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Alive 3


 As summer memories start to  fade away this review  takes us back to a small
 convention organized in Holland where  some Atarians had  a good time :) The
 Dutchies and Frenchies also used the occasion to code stuff and present this
 Falcon collaboration.

 Main code was  done by Earx/Fun and Zerkman/Sector One and the nice module was
 composed by D-Force/Fun. No name for this intro tho. Note that it works either
 on RGB or VGA whatever your preference is.

 It starts with a coloured bar that goes stretching as loading is done then we
 can enjoy D-Force's cool music while an  overscan Mandelbrot zoomer starts on
 screen. It zooms in  and out and  rotates after a  while, what causes a major
 slowdown :( Still nice looking with rainbow-like colours.

 Next is a grey  rotating texture in  the background  while flashing  coloured
 letters come  zooming in : S C T 1  F U N. I guess you  understood what  that
 meant. Unfortunately while the background is too grey, letters are too flashy
 with some ugly pixellised outlines... The kind of  elements that shouldn't be
 mixed as they feature opposed palettes.

 Some balls (particles or mere balls ?) form letters while a cool reverberating
 effect is spawned by these balls. Very colorful but  hardly readable. The last
 screen shows greetings with flaming letters. When this part is done, the intro

 Bottom line : this was supposed to show the result of the summer collaboration
 between Fun and Sector One and as such it works fine but it's definitely not a
 state of the art try : the intro  has no name (thus no  title screen), nor gfx
 or even credits except in  the textfile that goes with the intro. Most screens
 are too colourful and therefore hard to read. Not a  bad try but nothing more.
 I hope this is just the first  sign of a bigger and polished production by two
 talented crews. Future will tell. Not much more to add...

---------------------------------------------------------------------- STS --

Alive 3