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Alive 3
C O M M E R C I A L   B R E A K

Now if that  was on  television, a  little "Advertisement  feature" logo would
blink at you in the lower border. And if you're not into video games you would
automatically switch to  another channel. Because  this is  going to be  about
video games.

Are you still reading this ?
Nice. But be warned, it's not going to be about Atari video games.

You're still with me ?

Good. Then here's the message: If you like video games, do not like having a PC
to play them and could live with a video games  console, it's the  best time to
buy a Sega Dreamcast. Why ? Because  it  has  massively dropped  in price. Most
retailers that  still have it sell it  for 199.-DM, which  is a  bit  more than
100 Euro.

For that  you  get  a  next-next  generation  console  with a 128-bit graphic
system, an  internal 56 kbps  modem, a  controller, a  browser-CD, a  demo-CD
named DreamOn and  an internet  capable  puzzle  game  named  ChuChu Rocket !
The Dreamcast  is  clearly   superior  to  the  PlayStation  One even  though
it costs  50.-DM less  than the  PSOne _and_ has  a bonus game. The Dreamcast
runs in full PAL resolution and most of the time, it also features full 50 Hz
even in very complex environments and with a lot of polygons to draw. The CDs
the Dreamcast uses are called GDs and can store up to 1 GB.

What is the best video game system  worth if you don't get any games ? But you
get them and you get them for very little money if  you're willing to search a
little. A lot of retailers and hifi-shops throw out a lot of "older" Dreamcast
games for  next to nothing, giving you really  incredible games for 20.- DM to
60.- DM such  as  Crazy  Taxi, Dead  or  Alive  2, F355  Challenge, Metropolis
Street Racer, Space  Channel  5, Tony  Hawk's  Pro  Skater 2, Shadow  Man, Fur
Fighters and even more.

Besides that, some games (Quake III, Unreal Tournament, ChuChu Rocket!) really
allow to be played over the internet and you can  surf the web using DreamKey,
Sega's own - and  not  bad at  all - browser. And  don't feel  fooled  by  the
"Compatible to Windows CE"-logo on the  console. Hardly any  game uses Windows
CE, most use either their own system or use the Sega proprietery one.

So what you  basically  get  for 199.- DM is a  system  pretty  close to the
PlayStation2 (which by now costs 599.- DM  still). If you  like video games,
don't want a PC for that and yet want high resolution, many many polygons at
once and not spend much money either - give the Dreamcast a try.

The Paranoid                            Paranoia
                                        Think you can handle it ?!

Alive 3