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Alive 3

Tasteless Post-Trade Towers Apocalypse department.

It  is true  there isn't a lot  of laughter to be had  when  people decide to
deliberately induce air crashes into heavily populated areas, but against all
good advice, I thought I'd try anyway..

CiH, 15th Sept 2001.

So we give you, the twin megalomaniacs, the very well known and beloved William
Gates the third, and the equally prominent beardy nutter, Osama Bin Laden! Time
to compare and contrast! And why do we not ever see these two together, eh?

Bill Gates Osama Bin Liner
------------ -----------------

Styled as pure, not to mention puerile Styled as 12th century rug-chewing
all-American Geekboy... religious fiend!

Plastic-framed spectacles and a hint of Starey eyes and more than a hint
lingering teenage acne.. of lingering beard!

Lives in a bunker on the Pacific Lives in a lovely pied-a-terre coast.. cave
deep in the Afghan hills!

Billionaire.. Yup, same here as well..

Seeks to dominate world through  Seeks  to dominate world  through forcing crap
operating systems inserting airliners into the onto unwilling population. sides
of unwilling office buildings.

Soundbite- "Die Netscape, die!" Soundbite-" Die, America, die!"

Attracting the interest of the Attracting several hundred laser American
Supreme Court... guided bombs anytime now!?

Purchased today, a copy of the Purchased today, 'The Boy's Own Red Hat Linux
installation CD, Bumper Book of Disguises and Laying and a small hammer...
False Trails for Fun and Profit!'

Good hair day? Yes, but only Good hair day ? With the Taleban because his mum
washed and about to add shampoo to the list of combed it for him! things they
want to ban, forget it!

Most memorable thing eaten Most memorable thing eaten today, today, Amigo
Pizza, medium Pitta bread, with gravel.. sized, seafood flavour.

Favourite computer game, Favourite computer game, Fatwa Willy! Monopoly! ho ho,
very (The follow up to the groundbreaking) satirical..(yawn!) ('Manic

Perfect date, a virtual Perfect date, someone non-flammable! robotic
sex-goddess, this Must be able to supply her own black will be the A.I. 'core'
of asbestos modesty body-wrap chador.. the as-yet-unannounced Windows 2005!

Closing thought, "Mu-um, Closing thought, "I like fluffy they're picking on
me!" kittens!"

Okay, that's your lot, apologies for any overwhelming lack of 'clever' or
'smart' in this article. Also that this lot may get overtaken in a large way by
events, before it sees the light of day to a wider audience..

CiH - For Alive! Magazine, Sept '01

Alive 3