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Alive 3

CiH : as usual you wrote a fair amount of articles especially funny ones, just
 the kind of stuff I love to read ! And  above all  huge thanks for the regular
 support and email progress  report which is a great  motivation for  me. Let's
 get rocking and get prepared for next issue. Hi to Nicky too :)

Paranoid : as I write this, I'm still waiting for your contributions but I can
 trust you as usual :) I also enjoy  talking to you on #atariscne a lot. So fun
 to have smart talking  with a smart guy :) Stay cool Oliver and see you at the
 next Paracon ! Btw sorry for the time  you spent copying C64  demos while this
 damn machine refused to work... Do you want it ?

Evil : thanks for organizing this great Summer Online Compo while the scene
 was lazily lying on the beach :) You managed  to get so many entries ! What
 other compo are you  planning now ? And of course thanks to you for keeping
 your page  daily updated. I don't know about you  guys but DHS is the first
 place I visit when I get connected.

CosmosH : first of all, thanks a lot for  the two weeks I spent  at your house
 this summer. We had a good time and drank a lot :) Erm maybe too much :) Still
 that was really fun. Huge "HI" is also sent to your  parents, Zed and the nice
Amiga people met  in Toulouse. Last, thanks for this nice  shell. Now move it
 you lazy bastard ("rien a branler" ruleZ).

Marss : I'm still not sure whether I should thank you or hate you. You sent me
 more packages than I could handle (all of them named which was a pain
 in the ass  renaming  everytime !). So thanks for the  news  brought  by these
 articles and "sweet" fuckings for the plain ASCII texts without justification,
 colours, headlines or pictures. Next time I won't be that patient and friendly
 so I hope you'll make an effort.

DmaSc and Edo for helping out when msx and gfx were needed ! Sorry I could not
 use your shell gfx this time Phil but for sure it'll be seen in Alive4. Thanks
 to Dma who sent me an interesting article about Turrican soundtracks which are
 among my favourite ones !

Deez : thanks for the Falcon intro tho as I write this I haven't seen it yet !
 I'll have to wait until next weekend :)

Exocet for his last minutes contributions ! Good luck with the job you strive
 to find. Gaming companies need talented people like you !

Ray and MC Laser/tSCc,Setok/Aggression  and Mr Pink/Reservoir Gods for the
 info files about their projects and releases. Do not hesitate to mail us to
 promote your productions any time you  want Atarians ! Thanks are also sent
 to Kephy for his last minute contribution.

To wrap up with these greetings here comes the list of people involved in the 
issue either as writers, composers or supporters :

CiH, Paranoid, Evil, Cosmos_H, Marss, Dma Sc, Deez, Tao, Setok, Ray, MC Laser, 
Mr Pink and the many Atarians who took part to the Nicknames Stories article ! 
I hope I haven't forgotten anyone here. All of you have made it possible once 
again. Are you ready for next issue ? :) 
---------------------------------------------------------------STS ------------

Alive 3