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Alive 3

Hello there !

 For once I have decided to write  this editorial some time before  this issue
 comes out so that I don't have to be in  such a  hurry that  I only write ten
 lines. The previous issue was released in late April, right after we returned
 from EIL2, erm that's already more than five months !!! Still I'm not here to
 apologize for  such delay, indeed  I am proud we have made it  once again and
 manage to bring you another hopefully interesting issue.

 Sure we could have worked faster but.... nope :) As you'll read a bit later on
 in the menu there haven't been so many releases  after the prolific party held
 in Dresden  so why  rush and  review nothing ? That would  be nonsense. Now we
 have a few good reasons to complete this issue as follow :

 > The summer online compo  organized by Evil of DHS has been  very  rich with
 entries, 27 if I'm right ! On all accounts this is a good surprise especially
 if you take  into  account that  some people could  not make  it on time, had
 troubles or  were  just too  busy. Still as you  read this the  full megademo
 should be out featuring all entries of course.

 > Painium Disaster is finally out ! Was it worth the waiting ? Who will sell
 me a jagpad ? Who killed JFK ? Some answers are to follow up.

 > Another expected game has just made it too : it's ChuChu Rocket ported from
 the Dreamcast to the Ste/Falcon by Reservoir Gods. Check it out.

 Now for a few specific topics you may want to talk about :


 As you know ALIVE was  born from  the collaboration  of CiH/Maggie Team and I
 StS/LOUD! I wanted to  get rid  of the UCM  past which wasn't mine anyway and
 start something  new. As  it turned  out, ALIVE isn't  different from UCM (at
 least if  you  consider  UCM under  my  responsibility). Some  people  may be
 disappointed by  so few  changes and  so am I : where is the new and enhanced
 shell ? This one is still buggy and looks damm poor on Falcon esp compared to
 Chosneck's eye catching  interface. Where are the  new sections ? Same answer
 here :( Doing that was possible but only with an extra help  we didn't get :(
 the only help  the Maggie  Team brought  us is CiH's  great contributions and
 support. I won't expect more from them from now on. Also I still assemble the
 whole magazine on  my own  but I don't see how  Chris and  I could share this
 responsibility. So ok things haven't changed a lot  but we are here and bring
 you new  issues when we have  enough stuff for a decent  diskmag. If you want
 to discuss my opinion, no problem, I'm open minded :)


 Things are a bit surprising this time with little contribution from our usual
 collaborators still we have enough  articles and  that is the  most important
 thing to me. The  full  writers  list can be  found in  the greetings. Also I
 wanted to  point  out an  essential  "detail" : as you  will see, almost  all
 articles written by Marss are actually collected from the internet. Uh ? That
 sucks ! I don't think  so since I enjoyed  articles I had never  read before.
 Besides credits are  given to their real  authors in these  articles tho they
 don't appear in the menu. I should also add  that several articles he sent me
 will never be published here  simply because I judged them of too low quality
 or  little interest  for the  Atarian community. Last  but not least I always
 favour 'real' articles and don't hesitate to  remove Marss' contributions and
 keep them for the  following issue when  space is needed. If you don't  agree
 with that or think that 'ripped' articles suck, then don't read them !


 I'm not going to question articles content but the way they are when I receive
 them : usual writers  like  CiH, Paranoid, or even Dma Sc who  often  offers a
 little extra  perfectly know  what a good  article looks like : tho it's ASCII
 formated, all lines are of same  length (no trick here, just  adding spaces by
 hand), important words are highlighted with colors, headline is here and often
 pictures are even included. On the contrary articles I get from Marss are just
 pasted from webpages and  include none  of the  features mentioned above. Well
 it's your decision but if this time I  took on me to add spaces, colors and so
 forth, for sure I won't do it  everytime ! May I recall you that the UCM/Alive
 minishell has  been out for  months, not to forget  GGN's Alive Kolor Tagger ?
 Don't tell me you cannot use them, it would be such a gross  lie. Well as said
 before I don't  mean to  appear as a  tyran, give us  your articles but not my
 fault if some look shitty because no one took time to improve them...


Some unstructured rambling by CiH when there's nothing better to do....

Right then,  so it's gone rather quiet from the keyboard of CiH for a little
while past September now. What is going on in his secluded little world, you
may  ask,  or  perhaps  not?  Anyway,  as I've got a few spare minutes on my
hands, I might as well fill some gaps.

For one thing,  I have recently moved house. Those really alert people among
you  should  have spotted this on the Dead Hackers bulletin  board  back  in
September.  Also,  there  is  something which warns people about this on  my
webpages  at  ''  My  new snailmail  address  is  available  on
request.  Meanwhile  my '' email address has been changed,  for
now, to a webmail address, which is otherwise known as :-


My existing Zetnet address is still there,  but anything sent there probably
won't  be  seen for a while,  as my phone line is 'down'.  I will be getting
back online eventually, but first I need to get a couple of expensive months
out  of  the way.  These are 'car service', formerly known as November,  and
'Xmas', which used to be called December in more innocent times.

So  how  are you managing this internet access thing without a  phone  line?
Well,  I  am  borrowing  time on other people's PeeCees,  in a  freewheeling
nomadic or parasitic manner.  So a big thank-you goes in particular,  to the
lovely  Nicky,  who  lets me on her machine occasionally to do the  internet
thingy. Therefore, I am still very much contactable by email, and I may even
get around to replying to the small number that I've received so far soon.

I've  got a lurking fear of what will happen when I eventually get  back  to
using the Zetnet address. Did those mailing lists receive my instructions to
cancel in time? I can just imagine the Alt-party traffic (much of it in pure
Finnish, about events I've no chance of getting to!) clogging up my account,
and pushing everything else out of sight!?

It  is  a good job that I moved really.  I'm now back in Northampton,  which
puts  me  a lot closer to my job,  which means much less travelling,  and  a
great deal closer to Nicky, which she is very happy about! It is generally a
lot  cheaper to live,  where I am now,  which will make things like going to
coding  parties  next  year,  a sight easier than might have been  the  case
before.  Just  go  to be careful with the time spent,  my holiday allocation
only  goes so far in a year,  and there are equally compelling demands  on
that precious limited time now (grin!)

The actual 'move' spread itself over three days, the first two days involved
way too much lifting and carrying to be any way enjoyable, but the final day
featured  this wonderfully liberating session of taking all my old  unwanted
crap  down  to  the  dump,  literally  filling  the  car  with  it,  hastily
remembering  there needed to be room for the driver as well,  then taking it
all out again, and repacking it more carefully!

John  Hayward and fellow electronic scavengers may note that I did chuck  an 
ancient  sub-VGA  monitor that had somehow come into my  keeping,  but  they 
needn't get too uptight, as it was just a bit too old, and couldn't ever get 
a decent picture off my Falcy...

And what have I been doing since then? Well a gradual process of settling in
to  my  new address,  and deciding where to put things,  has given way to  a
certain  amount  of  remembrance of times past in  a  computing  sense.  For
example,  my STe,  hidden away for a long time, came back out. Next, I found
an  old  copy  of Audio Sculpture,  and an even rarer copy  of  its  weirdly
translated  manual.  So  I spent a happy couple of evenings dabbling with  a
modfile  made entirely from samples created via the built-in  speech  synth,
which I may or may not expose to a wider audience?  (Please DON'T!  - I hear
you all cry!)

This week, my Nemesis Falcy had one of its more stable evenings, and I found
an  old  copy  of  the  Diskbusters (DBA) mag on  a  CD-ROM.  This  was  the
groundbreaking fully Falconised issue twelve,  with the swish menu shell and
text  displayer,  that looked like it was going to dominate the Falcon scene
(and  this was in the months before Maggie 18 came out!) Shame that it  only
lasted for another 2 or 3 issues after that...

Issue  twelve of DBA Mag was also the first example of the  tri-diskmag  co-
operation  known as 'Magnetic Interlude'.  This was the grand idea for 1995,
which  was  to build an alliance of the 'top three' diskmags  of  that  era,
Maggie,   DBA,  and  ST  News  were  supposed  to  combine  together  in  an
unassailable,  erm,  something.. The fact that the other two were running on
severely limited shelf-lives effectively killed that one off within eighteen
months. Still, Magnetic Interlude, nice name, I thought of that one, I Did!

I  also  found with a start of dimly remembered surprise,  that  there  were
nascent  ASCII-Nation tendencies on show,  even this early.  You may like to
check out the extract below to see for yourselves.

       A unique form of greeting!

  (((   )))    
  (((   )))   (())   ((( )) ((( )) ((   ))
  ((((())))  ((  ))  ((( )) ((( ))  (( ))
  (((   ))) (((()))) (((    (((      (((
  (((   ))) (((  ))) (((    (((      ((( 

SS SS         
SS                 O
SSS        S            SS  SS      SSSS     SSS
SS      SS      S    SS SS  S    SS       SS  S 
SS     S       SS   SS  S   S   SS       SS  S
SS  SSS    SS      SS   SS  SS  SS   SSSSS   SSSSS
S SS     SS      SS    SS  S  SS   SS      SS    SS
SS      SSSSS  SS    SS     SSS   SSSSSS  SS     SSS 

                    DDD A Y !

         W e    h e a r d   i t   w a s    y o u r   B i r t h d a y

        s o   i t   s e e m s   c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s   a r e

                             i n  o r d e r . .

            O r   i s   t h a t   c o n d o l e n c e s ? ! ? !

Heerrmm yesss.... In retrospect, you can see where the beast known as ASCII-
Nation really had its birthplace now!

So what else is new? I'm at a unhurried, unstressed, undecided state of mind
at  the  moment.  I'm happy with my Atari stuff,  but fancy trying something
new,  or  an interesting rehash of something old?  I've been playing without
any  well-defined  long term goals at the minute,  which is enjoyable for  a
time.  This may change, but in what direction, I know not as yet, will there
be  more  Maggie,  or more ASCII-Nation,  or something else again?  I should
think that it will still be Atari scene related, whatever the "something" is
going to be, so don't panic!

On  a  related note,  I should be going to the next Alternative  Party,  the
third edition of which, will be on the 11th-13th January 2002, in the wintry
environment of Helsinki.  There should be more details, hopefully, elsewhere
in this issue of Alive!

Anyway,  I  still  haven't  explained the large parts of my  free  time  not
covered by eating,  sleeping, casual television, and semi-coherent computing
activities.  Well  there is this nice large double bed ready for when  Nicky
comes over to stay (Heh heh!)

Okay, seeyawll next time!

Time 12.15 - Saturday, October 13th, 'Knucklebuster' playing on CreamSID..

CiH - Alive! - barely ;-)

-------- ooOoo ---------

 Now for the final part before you can peacefully enjoy this issue. Let's have
 a look at today's situation in our small ATARI world :

 What could I say about the  current Scene  rate of  activity ? A  bit slow for
 sure but we  can still  expect nice  stuff in the next  months. As a matter of
 fact most crews have now  adapted a low  profile and prefer to work peacefully
 on their projects instead of advertising them and feeling pressured afterwards
 and I have to admit it' s a  good  move. Tho I cannot  tell you  about all the
 things I've been told (hush!) I promise good things are being under progress !

 Still one question hangs in my mind : what and where will be the next occasion
 to meet Atarian fellows in the  next months ? Hum  tricky question : there may
 be another Error In Line but not in 2002. I'm going to attend the next Paracon
 convention organized by Paranoid  and mates  for sure but then ? There will be
 the ALTernative party in January but I don't know how many people will be able
 to make it to Finland. Poland isn't the best choice either :( Now I'm dreaming
 of another party in  Germany (organized by ???) or  maybe in  Holland (but not
 before summer if FUN ever plan to put up another PMP - it could be called Post
 Millenium Party this time :) As for French parties they  will definitely never
 draw European Atarians... Well let's cross fingers and be patient.

 As I look back I realize the path we've walked through : damn was the ST born
 in 1985 ? Really ? 16 years ago ? I was 11 and that's now the age of my STe !
 People pop in and  out, bringing  their  creations to  us, making friends and
 helping out. I see no reason  why we should  stop doing things  then : we are
 creative, motivated (sort  of :) and above all we are  friends ! Who wants to
 get rid of their friends ?? Not me for sure :)

Go now and enjoy AliveCUBE (release date October 14, 2001) ----------- STS --- 

Alive 3