have told on  IRC every
damn month about "my single is soon out" etc.. but it still isn't out. Cozed of
lots of differents  problems, first I had  to change  studio and company, since
the first one screwed me only on money, so I bought myself out  for a "smaller"
amount of cash. Then I moved on to  another studio wich I got my  contract with
this year in  april (2001). I have  since then  work togheter with 2 girls on 2
tracks, and  now  finally it  seems that  the first  single can  arrive to  the
universe this before the end of this year.

I'm not sure, what will happen after the release, since I have  noticed that I
have been fooled again, by this studio aswell, but this time of the ownchip of
the tracks I have made all the  music etc. My singing girl wrote the text, and
melodie etc. and  now they  want to give me the  lowest % of the music, I even
bought the final  production from Comp7, since he made  it. (I didn't have the
enought equipment to finish that track at that time).

All in all, this is a shitty scene, I NOW understand why some ppl dont want to
have a record deal. its kind like 90% shit and 10% makin music.. thats tha sad
part! I only want to do music, and hope others enjoy it. I will probly release
all my stuff after this single IF they screw me. the deal is not yet over, I'm
gonna discuss the  marketing  and the %%% stuff next week. So  still  there is
hope :)

Do you want to shout out anything to people saying that you are an ATARI lamer? 
I'm gonna crack your next release :)

Talking of cracks, erm ATARI productions, we know you have set up a huge ftp !
Could you describe it (how many files ? what kind of files ?) and tell how how 
we can access it ? 

I Open an ftp asap i got my 10 Mbit connection, and I  had just  closed my  BBS
but I  missed the  feeling  of sharing  files for atari, so I opened  an  atari
section where i moved almost all my BBS files into. it's about 11.000 files for
atari :) Mostly I my concern was about a big Demo FTP, since I have always been
a fan of atari demos and compils! and I'm a collector aswell :)

I have all kinds  of atari  files, I have also  all the  latest elite releases
there since I more or less closed the download section on my WWW page, since I
had my reasons to go underground, and I  know lots of ppl are  sad about that.

the ftps demo sections are for free for everybody. Here you go:
port: 1698
Login: Demo
Pass: Demo

If you want a greater account, learn to know me, and you  will get it, I only
grant ppl I know or suppliers, a real account. Just for my own safety. If you
want to learn to know me, try Email: or on IRC #atariscne.

Now for the final part (sorry I forgot to include it last time :( It's home 
cooked brainstorming :

M : Mac
A : Atari
R : reanimators
C : Cracking
E : EliTE
R : Read my lips

E : extra
L : Lite versions are lame
I : interface
T : Terrorism is bad
E : Elite is your friend!

Do you have any message to deliver to our readers ?
Stay Atari!  wich means, dont throw it away  asap you get the damn pc.
you will all only regret it !! I have  my falcon & ste right beside my
pc comp. so i can check new & old stuff when ever i want. even do some
smaller hakkin.. :) and i like it!

Thanx for having answered and keep on the good work.
Thanks! and Thanks to you for being creative on Atari!

Alive 3