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Alive 3


Well all know how  powerful  the Lynx is :  palette  of 4096 colors, 16 colours, 
resolution   of  160*102, hardware  effects  such as  zoom, rotation, etc.  Such
features equal or are ahead of some 8 bit  computers such as Atari 800XL , C64 
 or Amstrad CPC , where many demos were and are still released. So the question
each Atari scener has probably  asked himself at least  once is "Are there demos
on Lynx?"

This little article will try to answer that. To get more information on that
topic, I  started looking  on the  Internet for  some Lynx  demos, either by
surfing on the links given on Lynx developpers sites, either by searching on
Altavista, Google, Yahoo, etc.

At first I felt a bit disappointed because, even if I knew there wouldn't be
dozens of Lynx demos, I expected  to find a pair  of interesting productions
quickly, but after a while it was clear that it would be more difficult than
expected and that I will need more time.

Finally, the only real demo I found containing  several effects  and some texts
is  called "Jumtro" and was created by a  guy called Jum  Hig in December 1998.
I used the  emulator "Handy"  on PC to  watch  the  demo and  I had one  or two
seconds of music at the begining, then  nothing. So I guess it  is the emulator
that works badly and  the  demo  probably has  some  music. The first part is a
starfield with a scrolltext in the bottom explaining  that it is the first demo
on that guy and that he used the  compiler  CC65 by 42Bastian  Schick. Then the
demo goes on to t he second  part, which  features 8 vector balls in front of a 
moving checker (from  bottom to top). And then the demo  crashes on the emulator
so maybe  there are some more effects, I don't know... In a nutshell, this demo
offers nothing spectacular  but  it would be  nice to see it  running on a real

I guess there are some more demos available that I have not found yet, so if
you know them, please let me know!

Thanks to Moondog for his help!

Alive 3