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Alive 3


* *   conducted by Marss, with adjustment and additionnal questions by Sts   * *
Patrice Mandin is one of these Frenchies who have explored the features of the 
Falcon with small steps. He also worked on a Doom engine for  the same machine 
as well as some tools, all of them being available from his homepage.

Hi ! How do you feel today ?
Not so bad, I am on holidays.

How did you choose your nickname (what is the story about it) ?
<Bad question> My name is Patrice Mandin. I do not need a nickname.

How long have you been in the computer world ? tell us about your first 
experience with a computer ...
Well, my first machine was a cool Amstrad CPC 6128. I learnt programming
with it (Basic, and then Z80 assembly)

How do you use your machine (are you a programer, a graphist, a musician ?) 
What are your tools ?
I now use a  PC (Debian 2.2 GNU/Linux), for  programming. It is  so cool to
program for Atari on it using crosscompilers. Then I can test the result on
my Falcon. I use only the Falcon to play with it, testing software.

Let's say you win plenty of money, which accelerating cards would you choose 
and why ?
I have a Falcon, so I might be interested in the CT60. But the main problem
is: will it be useful  to me ? I do  not run very  CPU intensive  programs,
except for compiling (gcc) or testing (doom, etc...).

Now you are a fairy, your dream machine consists of ...
A machine is not something I dream of. I prefer to do my best to have a
cool life. Having fun with friends, chatting about anything is far more
enjoying, because a dream machine will never exists.

Your fave demos, games ... on our systems ?
It has been years since I watched a recent demo. I liked much Brain Damage
on STE, and Sonoluminescenz no Falcon. Speaking of games, there are not so
numerous on  Falcon, so I would say  Running (it take  hours to finish the
demo) and Pinball Dreams (I bought this game).

Are you a player ? (video systems, fave games, worst ones ...)
Yes. I learnt  programming because I wanted to  make  games. I still want. The
only console I have  is an   Atari  VCS 2600 (I do  not play it anymore, but I
know it still works). I have a friend  which buys consoles as they ship,  so I
play mainly on console. I love Resident Evil, so cool, so "movielike". I would
be possible to make a clone  on Falcon...  I also  bought Alice and Undying to
play on my PC.

Infogrames bought ATARI, is it a good move ? Can they do better than JTS or 
HASBRO ? Do you have any favor to ask them ?
They bought it for the name, like Hasbro  did. The best  thing they could do is
release all intellectual properties related to Atari computers and consoles, so
people can play/hack with these machines more.

Do you have any hobbies ?
Well, not speaking about computers, I like watching car races on TV: rally
and F1. I like reading/watching mangas too.

Do you want to shout out anything to people saying that you are an ATARI 
lamer ?
These people are lamers. I use any machine I want, I drive the  car I want,
I drink what I want to drink. No machine is lame, only simple minded people
are lame.

Now for the final trial with the (nick)name brainstorming :)

P : Perhaps
A : Atari
T : Thanks
R : Rules
I : Innovation
C : Careful
E : Essence

M : Midnight
A : Always
N : Night
D : Day
I : Is
N : Now

Do you have any message to deliver to our readers ?
A computer is just a tool. Do not be so fanatic about it. As long as you do
what you like, what you want with your machine, it is ok.

Thanks for answering all these questions !

Alive 3