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Alive 3

---------------------------------- part two ------------------------------------

I could have merged these two articles into one but for unknown reasons (bug ?) 
the shell refused to load 8 160*100  piccies in a single textfile :( Here comes 
then the  missing  games  projects that  should have  completed the first part.

 You can reach this ambitious gfxman at
Ruin Hunter(tm): 
Game type: Forward scrolling Puzzle game 
Approximate time to arrival: Once Z-t finds a Lynx Programmer. 
ComLynx? 2 


A cool breeze hits your face as you  walk over the  flower laiden  ridge. After
re-checking the map  for one last  time, you and  Pii talk it over, decide that
you've been going the right direction the whole time, except when you went west
rather than east, or was  it east... Ahh, the spire, it looks just like the one
on the map!! You both sigh a heart felt "Ahh, this is the place". That old lady
was right, this place is straight out of  the fairytales, castle  and all. Now,
I'll have to get, here it is, a magical rune, well I love adventure and for 780
pieces of gold I'd honest, or a fool to leave that, this is going to be cake...
Join Ivy and  Pii, two  femmes that  LOVE to hunt  treasure, from the shores of
Barugn to the Woods of Leila, they have been  there. Ivy the  leader of the two
(sometimes) has come  across " a sucker " who she  thinks has sent them on some
goose ase for a magical rune. Little does she know that  this may be one of the
most adventurous  adventures the  two  have ever  embarked on (except when they
went to Fermone's Castle). Help Ivy and Pii to find the rune, have an adventure
and get rich!


Ruin Hunter will likely resemble  Electrocop in gameplay, Ivy  and Pii will  be
able to run into the  screen, to the sides, and back out  of the screen like in
Electrocop. There are no real monsters per-say, so this game is mainly a puzzle
game. Dogs, bats mummies, and knights are about the  only enemies in this game.
The two player mode allows both players to collect keys and treasure.

Game type: Wireframe Hovercraft Racing Simulator. 
Approximate time to arrival: Once Z-t finds a Lynx Programmer. 
ComLynx? Planed 4 


Its 2095, and  racing  has gone  Balistic... The light goes  green, and boooom,
with a  super sonic  blast, the Ripshafters  speed  off from  the line. You are
nearly in the prime position, as another racer  starts to cut you off, words of
your past enter your head, "If they get in your way, blow 'em out of it!", with
that, the  magic trigger is  pressed, and you  let off  a few  rounds  into the
hovskid in front of you that'll teach them to shove hot fumes into your face...

Welcome to the future, welcome to Ripshaft. As Chance Wilks, an 18 year old who
knows his stuff, you must pilot your hoverskid in the world of Ripshaft


Ripshaft will try most to emulate the famed Wipeout for the PSX. Certain little
things  will be  left out  as to  increase  the  frame rate, and  decrease  the
confusion  rate (you  know  how  wireframes  are !). Most  f  the  aspects  are
programmer based, so once the game  is closer to  being done, more details will
float to the top...

Burn Rubber(tm): 
Game type: Sprite/filled polygon Racing Simulator. 
Approximate time to arrival: Once Z-t finds a Lynx Programmer. 
ComLynx? Planed 4 


The approching turn takes its time before you finally apex. A backmarker nicely
placed at the exit lane. You press it on  as you try to overtake the backmarker
car ahead. It takes you into the corner with it, you  break line, go  wide, and
pass him now its own to 3rd place, and there are several backmarkers and curves
ahead though, so it won't be a peaceful stroll...


Burn Rubber has a Semi-Polygonal  structure. The  cars are  polygons, and  so is
the road surface. That is  all. The rest of  the graphics are  sprites. The cars
could  also be  considered for  sprites, if they  are placed together in another
program, then zbuffered. This semi-polygonal structure  was chosen after playing
Hard Drivin', a great game, but just a bit  choppy. This game does not allow you
to turn 360degrees, but rather about 60 degrees off to either side of the track.
Possible expanding on the modeling  approach, this game could  use cars with the
same simple graphics model as  the polygon cars now, still giving a simulatorish
look. However the the  game play  may be  a little  different, yet I have to see
how this looks...

Gp Zeta(tm): 
Game type: Overhead Racing Game 
Approximate time to arrival: Once Z-t finds a Lynx Programmer. 
ComLynx? Planed 4 

Overview :

Life in 2212 is finally gotten to the point of near perfection. Megalopolises
have sprouted up in areas as remote as Mezen, Russia. Racing as well as other
sports are still popular, however racing is about to lift off.

Aliens have landed, and out of galactic commerce, have invited earth to compete
in their intergalactic  circuit. One Earth driver can  be chosen, and will race
for one of the ten alien constructors. You will  have to prove your self on the
demanding circuits. Remember, 4 eyes or 6, you gotta race'em !

Gameplay :

Gp-Zeta will incorporate powerdrive rally style arcade physics. GPZ will try to
incorporate the best  aspects, such as tire  skidding and  smoking effects. GPZ
will try to  give a solid  look/feel, as well as  addictive play in stream with
"CyberSpin" and "F1 Battle Grand Prix" for the SNES, both are  good examples of
overhead Racing games...

GPZ will also incorporate a three level parrellax scrolling effect to give
buildings, tall towers, and trees, a 3D effect, as their  different levels
will  scroll by at different rates. Other  features will  include 4 player
duels, and  four player  championships, as  well as a  Password  game save
feature  for (1) player games. I hope  GPZ to be _THE_ pinacle  of topview
racers for portable systems, as well as second only to Powerdrive Rally.


Alive 3