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Alive 3
                Storm Works Interactive back, so what's up?
                              Source: Jagcube

"An Interview with Jeff Nihlean with Storm Interactive regarding his latest

JagCube: I guess to start off with, what are your current plans for Storm Works 
Interactive and who do you have working with you? 

Storm Works: Well.....our plans are  to work on  this new game  we have called
'Zero'. We don't really have plans at the moment for other games right now, so
we  are focusing  on Zero  mainly. We have  two  artists, one  programmer (me)
and.....that's it mainly for now... until we get more people.

JagCube: Could you brief everyone on what kind of game Zero will be?

Storm Works: Well.....its going to be a 2d sidescrolling shooter or a 2d
topdown shooter. We haven't decided how we want it yet.

JagCube: So it's still in the (very early) stages to really tell....  When do 
you expect to have screen shots up ? Will a  demo be available anytime in the 
near future? And what got you back into programming for the Atari Jaguar, the 
sudden grasp of interest? 

Storm Works: Well...... screenshots won't be up for a while because we are
taking things kinda slow because we wanna  make sure that  what we make is
solid and not something we whipped up in like 5 minutes. A small demo will
be available in the future  but it may  only be of the main menu and such,
we are not sure if we really want to give away gameplay just yet. What got
me back into programming for the jag........hmmmmmmmm.......well first off
after I  left the  first time  I went  to try  programming  for  the  Sega
Dreamcast and I did a  few things  there but it just  didn't feel like the
hardware I was used to (I know that kinda sounds weird) but I felt the jag
was just my kinda hardware to work with. Also I guess it was playing a few
rounds of Ultra Vortek with some friends and some  Tempest2k and Skyhammer
that kinda drew my intrest to the Jag again.

JagCube: Heh heh, the Jag can get you back that way ! Well, I am very glad you 
have decided to come back and support the Jaguar in any shape or form you can. 
Do you have a specific date you would like to get the game complete?

Storm Works: of now I'm not really thinking of a timeframe, its
more or less, "when it's done"

JagCube: That works! Working out the code and bugs/misc. stuff will of course 
have time drawbacks like everyone else. I do want to thank you for taking the 
time and allowing us to interview you. We wish you the best of luck with your 
current project and hope it  is a  successful ride to the end ! Are there any 
comments you would like to make at this point? 

Storm Works: nope thanx for the interview

JagCube: Thanks for your time, Jeff! We'll try to get back with you in about 6 
months to see how progress is coming along. Take Care! 

Alive 3